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Good day all,

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What better day to jump into @robwillmann's #MyHiveGoals Challenge than on my birthday. So let me jump right into it. Thanks @ph1102 for the inspiration. :) So 5 months into the year, 7 months to go. Let me set some goals. Where I am and where I want to be:

HIVE POWER - 1,101.175 / 5,000
CTP POWER - 49,070 / 100,000
HIVE Followers - 206 / 300
CTP referrals - 59/100
TL2I referrals - 0/10

So, what are my thoughts on my goals:

Hive Power I think I really can do.
Click Track Profit I think it is possible but it is going to be a hard push, lots of work and staying at the highest upgrade level.
HIVE followers, at the rate I am going. Going to be reachable but close.
Traffic Leads 2 Income working hard on it.

CTP Tokens: Hard to say, I may or may not reach it as I keep spend them ;)

So there it is. I got it down in writing and I joined the challenge.

Rob Willmann's orginal post.


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Have a great day all.


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First Happy Birthday!

Second, don't think of your goals as hard. You won't reach them with that thinking.

Instead, think of it like this:

Each day, make a solid step in the right direction. That's all. Don't worry about tomorrow or next week. Just focus on today.

Be proud of each day's accomplishments, and then when it's a month from now, you'll be amazed at where you are.

I am not worried about my long term success. I just work on today. It's all I have control over anyway. :)

Again, Happy Birthday sir!

  • Rob

Thank you. And thanks for the great advice.

Thanks for the mention, Bradley...

Your goals are pretty challenging, but if you push as you are doing in the last couple of months, there are achievable... ;)

Thanks. Got to challenge and push myself.

on my birthday.

Happy B-Day!!!! If I understood well :)

You did. Thanks

Great goals Bradley but I would say you have your work cut out for you. Good Luck.

P.S. I knew you had time.

Thanks for the push. Between you and @ph1102 you got me into it. :)

Looks like you're well on your way Bradley! Happy Birthday!


You're welcome!