Curation Trail - A guide to joining one.

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Morning fellow CTP Talkers and Hivians,

This morning I am going to talk about a Curation Trail that I have set up and I am hoping at least CTP Talk members, and anyone else that wants to, will join.

First, what is the point of a curation trail? Basically any post that I up vote, everyone that is part of my trail will also up vote that post. Why is that a good thing? CTP Talk members, new CTP Talk members that are not got many up votes will get more. Any content that I think is really good and I up vote will also get the backing of the community automatically. You can set your trail up vote to what ever you want. Even if you set the up vote to 0.01. Imagine if we had 100 people in the trail, that would be a 1.00 or 1,000 people in the trail that would be 10.00 to the post. Fantastic stuff. A little difference can end up making a giant difference to our community.

So how to get started. I am going to give a guide here:

First you need to go to ( and register.


It will bring you to this screen:


You will need to sign in using hivesigner:


Once you are signed in you will see the next screen:


Click on Curation Trail:

If you need to, scroll down the page a little and you will see a search option:


type: bradleyarrow in the search box and press search:


Click on Follow.

Now you need to set up the settings:


You can do what ever settings you like and are comfortable with but here is my suggestion if you are brand new to a curation trail and what I said in my preamble at the top of this post. Switch it to a "fixed voting weight".


In the screen shot example I got it set to 1. So say your 100% vote weight is 0.15 and you set it to 1. Any post that gets up voted you will be doing 1 percent of your 0.15 so if my math is correct an upvote of 0.0015.

Like I said you can set this to what ever you are comfortable with.

I hope I made this post a clean as possible. Any questions let me know. Let us getting our CTP Talk members rocking with up votes people :)

On a side note you can also use Hive.Vote to set up auto voting for your fav bloggers ;)


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Have a great day all.



Thanks Bradley, have had a look :)

And I see you are the first to join the trail. Now if everyone will reblog my post ;)

Thanks for sharing such nice tool. Previously I was using steem auto. Ya, weshould get out of steem auto. is perfect option for us

Your welcome :)

Great work Bradley, and nice support for CTPtalk, I need to go over my autovoting soon too, when there is time lol, stay safe, awesome and alive.

Great tutorial, Bradley... curation trails are great for those that don't spend a lot of time on the chain but want to support other authors... I'm using some of the trails, but I like to manually upvote people...

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This post is AWESOME!

It will therefore get a manual 100% upvote from @thisisawesome (will be done today), for the Awesome Daily Highlights in category CTPtalk, we give out 1 such vote in that category per day, plus 4 more in other categories, and your post will also be featured in today's Awesome Daily Curation report for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


Thanks. All good my friend :)

That doesn't mean that I didn't follow your trail... :)

Love this Idea, Bradley! Very supportive of the community. Your tutorial was super easy to follow!

Thanks :)

I will join myself in a couple days.

Cool. Thanks :)


Cool. Thanks :)

Nice explanation. You get my reblog.

Thanks :) joining the trail?

Correction, I already did just now

BiG thanks :)

You're welcome

awesome sauce bradley got to put this on my list of things to do for the weekend...also I rehived it???I think they is what they all it now...

Bradley, I am trying to join the curation train I get a very different Welcome screen from what you show. I am not sure what to do. Help please. Here is the screen I get


Give it time. Had that earlier. Internet issues.