New Additions To The Index Token

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It's been a while since we added some new tokens to HE-Index...

With all the excitement going around with all the new tribes and communities, we decided now was a good time to add 3 amazing new tokens to the INDEX!

If you are not familiar with the INDEX token project, you can check out our official website here!

Let's see what's been added :)

Proof Of Brain


This newer tribe and token has taken Hive-Engine by storm and hopes to capture the same DNA (and vision) of the Hive blockchain.

No miners, no air drops and only 21 million tokens ever to be released makes POB (@proofofbrainio) a very unique offering.

We're honored to get it included into the INDEX token!



The creators of the tribe are calling this the heart of the musicforlife project and you guessed it, the focus of this community is on music discovery and discussions!

There is a mining token for this, so it will be included as well inside of INDEX to reward our token holders going forward.

This is an exciting new project and has got some raving fans that are VERY bullish on VIBES!



And finally, one of the cooler new tribes and communities to pop into Hive-Engine is @CineTV !

It focuses on discussions and reviews about television and movies, which I'm sure you will agree....Is a MASSIVE market.

We feel this has a very good chance to grow outside of the Hive ecosystem as well and we're excited to get it added to the INDEX.

No miners, so this is all earning and mined by content creation!

We hope you enjoy the new tokens added to INDEX and we will be adding more in the near future to work towards our mission of indexing the Hive-Engine market :)

More information about HE-Index -

Buy INDEX on:


Leo Dex


Had not heard of @CineTV. Hive is alive and thriving at the moment with all these new tokens and innovation!

Glad to see our friends at #Musicforlife have their #VIBES token included.

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Appreciate the comments!

Yeah Starbits is already in INDEX so it just made sense for Vibes too.

Big potential in both projects :)

Those are three tokens that seem to have some potential. They garnered a lot of attention in the early phases.

It will see how they develop. It looks like there is a lot happening with VIBES.

Glad INDEX is going to add to the holdings with it.

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Yeah man, we're pretty bullish on them and adding them to INDEX was a no brainer :)

Wow those are some great additions. All three communities are actively trying to grow and develop so we might see some good price appreciation.

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That's some very good reasons why we think they are going to have big futures!

This is great additions to Index.
I will be looking forward to receiving some of these tokens in my wallet.

Excited to get them purchased and sent out for token holders!!

Amazing :) good to see POB in the list . Will love to have those drips :p .
Great going . I need to update my script .

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And they have a lot of volume, so they should start getting purchased by INDEX very soon :)

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And you rock! Thank you!!!

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Congratulations for new index token


Awesome new additions and can definitely vouch for all those. Especially vibes, they just launched a new NFT farming site and its looking pretty slick!

Yeah these were no brainers for us. Great projects with massive upside!

Perfect choices. They are three tokens that I am very interested in and want to stack harder.
Glad to see them on index and I'll keep adding more to my holdings.

Appreciate you sir, thanks for the support!

Guess I will be buying more Index Tokens then :D

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LOL The addiction is real. Stacks on stacks!!!

These 3 tokens had been talk of the town from quite a few weeks and it’s good to see them being added to index. Hopefully they all will grow bigger and bigger and benefit all then holders.

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Thanks for the comments!

Yeah, and the volume speaks for itself. Great projects, great volume!

It's just awesome!!!




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Thanks for the Pizza :)

Omg!! its a pleasure and the M4L wants to tell you, we are organizing the governance for many stuff thats going on M4L, one of these things is the . This means if your community push for it, CTP or INDEX can be included on it and will be enabled to be staked and receive some inflation !

Again, this is amazing. Thanks !!

Plus i would recommend to better buy vibes and curate as the rewards are linear, and we have a deflation event each 2 months and half. The APR in VIBES if you will do some curation is higher with VIBES itself rather than VIBESM

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Appreciate the kind words very much. You guys are crushing it. VIBS is such an awesome project, made so much sense for us to add it :)

I like all three although I am only in two of them VIBES and POB. On cinetv they won't let me comment or write, maybe I did something they didn't like even though I haven't received any comment.

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I think you need to make sure the content on CineTV is specific for the tribe.

I'm happy to have bought few more INDEX yesterday !!

Can't wait to receive these drips ;)

Awesome :)

Yeah it's a slow and steady approach to investing in crypto...But so far, it's been working like a charm :)

Very cool. I had to move a little bit of my Index a while ago, but I am still holding some of it. it is nice to see that I will be getting some of the tokens from the great new tribes that are being developed. I look forward to watching them trickle into my account!

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That trickle, starts to become a deluge ;)

Appreciate it man, thanks for the support :)

That's good news! I'm really confident in the potential of those tokens. I'm glad to be invested in INDEX

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Awesome to have you onboard :)

I'm so happy you wrote this post thank you. We went over these tokens in our Thursday Night Live, lol TNL like SNL. Thursday night was great but I did not know enough to ask questions. This article is a huge help!!