Conversations & Insights w/ Taskmaster4450 - Part 2

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Part 2 of 'the talk' with @taskmaster4450

And in this segment we discuss the power of creating on the blockchain and all the amazing things you can do with those tokens you earn!

Hive is truly the blockchain that keeps on giving :)

Hope you guys enjoy Part 2 :)

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Love the way you segmented this content. There is so much valuable information here and it is great to be able to listen to it in smaller bites.

Yeah that was his suggestion to break it up...I'll upload another one soon :)

Looking forward to it! 😀

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Quite interesting conversation with the boss. In the end is the usage and upcoming projects that will definitely take Hive to new heights. Good to see a very nice chat from the experts

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Thank for the comments :)

Yeah it was a blast to sit down and learn from him, Honored!


Great convo! TY for sharing...
I just wish @taskmaster4450 had a sleightly higher gain on his mic...
Other than that, I think this discussion is excellent!
PowerUP and HIVE.ON gentlemen.

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Thanks very much, will keep it in mind next time for sure!