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Hello world!

*made with canva.

Before I go into my usual post I have to state my brain is full of ideas! So I am just going to throw this out there. Any Dapp programmer out there reading this that codes for the Hive Blockchain please let me know. I joined HiveDevs Discord last night but if anyone one reading this just drop me a comment and we can connect.

Oh, have I peaked anyone's curiosity I wonder? lol

#mydolphingoal update: I have 1737.219 HP as off this writing and as you may be aware I need 5000 HP to become a Dolphin. So, that puts me needing 3262.781 HP over the next 174 days to become a Dolphin by the end of the year. That is now an average of 18.7516149425 HP a day going forward. Can I do it? Will I do it? You bet I will :)

The Curation Trail is going well I have to say. 34 members and growing. It is great to see when members talk about it, blog about it, do videos about it that it brings in members. So once again I encourage you to do the same.

Just wanted to give a little update on my Click Track Profit status, so here is a screen shot! Very proud of how I am doing there.


Lastly but not last today is @flaxz and the I Am Alive Challenge! It will turn 100 days old today. Awesome Sauce my friend! But I don't know what I did. I thought I was only 1 day behind but now I seem to be three! lol. Oh well, I have not missed a day. Blog and VBlog everyday so I am proud.

Have a safe day all.


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Have a great day all.



You're making excellent progress all the way around. And a new secret project! Hmmm! Looking forward to hearing more about that

Shhhhhhh. Lol. Thanks

You are making great progress Bradley and I am sure you will get to Dolphin in time, maybe on Christmas lol, and lets hope you get a programmer to your secret project.

Thanks . SP... Shhhhh. Lol

Love your canva designs keep up the great work.