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RE: #3StepsNoExcuses Day 4 - Doing the same thing day after day? Don't be stagnant!

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Hello, this is an auto-bot.

Your post has been flagged as LGBTQRBIPOC hate speech by our auto algorithm.


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Your hate speech algorithm is completely off. The above article only speaks of their personal challenge with a daily marketing challenge. There are no issues of people's personal choices, or even gender, being addressed by this article. If an actual person (not a bot) takes the time to read this article you can see that it has been wrongly flagged. What actions are being taken to resolve this issue?

Hello, thank you for your request for review. The LGBTQRBIPOC hate speech bot team is committed to making the Hive Blockchain a safe space for all peoples regardless of gender, sexuality, or Islam. Upon manual review of your post our team member identified various white supremacist dog whistles and a meme of a known white supremacist movie. We will continue to monitor your account and take further action if necessary.

^ Try hard. You're not a bot. I read your posts. This is some weaksause.