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Hello CTPTalkers,


Let me ramble. Sorry @jongolson if I praise you too much. But here it goes.

Leadership! I am not sure if Jon knows what a great leader he is. I don't know if he has to work at it or if it just comes natural. One thing is for sure, I got a taste of his abilities in about 5 minutes yesterday. Let me tell the story.

We all know, or should, that Jon (along with Blain) is the brains behind Click Track Profit and CTPTalk on Hive. Many of us have watched his videos and live streams. So you kinda get a feeling of what the man is like.

Now, I do not know what is going on in his personal life and I really don't feel like asking people personal questions. But one thing I did find out is that he was moving. Moving to Newfoundland and that he would be driving through the city where I live.

So, I jumped on this opportunity and messaged Jon. I know the last thing most people would want to do after days and hours or driving with still about 6 hours of driving to go is stop on the side of the highway and meet someone in person for the first time. But you know what? He did it.

Personal and business leadership. In his busy life he took time out for a selfie with ME! I have know Jon online for years though CTP. And I have to say he is my mentor online. I had to try and do the in person thing and thankfully he agreed.

First impressions and the measure of a man. So like I said, it was a quick 5 minute stop and chat. Sometimes things just come together. Some of you and Jon know a few personal things about me, about my wife living with cancer. So like I said above, after days of driving, a ferry ride to get to Newfoundland he took the time for the selfie. And we had a little chat. That brings me back to his leadership abilities. One of the first things he ask was how my wife was doing. After that he asked how I was doing. Not about CTP not about Hive but great personal questions. That is what leaders do, if they know they are doing it or not.

Oh, and he had a Hive T-Shirt on ;)

Once again, thank you for taking the time to stop and meet me, take a selfie and have a chat. I hope you settle in well and things are great for you here in Newfoundland. You are a fantastic leader and from first live impression a fantastic person.

Make no wonder why Click Track Profit and CTPTalk are such a success.


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Have a great day all.



i shared it on twitter. Let the twitter world also know :-)
twitter link -

Thank you :)

So glad you got to meet Jon, Bradley His energy is top notch and yes he is a personal type of person.
Never met him in person, but as a lot of us, because he is who he is and doesn't try to be anything else, we all feel like we know him :)

Thanks. It was a 'moment' in my life.

What a nice photo & a great experience! I am so happy you got to meet Jon. I hope to be as fortunate someday. We are like family and with many of us, what you see is what you get. Jon definitely is an example of a leader but also a team player.

Have a great day, my friend :)

Thanks. I really hope once this covid19 is done with that we can plan ctptalk/hive conference of some sort. Maybe even here in Newfoundland.

That would be fun...I need a passport lol. Hopefully we can all make that happen someday :) We have a great group here.

Two legends from the icy rock! :)

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Hahahahahahaha. Thanks my friend

That is awesome Bradley, personal meetings are just another level entirely, and I am jealous lol.

Lol. Thanks my friend

So glad you got to meet Jon during his travels across Canada. Like many others I have not had the chance to meet him in person. Hopefully one day that will change. Now that he will be living a little bit closer. If he ever comes to New Jersey depending on our situation at the time I might buy him dinner. I know an awesome place named after one of John Wayne's Movies

Sounds good 👍

That's really awesome Bradley! Glad you guys got to meet and hang out for a little while and take a selfie. I am learning so much from Jon, Blain and everyone this last year online and back with CTP!

Great to hear. It was awesome sauce 👍😎

That's great Bradley! Have a great rest of your weekend! Stay safe and healthy!😀

Hey man. Appreciate the kind words!

Pleasure meeting you just wish it could have been longer. All good because now we’re on the same island lol

Thanks for all you do man.

True. Same here 😁

Great photo and so nice that you got to meet Jon in person Bradley, and you have also completed day 87 for the #IAmAliveChallenge, that is just wow, well done man, and you are doing a fantastic job with the curation trail, stay safe, awesome and alive.


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Thank you so much :)

You're welcome @bradleyarrow! Have a great day and weekend coming up!😀

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That's what is amazing about hive. Where else on the internet do you create such relationships that you actually want to meet the people in real life?

Not to many that is for sure 😉

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