Curation Trail Update - BBH - General info

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Good day everyone,


I want to start by thanking all the fantastic members that are part of the Curation Trail. If you are not a member and wondering what it is all about click on the link ;). I have not given a shout out in awhile so here is the list of 54 members now. And a special thank you to the 4 new since my last update.


Market update:


I am still waiting, and pretty sure it will happen, of the break out, upwards, for our beloved CTP Token.

Bitcoin: $18,561.03 USD (2.08%). Sure seems stable this time in history.

Hive: $0.119403 USD (-0.48%) 0.00000642 BTC (-2.66%) and seems stable around the 12 cent USD mark.

Speaking of tokens, you might have noticed I changed my daily graphic. I have added the BBH Token front and center. Just a quick summery again about my idea: Think of it as an investment token. I will strive to keep 1 BBH = to 1 Satoshi. I am backing each BBH with Bitcoin. Backing the start of the coin with my own. Will only be putting more out for sale as the first batch is sold.

I may start a community for BBH. I got ideas how to maybe in the long run make it even worth more than 1 satoshi! Maybe advertising, trading, having a second currency, coin, token, backing it.

This is my "long haul" project.

Question, comments welcome :) on everything a wrote about this morning.


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Have a great day all.



Thank you for this diligence

Congrats to 4 new members of the curation trail Bradley, and I am also sure that long term value of both Hive and CTP will go up, have an awesome weekend.

Thanks, you to my friend 🙂

hi @bradleyarrow, thanks for the update.
Welcome to all the new members in the curation trail.

Glad to be part of the trail and congrats to newbies who joined.. This is the right trail for you

Thanks for mentioning..
I am sorry but I miss the BBH details... can you please share the link?