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What do you get in your head from the five silhouettes in the graphic? Professionals? First of all, I guess the question is what do you think a professional is? How does that translate to being online, especially when doing videos. I did some quick research online.

I found a website Chron that lists 10 Characteristics of Professionalism. You can read it all in the link. I will touch on a few of the items.

"Dress for Success
A professional is neat in appearance. Be sure to meet or even exceed the requirements of your company's dress code, and pay special attention to your appearance when meeting with prospects or clients. Even if your workplace tends towards the casual, strive for snappy casual rather than sloppy casual. Keep something a bit dressier handy in case the big boss or an important client happens by."

I know how the world works, I know the importance of this. But still that paragraph bugs me in so many ways. Of course you should be neat in appearance, I personally would think that is common sense. But that last sentence bugs me. It always has and always well. I know it is effective in the real world to "dress to the 9s" to "impress" people. But what is it all about? Why are people going around like freaking peacocks to impress each other? I know! So you can get ahead in your career. I just wish people would be "real" be themselves. The world and business, in my opinion would be better off.

The next few items I agree with 100%.

Confident, Not Cocky: This can be a fine line sometimes. And sometimes it can be crosses without even knowing it. I am sure we all know some of the Cocky people.

Do What You Say You Will Do: Maybe the most important I think. If you do not hold up what tell people they will loose faith in you quickly. Especially online.

Be an Expert in Your Field: Really really important online. If you are on Hive, CTP Talk, [Click Track Profit] ( Learn and study everything about it. The more you know, the more you can pass on, the more people will have confidence in you.

Behave Morally and Ethically: Treat every person the same way you would want to be treated.

Maintain Your Poise: This can be really hard at times, even online. Have you seen me loose my Poise online yet? I think a few of my blog posts may have. Own it!

Strike the Right Tone: I find this one hard in writing a blog post everyday. It is something I really have to work on. I tend to ramble and jump around, and I think that cause confusion sometimes in the tone I am trying to convey.

Be Structured and Organised: This is a giant key to working online. If you are not structured and organised you are going to struggle everyday. I can give you one small example. I keep open aprox 20 tabs in my web browser. So when I open my laptop every morning I am ready to do my online work. I have then in order of what I want to check and get to. Small thing but it is a type of organisation.

Own Up to Mistakes, Own Up to Mistakes, Own Up to Mistakes.

Oh please please please do this. No matter what kind of mistake it is. If you do something wrong, do wrong to someone. Please own up to it. It will make you a better person and build your trust with other people.

For those of you counting that is only 9 out 10. I left out "Have Good Phone Etiquette" ;)

A different sort of post from me but I hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it that can help you in your Hive, CTP Talk journey.

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Have a safe day all.



I like this "sort of post" from you :) The title is a bit deceiving as it looks like being professional means to be "fake", which isn't always a case...

I'm all for being yourself, but sometimes, you have to keep a level of professionalism in your work... it depends in the work of course... Dress code is a different story, and making robots of employees has no sense at these times...

Nice points in general... Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks my friend. As always I am trying to spark a conversation.

All traits are equally important for a professional, nicely elaborated and highlighted. archon is a good tag to have some free tokens when I upvote. Good Day!

Thanks 😊

I agree with most of the points but the dress code I think be yourself and people will be more likely to relate to you. Great information.

Thanks. Same here.

I really like this topic, Bradley! As far as I am concerned, I have always had an issue with the "dress for success" attitude. I work alone at home and I dress how I want to. I guess it really depends on what type of people you're trying to attract to your business, your target market. All of the rest of your points make sense in any situation.

Thank you 😊