Sometimes your day does not start the way you want it to...

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Hello all,


Nothing major, just computer not responding and having to reboot. And when you have limited time before going to day job it can be frustrating but I seem calm about it this morning. Let me get strait to it.

BBH: Thanks for the people coming on board.


CTP Token: I seem to have a graphic from this day last year. This year first.



Well I guess it was not a price chart but showing me how many Tokens I had. WOW. Took in almost 50K in CTP Tokens in one year. That is pretty cool.

Bitcoin: $19,042.14 USD (2.80%) There we are above 19K.....

Hive: $0.129529 USD (2.44%) 0.00000676 BTC (-1.02%) Doing it's stable thing!

And my mobile phone is having troubles charging. See if I can get a video done.


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Have a great day all.



hahaha i got the same issue with my pc this morning as well

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I hope that it's not a serious issue with your laptop Bradley, and nice to see the progress of CTP, a year makes a lot of difference, keep up your great work.

Thanks, no issues besides only rebooting once every month. Lol

Oh so that was the problem lol.


I got my laptop boot stuck to it need repair