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Good day everyone,


Let me start by talking about and the fact that I may have to change my daily graphic above. I told a story in my video blog yesterday and knowing that videos do not get a lot of viewers here I will talk about it again. Before I get into my usual blog post about CTP.

I started three months ago, I think I was over enthusiastic about it. And I did not have the time I needed to do right by it. I stated in my video yesterday that when I came back to online marketing, money making, etc that I was not going to put any of my own money into it. I have been burnt one to many times over the last 20 years. So it all had to be self funding. I am sticking with that for now. As things grow I may and will say that will change. But for now everything has to be self funding.

Back to the store. Because of covid19, Shopify gave 3 months free. And to be totally honest I have made one sale. On the first day I opened the store (thanks @nathanmars). I hve untill 6th November to make up my mind for sure. If you want to help keep it alive please consider visiting the store and buying some swag.

Lesson learned for me: Do not get in over your head.

Okay back to my regular reporting.

I have to highlight yesterdays post by @jongolson.

The CTP Update - Enabled & Assembled! and Enabled & Assembled!


Have a read of both posts. Fantastic, awesome sauce, stuff going on on the CTP Tribe.

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Last buy to least, it is official:



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Have a great day all.



Really sorry to read about the store. It's not easy to keep up sometimes. I wanted to support and buy something from you but things around here are a little bit tricky at the moment.
And congrats to the official official! Lol
Whatever your choices, we are all here to support you :)

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Thanks 😊 it is all good. Learn from lessons and move forward.

[Try. Fail. Experiment.] Repeat

Let's Keep trying new things and keep learning with every adventure.

t doesn’t matter how many times you fail. You only have to be right once and then everyone can tell you that you are an overnight success

Thanks my friend 🤠