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And here we go.....

It's been a few weeks now since we launched the Index Token project and it's been an absolute blast!

The mission of this token is to...Ya' you guessed it...Index the entire Hive-Engine market.

This is a long term project and instead of adding every single token all at once, we've been monitoring the market over the past month, and checking for volume and stability on the projects we want to include.

We started with 10 tokens we think represent the market very well, but that was just the beginning...So tomorrow (Monday December 21st) we will be adding the following tokens to the INDEX with plans to keep adding regularly :)


STARBITS - The currency of the @risingstargame This popular game in Hive has been getting a lot of attention recently and it's token has been stable over the past few weeks. Regularly in the top 20 tokens traded, it's volume is healthy and we are looking forward to bringing it to INDEX :)


SPORTSTALK - One of the first projects to jump on board Hive-Engine and a very unique niche community on the blockchain. The @sportstalksocial community is...You guessed it...Focused on sports! And this awesome project rewards fans of every sports league from around the world with the SPORTS token.


CTP - The CTP Token is one of the most stable tokens on the market. Over the past month it's regularly been in the top 20 for volume and has some big use case within it's niche. This is the token of the @clicktrackprofit community - Dedicated to entrepreneurship and bringing them to the blockchain!

We will be adding these 3 tokens to the INDEX tomorrow and will monitor them for purchases / rewards over the next few weeks. Good news is both SPORTS and CTP are stakable, so you will be receiving dividend payments in these tokens as well as from the other stakable tokens in the INDEX!

Our plan is to continue to add stable tokens with regular volume over the next few weeks, given the addition of these 3 go smoothly :)

Thank you so much for your support of the INDEX project and we look forward to delivering you rewards for the years to come!


BUY INDEX on Hive-Engine



Ohh. So its you guys who have created Index :p
I bought 219 index tokens 2 weeks ago or so, so good to see some updates :D

Awesome :)

Yup, we are trying to keep things updated every few days...But we'll make sure to stay in contact to keep the news fresh!

Perfect! :D

Hell yeah with including Starbits! I love playing Rising Star. For those who are new to the hive game please feel free to use my referral link here. I get 1 starbit for every mission my referral completes. It adds up in the end if we all play a lot. Thank you.

Yeah we were into it a few months ago, but think it's time to get fired back up in it :)

Wow... didn't even know this was a thing. That is one of the things I love about Hive is every day I learn some new feature that makes Hive even better. I may have to consider buying some INDEX. Thanks!

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Awesome to hear it :)

And that's so true...Every day on Hive, you discover new things!

Thanks for the update! At the moment I have 47 INDEX tokens and plan to end up 2021 with 1000,of course, if they skyrocket in price, maybe less. :)

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Nice man :)

Yeah they are super cheap right now...Hope to keep them that way for a bit until the market takes off...Crossing fingers lol

This is exciting and Huge for Index and ctp

Hope it is, one small step to the bigger goals!

This is good stuff sir! Glad to be one of the first holders of INDEX! Maybe we can get LIST stable enough in the future to get added!

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Absolutely, oh man we wanna add it all!! Just need to go slow and steady to build it :)

ohh that's amazing! more tokens for us yeah!

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Yup, 2 great ones with the ability to stake ;)

Buying Index is makes it easy to invest in the second layer.

How do you pay profits on non-stake able tokenS?

Not paying profits on non staked tokens, other than the rewards for holding like SIM has...But the tokens are held inside the INDEX and *crossing fingers lol The INDEX will increase over time as the market grows :)

I'll cross my fingers too!

So the token list will grow from 10 to 13.

What does this mean for holdings of the previous 10 tokens? How will the allocation percentages change?

Yup, the math will rearrange and the percentages will get split now. We'll go over all the numbers on :)

That's really good news.
Is index currently buying CTP miners?
If No, then will it start buying as now CTP will be added tomorrow in Index?

I am looking forward to the rewards.

Hopefully, will buy some index by the end of the year.

Yup, we will be buying miners. Remember the split, is 80/10/10....So 10% of all rewards will go to miners.

Seriously ,that's how it works?

I thought just the 20 miners per hour lottery system .

Very exciting to see SPORTS and CTP added to INDEX. Great consideration there which would yield a tangible result. Bravo to all INDEXians.

Thanks man...Just makes sense for these new additions...But we're not done yet :)

STARBITS Millionaire people loved this NEWS!

Such a cool game and awesome community. Honored to get it onboard INDEX asap :)

Feels like early Christmas 👉🍻

Nice of you to add Sports to the list.

It's a must add :)

A legendary token and awesome community!

This is quite great and the Index starts growing and reflect top players in the secondary layer tokens from Hive. Hopefully things will just rise from here and be a competitive investment fund as well as a reflection of wealth on the Hive ecosystem!

I think it will :)

I means, we're building this for long term...So if people believe in this blockchain, holding these tokens for the long run is such a good bet.

We're sticking to it for the years to come!

Ohh I just made a post yesterday about the massive buy wall and now I know who is behind it hehe.
I am really glad to hear you investing in SPORTS .

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We haven't started buying SPORTS yet, we will once the token is added :)

I see . Well that is even better :)

What's HE-Index? I've check the website but still don't understand what's made for and why HE-Index token? Please elaborate

It's explained in detail on the website, but it's an INDEX token for hive-engine. Which aims to follow the majority of the tokens on the market.

only. So pls what's the token utility?

You can invest in index and it will invest for you in tokens on hive-engine, so when these tokens go up in value, the same will happen for index and you will be able to sell them with profit. Just like an index fund on the stock market.

Thanks for elaborating. Now I understand what it is.

If you guys are going to add dcity in the future if not already.
Take some !tan :p

Stake Tan and you will get dcity divs

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Already getting more excited about INDEX.

perfect! im supporting the project including it on my youtube course of how to start in the cryptoworld with hive. i just need to make one suggestion the possibility of claiming the % of the actives that you "own" by having index coin, that way the price of the asset will find his balance on hive-engine. maybe with a 5% like what LBI its planning to do it like a buyback..

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