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We're in some pretty good company :) is strategically partnering with a whole bunch of applications in the Hive eco-system and we have been added to the mix!

In a press release this week, stated:

"As we approach the launch of MarketSquare, we want to give our community an inside look at some of the partnerships we have formed. These strategic partnerships will not only help make MarketSquare the new homepage for the decentralized web but will also create inroads between ARK and other projects looking to build and collaborate together. Today we would like to introduce you to Hive Pay!"

=> You can read the full article and announcement here!

Excited to be on board with Ark!!

And it should help raise big awareness to not only the Hive blockchain but all these amazing tokens featured on HivePay!

CTPtalk Is Close

We're nearing the end of the month which is very close to being relaunched.

I have been bugging @blainjones and asking him if we should keep feeding the blog with snap shots and screen shots of the new front end...

Today, this is what he said to me...

"Don't you worry!"

Gotta love developers lol

Speaking of CTP....

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 3.png

Just wow :)

Looks like people are starting to get excited and we've seen CTP being called the 'next LEO'....

Tough shoes to fill, but we're up for the challenge :)

We think once the new CTPtalk is launched, people will really begin to understand what CTP is and what it's designed to do....

Exciting times ahead!!

Here's how to get involved with CTP token now:

Buy CTP on Hive-Engine / LeoDex

Buy CTP Miner on Hive-Engine / LeoDex


That is some really great news Jon, both about Hivepay and CTPtalk, I just bought and installed a membership script that I will be building on from now on, and the plan is to use Hivepay for payments, keep up your good work.


Awesome man....Let me know when it's up and running. Would love to test it out :)

Will do. 😉

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WOW @jongolson and @blainjones, there's no stopping you...or @clicktrackprofit! 👏

I'm looking forward to the revamped @ctptalk being relaunched. The next Leo, those are some big shoes to fill but hey the sky's the limit! 😉

Keep amazing us, please! Lee 😃

Sky's the limit for sure :)

Very exciting times ahead!

Exciting is not the word. And I cannot think of a word. This sort of thing I new would come. Not specifically but I knew. I know Jon from the past. I am not surprised that CTP could be the next Leo. That is why I been here since day 2. Lol. Wish I could say day one but I was close.

Looking forward to 2022 ;) so I can reflect on how awesome sauce 2021 was for CTP.

LOL Thanks man.

Yeah things on the blockchain move a little slower than I would like but we're doing it the right way...Slow and steady!

Ya I talked about patients in my blog posts this morning.

Great news!
This is very exciting!s Can't wait to see how the new front end would look like.
And we have already seen its overall reflection on CTP token price.

Hope it continues. We'll get this launched and hopefully people are VERY excited about what we're bringing to the table.

This is really a great news. Excited for how ctp is gradually taking shape, can't wait to see the new site.

Picked up some ctp. Looking forward to add more in the coming days

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Awesome :)

Thanks so much for your support of CTP!

Great to see it. More and more hive based projects are branching out in their own direction which is brilliant.
Can't wait to see what you have waiting for us and what the future looks like.

We believe in this layer 2 stuff so much...And there is no better blockchain to build on!

This is great news. I hope this introduces more people to crypto and the HIVE blockchain in general. I do hope this proves to a valid alternative to the existing payment methods because the big corporations are banning people right now.

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That's exactly why we built it :)

Sick of being pawns to the system!

Just did a bit more buying. Still a small holding of CTP but at least I am in the game.

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Thanks man. You've really helped us get a good grasp on how we need to present this for the blockchain. We think you will love what we're doing :)

Congrats on the partnership! Exciting times.

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Thanks man!

Looking forward to the growth!

I surely am a lover of the ctp community and also building my bag until the launch of the site.

Boost it with 100 ctp token yesterday and am staking all to boost my curation rewards hope to hit the 1k spot soon 😎

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Awesome stuff man!

Thank you so much. We hope you love the new front end!

@clicktrackprofit I tried accessing the right now but it's not there no way to make a post with the front end at the moment?

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Yeah its the awful condenser....We're building and are about to launch the new front end :)

Cabt wait to finally start blogging on the platform

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Yes I do love it.

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Wow good step.
Also it would be awesome if you can give weekly or biweekly Progress report and some transparency news about project. This keeps audience engaged and creates a lot of trust. This way we can easily onboard new members in CTP.

For sure, we try to post weekly news but what did you have in mind?

Anything specific about the project?

I had a little discussion about CTP within Mancave Community (BRO coin issuers). What I wanted was BRO should add CTP in their list. I tried to show 12 month roadmap and What CTP community is. What projects they are working on. Some of people do said they will dig more into it.

The challenging question I got was from Marky.

Do they have a transparency report on how all that is going?

and I didn't had any answers to it. What I knew was those reports are like LEO engaging with community. Giving every little detail about what they are doing and what they want to achieve. So Communication is the key. :)

Not sure what a transparency report would detail. Maybe if I could understand that more we can see what we can put together.

But we're here, everyday, we were one of the first tribes on hive-Engine, we show up and bring hundreds of people to Hive overall. Try to add value with HivePay, INDEX and The Hive Guide.

I think we're out there as much as possible?

I think I will await the new CTPTalk so I can understand them better cause I really don't know about this neither have I heard of it before.
So sorry to say that I am still finding my way around here

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Here's a little graphic that describes the CTP Token, it's use case and general concept behind it...


One can create any content on the platform or is it site?
And will it be reflected on hive interface?

Yes it will reflect on the hive interface.

You can also create content on the platform. I don't know which type of content for now but it's not a bad idea to join the ctp train

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Oh alright. I will check it out when I am ready thanks

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This is great news, CTP is on the growth pattern that it should be. This year is going to be great for CTP and should be one of the top coins on hive-engine! You and Blain are doing a great job, keep it up !!

Thanks man...>Working hard for sure :)

CTP is definitely getting on the radar of a lot of people. This is great stuff and I'm looking forward where this will all lead. I believe the longer we wait for the new ctptalk website, the more things will be added to it (just knowing Jon... and all his ideas that Blain needs to implement LOL).

Well, in fairness to Blain...I had a bunch of features I dropped on him a few weeks ago LOLOL

Looking forward to seeing them :-)

Sounds pretty exciting to me. I just took a weeks worth of HBD and bought some CTPM with it. Do I need to stake those or just hold them in my wallet? Lot's of awesome stuff happening all over the place lately!

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Yeah stake them, and they'll start earning CTP for ya :)

Thanks very much for your support!

Awesome thanks! I wasn't able to buy a ton, but every little bit helps! I appreciate the reply!

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That’s a huge partnership! Congratulations to ctp, keep building great stuff your work isn’t going unnoticed

Thank you sir, appreciate that very much!

Hi Jon (@jongolson), Yes it is exciting news. Partnership brings lots of exposure.
Great times ahead.
Yes, i am looking forward to the new CTPtalk website.

Thank you sir!

Yeah this is going to be a lot of fun. We hope you guys love it!

Great news

Indeed :)

That is really make thinks exciting.

Hi, nice to be here in this new social site.