It's Always Monday Funday Here At CTP

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It's Always Monday Funday Here At CTP.png

So I guess you have seen the massive pump for Hive this morning?

It was impressive....41 - 43 cents is where it seemed to reach and who knows where we will go next :)

Just shows how much potential this blockchain has and why so many of us have been building on it for years...Regardless of the price.

And like we do each and every Monday night...We'll talk about it :)


8pm eastern tonight, we'll be live on:




Not only will we be discussing all the crazy Hive prices and reasons why it's pumping....I'm sure this topic will come up as well :)


That's the CTP Token

It's awesome!

And it's been steadily climbing over the past few weeks!!!

A lot has been happening in the community but one of the biggest pieces of news over the past little while has been our witness node for Hive-Engine!

We started this for a few reasons...First when the new front end is complete, the fact that we host a node will greatly improve speed and performance of the site.

...But also...This is our home!

Hive and Hive-Engine is where we bring all our customers and introduce them to their first experience on the blockchain!

And we believe in the projects on Hive-Engine, just one look around and you can see the development and excitement that is on Hive Engine...

From LEO to BroFund...STEM to dCity...And everything in between!

If you believe in Hive Engine like we do, and are looking to put your votes to use on hive-Engine, we'd love for you to vote for our witness :)

=> Vote For ClickTrackProfit for Witness on TribalDex

We consider ourselves to be a boots on the ground witness and work with the community each and every day...So if you ever need anything, or looking to get your businesses onboarded to Hive, let us know!

CTP IS....png

Learn more about our INDEX Token project here -

Learn more about our HivePay project here -

Join our Discord here -


I am also looking forward to the new front-end. It always throws me off when I compare the speed of comments on LeoFinance versus the other front-ends.

Oh it's going to be awesome...Just hit a snag trying to get the comments to load properly. But we have a fix for it :)

It will be a fun Crypto Monday tonight. Got to set my alarm so I don't forget. Sometimes I get deep in a project and miss it.

LOL I hear ya...So much going on, some things get lost in the shuffle!

It is definitely some awesome news about the price today. I see it has dropped a bit, but I am still really happy to just see it out of the $.20 range where it has been for so long. Sounds like things are going well for your project as well! Awesome news!

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Yeah, lots of red on hive Engine right now...Everyone trying to sell to grab Hive lol

I was very happy to see the pump for sure! Took some profits and doubled my HBD and even kept a little extra liquid hive for a moon bag, lol. Trying to build up my Huve wallet that way. Keeps it in house.

That's all we, hold, stack, repeat :) Never leaving the Hive Engine / Hive eco-system! lol

It has been a helluva ride so far! Will update my witness later when on pc. Will try to be on the live show. Let's go,!

So awesome, appreciate the votes very much :)

I think you crushed your $0.05 goal ;)

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Still pinching ourselves....If we can stay at 10 cents (around that) for a while, I'll be beyond happy.

A pump in Hive is a win for all of us :)

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Agreed :)

Thanks for startearningtoday. If not for CTP, I would not have found Steem or hive when I did.