As The Market Goes Up...The INDEX Token Rises!

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As The Market Goes Up...The INDEX Token Rises!.png

Just like we designed it to do :)

If you have been watching the price of INDEX over the past week or so, you've seen this....

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 3.png

Hey we've never claimed to be expert trading gurus...Both @blainjones and @jongolson just buy and hold LOL

But this looks good right?

Nothing to do with us though, this is all because the INDEX token is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

As the prices of things like LEO and DEC continue to rise, so does the INDEX as these tokens basically pull the price up along with them :)

Remember, the INDEX token is a buy and hold...At least that's what it's designed to be. And sure there will be people trying to flip it for a quick buck or two, but the real potential here is holding INDEX and seeing where this stuff goes in a year or two from now.

Heck if you purchased INDEX on launch day (November 29th) you paid 0.8 Hive per token...

If you have held your tokens to the time of this writing, you are now sitting on 1.187 Hive / INDEX

Wanna do the math on that? That's what we call a BIG increase lol

Worried about making money with INDEX?

That's where the daily reward dividends come into play. We've just finished some custom work on our curation model that has increased the curation rewards by almost double....and it's only getting better from here on out!

We will be adding new tokens very soon to the INDEX as well....Which will include DHEDGE among others...Which means AGAIN....You earn MORE each and every day you hold INDEX.

We think thats...Pretty good news :) Update

We're very close to the release of our brand new front end.

As you have seen over the past few weeks, the Hive Engine API's have been creating havoc for a lot of token communities in the eco-system. And because of that, the CTP Talk front end currently has been a mess.

(Snapshot of the new layout)

We know you are going to love the new front end we've developed. Get ready to be blown away :)

SIM / INDEX Update

We ran a poll a few days ago asking INDEX token holders what they would like us to do with the SIM tokens that the INDEX holds...

So far:


We still have a few more days left for votes and we have tallied the votes on how many INDEX tokens the voter was holding to weight it fairly...Right now, the 100% voters are leading the charge.

Let's see where this ends up, make sure to vote today!



The INDEX token is a nice addition to the Hive ecosystem.

I am glad I picked some up.

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Is there any token you don't have 10000 of

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Lol. Typical. I was the #1 on the staked WEED list

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We're so excited to keep adding awesome projects to it. It's amazing to see the growth of so many tokens on H-E!

By the way, good job on the new website. Hopefully it is live soon for all the users to enjoy.

Should help you take things to a new level in 2021.

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Yeah we're pumped for it.

It works so flawlessly too so far. barely any lag from posting to being shown on the front end.

I'll have to check it out... it's a H-E token yes?

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INDEX looks to be doing well! Always a good safeish investment in the stock market so I wouldn't see why not in the crypto market.


Never meant to replace doing ones own research on projects, but for the investor that wants a position in all the best performing tokens, we feel it's fitting the bill :)

Still can’t believe index was under 0.5 hive not that long ago. Dang really wish I bought some.

Great to see some nice updates info. And Dhedge is great to add in portfolio.

I wish i had some spare hive to buy INDEX when there was a dip, but i do have bunch of them. Thanks.

Dcity looks really promising and i eould also go for 100% sim in dcity.

It would also be great to have a poll for DEC as well...


Yeah DEC is tough, because there are no returns unless you play the game. And that would be quite time consuming lol

Yup but It can be used to provide liquidity in DEC pool. ETH fees and New DEC prize pool for liquidity providers is giving good returns.

Starting Dcity will me a very nice move.

Agreed :) We're looking forward to it.

Very awesome to see how well the token is doing. I am really excited that I get to call myself a holder now. I need to see if I can pick up some more. I'd like to get my bag to a nice round number! Thanks for the update, keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the comments sir and all the support!

I grabbed some early, saw the dip and bought some more. It is a long term investment.

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Yeah we think that if you believe in the projects being built here, it's a long term hold for sure :)

not bad at all i dare to say as expected from you guys!!

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Appreciated very much :)

I will probably get more index when i earn more.

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This all looks very exciting :-)