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Our Witness Node Is Live  Vote clicktrackprofit.png

So here we are!

The fruits of 2 plus years of labor are coming full circle :)

And our mission to raise massive awareness for this blockchain has never been more of a focus than it is today!

The clicktrackprofit witness node for Hive-Engine is online!

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We'd love to get your vote and you can do so right here, simply scroll to find our witness node and secure your vote :)

Why should we vote for ClickTrackProfit?

We have been silently building our portfolio of applications and projects within the Hive ecosystem! Over the past 2 plus years we have built;

  • CTPtalk.com - Our front end blogging platform for the CTP community! With the anticipated launch of CTPtalk v2.0, we're bringing something completely new to the market. And focused on onboarding entrepreneurs from around the world to the Hive ecosystem!

  • HivePay.io - The first fully integrated payment gateway for the Hive AND Hive Engine ecosystems. Copy paste your payment code, and easily accept Hive, HBD and almost every Hive-Engine token directly on your website!

  • TheHiveGuide.com - A step by step onboarding tool to help new blockchain enthusiasts learn all about Hive and it's amazing applications!

  • The INDEX Token - The first ever 'index based' token on Hive-Engine that captures the benchmark of the entire market.

  • ClickTrackProfit.com - Our education and training platform. Hosting over 140 step by step tutorials and dozens of modules from a wide variety of topics...Including an entire section dedicated to Hive-Engine training!

We've also helped onboard hundreds of new members to various projects around Hive and Hive-Engine...When we say we are BUILT with a focus on community, the evidence is there. Our community is what makes ClickTrackProfit so remarkable!

And here's what it comes down to....We're hands on, every single day of the year. This has been our home now for years and we've been fully focused on helping grow the blockchain and these amazing tribes within Hive-Engine!

What's in the box?

We have loaded up the node on the following configuration:

Speed: 3500MHz RAM: 32062MB CPUs: 1 Physical CPU
Cores: 6 Total Cores RAID: Level 1 Disks: 2
Size: 220GB Type: SSD

What do you get with a vote for ClickTrackProfit?

A team of dedicated entrepreneurs with the vision of bringing entire industries to Hive-Engine and it's second layer capabilities.

And one thing you'll know about us...We are the ones that will work with you, engage with you, help you, build with you, promote with you, grow with you...Every step of the way!

Securing this blockchain and helping bring true decentralization is our goal with the clicktrackprofit witness node!

And that is our guarantee!

We are here to help build Hive-Engine for the future!



Thank you so much for your vote and consideration! We're around every day to answer any of your questions and work with everyone on the blockchain!

@jongolson @blainjones @elianaicgomes

If you agree the clicktrackprofit deserves a witness vote....

=> Vote Today For CTP



Just getting back to this all... seems like a good way to start by giving you the vote!

Awesome to hear form you man, hope you are doing well! Thanks so much for the vote!!


Thank you very much!!

quick question, does https://thehiveguide.com/ offer an affiliate program? Can I add my HIVE ref to it and people sign up under me via this?

Yup, it's actually tied directly into your account at https://www.clicktrackprofit.com

Under 'Funnels' you can get all your affiliate links there :)


it doesn't really give me a ref link, even after I click on update affiliate ids...

Weird....Let me tag @blainjones to check this out for you.

Everything in CTP is built under the affiliate account, you will need to go to Affiliates->Settings and setup your affiliate account, then it will show your referral link.

I don't want to use uphold... why do you hide this behind a KYC wall, when it's not connected to your website's earnings?

It is actually connected to our website's earnings. We only require the minimum currently for affiliate's as far as KYC.

Well CTP are pumping my bags right now, so why not give the team a vote :)

LOL Ha ha ha Appreciated :)

I don't know if my vote is helpful but I have done it, I learn a lot with your videos, I like what you do, I think this is a great step towards the future of hive.

Thanks for the support!

And yeah, poke around the videos...If you get stuck on anything, let us know :)

Woho.. Voted.
Do CTP also runs for hive witnesses? If yes i'd like to vote there also.

Nah, we feel that there is no chance of getting into the top 20 at Hive...I mean if LEO can't get into the top 20, little hope for us LOL

We decided to focus on hive Engine as we feel we can have a much greater impact here.

Do it require Workerbee balance to vote it?

Nice to see HE witness node by CTP.

Yeah, workerbee is the 'hive power' of hive engine.


Thanks very much!!!

HE witness voted

Appreciated sir, thank you!

I never knew about the tribaldex at all. I gave clicktrackprofit a vote after logging in. I hope all the new Hive Engine witnesses helps alleviate any problems that occurs.

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It'll make Hive Engine much more decentralized. So that's a big win :)

Nice job! That is very exciting! I think I mentioned I have been looking into spinning up a node myself, but I have to be careful about the in and out traffic through my firewall. I could tick some people off if I am hogging all the bandwidth!

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Yeah we got it set up pretty easily. A few tweaks and it was rocking :)

100 times yes!

Thank you sir! Appreciate it very much!!

Done! You've got my vote!

Just one question...do I read this correctly...?

We aren't the ones that will work with you, engage with you, help you, build with you, promote with you, grow with you...Every step of the way!

In my opinion, you are the ones that will work with us, engage, help, build, promote and grow with us...

You are actually doing this, we just need to follow your lead...lol.

LOL Thanks for catching that. Typo....I edited it lol

You're welcome...lol!

very cool!

I finally voted.

All the best.

This is totally awesome!!! As soon as I get my voting power up a little I will definitely vote. I know you want everyone to vote ASAP but I want to know that my vote will count for something.

Once I get up to speed on witness voting for hive engine, I will definitely do that! I've been out of the loop on some of this stuff but I'll get caught up. Keep it up folks!

Alright 👍 voted yesterday.

This is totally awesome!!! As soon as I get my voting power up a little I will definitely vote. I know you want everyone to vote ASAP but I want to know that my vote will count for something.

Ok so I'm not following how to vote. I click on the vote today for CTP but when I get to the next page I see no way to vote. I will happily vote if I could understand how. I am a newbie. lol