IAAC 169 - Another Monday is upon us!

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Morning my fellow CTP Talkers and Hivians,


Yes, another Monday, another start to a new week. What will we accomplish this week? 102 days left in the year. What will we accomplish?

I am pushing pushing pushing hard to become a dolphin by years end, just in case you did not know lol, so this is my update for today. 4131.493 HP leaving me with 868.507 HP (man I love those 3 digits) in the next 102 days or a daily average of: 8.5147745098 HP. I WILL DO IT! Have I said how much I am loving this race to Dolphin Hood! ;)

Every now and then the Curation Trail membership growth stalls. We are at 46 fantastic members. I have not given a shout out to you all in a long time. So here is a giant THANK YOU.


I hope you find the time to mention the trail in one of your posts today.

Like I said at the start, it is Monday, I hope you all have a fantastic day and week ahead.


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Have a great day all.



Thank you
Grateful indeed for making it a wonderful experience.
Have a lovely week!

Thanks for putting the efforts too...


Nice work Bradley! Your growth is inspiring!

Thanks. Some days I don't feel like I am doing enough. Lol

Possibly, but on average you are doing great and you will easily get towards your goal in time.

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