Community Driven Projects For The Swarm

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Something we have prided ourselves on since day one in is that ClickTrackProfit is people driven!

Our business, our websites, our projects are all built for and by the community.

Today we thought it would be a good chance to highlight some of these projects created and supported by the CTP community, which are not owned or operated by ClickTrackProfit itself.

It shows the true power of....People!


This remarkable curation and token project was developed by @achim03

It brands itself as a tokenized Hive account that is backed by the CTPSB token on Hive-Engine.

Hive-Engine-Smart-Contracts-on-the-Hive-blockchain (4).png

Not only that, it's become quite the little 'money maker' on a few fronts. One it acts like a curation tool, as it's been supporting CTP community members since mid/late 2020.

Over the past few months, it's also become a delegation project where people can delegate their Hive Power to the project and it pays out in CTP tokens each and every week.

Obviously we're big supporters of it, and the @jongolson account burns all CTP tokens the account receives every week.

And what's even more remarkable - At the time of this writing, @ctpsb holds over 16,000 Hive Power and is being delegated over 64,000 as well!!!


One of the features of the membership site is what we call 'The Scavenger Hunt'

It's a game that our members can play where they have to visit partner websites to discover our hero 'Luke The Listbuilder'!

Created by @flaxz and now managed by @maddogmike and @elianaicgomes this challenge is put before new members of CTP to get them into the habit of sharing their journeys with the community.


It is encouraged for members to step outside of their comfort zone and 'create' content each and every day as they share their experiences while trying to find Luke on different websites around the internet.


And brand new to the mix is the 'Three Steps' project!

Over the past 3 weeks, our community has been taking part in the #3StepsNoExcuses challenge. The goal is to push entrepreneurs out of their comfort zone and build habits that will help them success in building an online business.


@robwillmann took it to another level and created the @threesteps account.

His goal for this, is to create an account that highlights and rewards members of the challenge by sharing it on chain!

He's started to build this up with Hive Power delegation but also, CTP delegation. With the goal of highlighting action takers to the challenge!

It's only about a day old at the time of this writing, but we expect some big things from Rob and this project going forward!

Those are just 3 projects that the community has started that specifically center around rewarding and highlight CTP members.

But that's not all...

We're seeing the birth of the @liotes project right before our eyes too, by @achim03 and @ph1102 that has become such a massive success in the few short weeks it's been online too.


With a huge benefit to the CTP project, it's white paper shows how the CTP token will benefit from it's growth in the future as well.

As you can see....

The CTP Swarm is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. And we're a different breed....

The DNA of each of these projects is to help each other grow! And that is the best thing about the CTP Swarm. When you see what drives the members of this community, you'll understand what CTP is all about :)


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Thanks for the mention, Jon! It's awesome to see other people jumping in and creating their own projects...

That's the whole point of entrepreneurship, isn't it? Taking action and bringing benefits to the whole community!


That's the key to all this stuff....Taking action, building every day. Never sitting on the sidelines.

There's so many forward thinking projects going on with CTP as well, like Jon said to me back in October, CTP is still flying under the radar but these projects will all grow and seeing the drive from everyone involved is inspiring!

I may not be able to be involved on all the projects but have been staking the CTP tokens and can't believe how quickly my own CTP stake has grown in that time, road to 10k is very much on!

Keep up the awesome work everyone!

Appreciate you man, thanks for all your support!

Yeah we're still under the radar, once this front end is done...I think people will really start to understand what we are building :)

I am looking forward to seeing how your new front end will look, plenty of exciting changes and developments going on across the chain!

So many exciting projects and so many more in the making! This is such an awesome community to be a part of; I feel blessed! Lee :)

Appreciate that Lee, thanks for the comments and being a part of CTP

My pleasure! Thank you for inspiring such a wonderful community! :)

The DNA of each of these projects is to help each other grow!

This is a winning formula

Yeah, that's the truth. I was super excited to get the hive lease I asked for through dlease.


I have 1000 HP more vote power now so I can upvote quality stuff. I am looking for more, and staking any hive and ctp rewards the account gets. My lease is for 4 weeks and at decent rate IMO, which I will earn back and then some with my own efforts by upvoting and curating. @threesteps for the win. :)

I can upvote quality stuff

Happy to be reading this.

Are you creating contents with ?

You know, I haven't been, because of the type of posts I write. However with this new account I could certainly curate content and write posts on Leo that were about the percentage increases on an account while I am leasing HP.

Lots of potential for this. The #3SNE hashtag promotes new marketers to start building good marketing habits. I certainly see where me posting on the Leo would be beneficial. I'm leasing hive and have a generous delegation of ctp by Jon O. Rest of it I am earning through curation. It's been Hive and CTP concentration so far since I just started. I can earn up my Leo power over time by cross posting. Then curation would pay out more to the quality content producers on the chain. :)

Jon O is the legend


Thank you :)

Appreciate the comments man, and yup....That's the winning formula for sure!

Thanks a lot for the shout out! I believe that when you look at all these projects that are actually spin offs of the CTP tribe, you get a real picture of how dynamic this community is. We shouldn't forget to talk about all the individuals who are building on their side and are on the brink of developing their own project. What I love about CTP is that we are a community of builders, innovators and creators. It's really a fun and interesting place to be !

It took a while, but the community has become exactly what we envisioned...Entrepreneurs, growing their visions and helping each other out.

So awesome to witness this!

Thanks for the mention. With all these projects and more on the way I think this has got to be the most supportive community on the Hive blockchain.

We're biased...But we agree LOL

awesome projects and I love seeing the creativity and just going out there and DOING IT! While planning and everything needs to come first very plan will be different once launched which will mean pivoting to both make it work but also see what the market demands.

Looking forward to the next projects by the CTP team but also community members. Keep building, promoting and doing!

Thanks man, appreciate the support.

And these guys and gals running these projects are amazing...Truly a fantastic representation of the blockchain and community!

This shows faith of people on tribe. The project awesome awesome and adding value to the blockchain.
Thanks for sharing ...

Appreciated :)

These people are the best on the chain :)

👀 I need to invest more time.

Oh man, you and me both LOL

Only got 1440 minutes a day, and right now as much as we spend on crypto stuff, I feel like I'm so behind LOL