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RE: The Winner of the CTP Power Up Challenge is...

in The CTP Swarm2 months ago

Ah I thought I had a few more days :( lol was waiting for my buy order to go through. Oh well we all did amazing! Congrats everyone who took part and for winning some awesome CTPSB prices. Thank you to the CTPSB team for putting on such a great contest and promote engagement.


Thank you for the kind words! You managed to finish on a very good 4th rank. I wonder where you would be if the buy order went through ;-). You should have recieved the ctpsb tokens and the golden NFT.


Thank you very much appreciate that.
Look forward to the next and you can count on me for a article about it when it happens. I was a bit silent this around as I wanted to see how it all worked and what was involved.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.