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Hello everyone,

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If my headline did not grab your attention then I hope my graphic did! lol

I will always remember that statement "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it"! I am sure a lot of people have said it and will be saying it but the first time I remember it is from my first boss. I was a teenager working part time. I made some sort of comment about the job or the business not being easy and that was his response. It has stuck with me though the years and it came to my mind this morning, just in time to write a blog post.

The hard stuff to accomplish in life, whether it be offline life or online life, always ends up being the most satisfying when you accomplish it.

And I have goals on Hive and CTP Talk and Click Track Profit. #myhivegoals. Let me start with the goal of being a Dolphin by the end of the year. I have had some trouble with this calculation. Not because it is hard to do but because of either Google and/or computer cache. I was about to do the calculation and google was saying 175 days left in the year, and I thought that was the same as yesterday. I had to visit a website to find out it was 172. lol So here is my update.

I need 5000 HP for Dolphin and I have 1753.894 HP. So I need 3246.106 HP in the next 172 days. That equates to an average of (drum roll goes here) 18.8727093023 HP a day. I WILL DO IT!

Another goal is to have 100 members in the Curation Trail by the end of the year also. Please click on the link to read all about it.

I have a new goal, a plan, yesterday I blurted out in my post something about a Dapp and looking for a coder. I do have a plan, but it may be many many months before it goes into action or you see, or I talk about it again. But I am excited.

So for now I will keep plugging along, building everything up, blogging, video blogging, engaging and curating.

Congrats @flaxz on 100 days with the "I Am Alive Challenge".


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Have a great day all.



In the beginning even the simple tasks can be difficult, but with practice a strong mind can master anything. If making money online was easy I fear that nobody would leave their house. lol It would be great if we all had the will and dedication to perfect our skills.

Well said

Awesome! Am I correct that you are gaining on your goals? I remember seeing a 19 hive per day figure some time ago?

I see a lot of votes from people in the trail that are exactly half your vote percentage, the standard setting in hive.vote

They have it set to 50% scale vote. So if you vote 28%, then they will vote with 14%.

This means that most of them will earn no hive at all from the curation trail. They will get ctp ofcourse, but they might not be aware of this.

The posts they are voting for will also not get a hive author reward for those votes. So this hurts us all. We want Hive dolphins don’t we?

I have it set to 100% fixed voting instead of the standard 50% scaled voting. That way I will get some hive as well.

I will make a post about this, but it would be great if you could mention it as well.

You are correct. I don't think "hurt" is the right word. But I will mention it. Yes the higher the better for the trail and the people belonging to it. But it comes down to personal preference. Some people do a lot of manual voting so the lower value they assign to a trail.

But like I said I will talk about in tomorrow's post.

Thanks for the observation. We need more people like you in the trail.

Yeah, hurt is probably not the best word for it.

Thanks for the compliment!

Oh yes... the problem of the invisible easy button... :)

It's not easy, but it's not science fiction either... Just a bit of time, consistency, gratitude, and the perfect mix is there :)

Yes sir. We all know it :)