Conversations & Insights w/ Taskmaster4450 - Part 1

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A few weeks ago, we were very lucky to have a chance to sit down with @taskmaster4450 and talk shop :)

We planned for an hour...But ended up almost going 3 hours!

And we recorded every second of it...We'll be splitting up the talk into 20 minute sections and posting them for your viewing pleasure :)

Here's part 1....We hope you enjoy it!

P.S. INDEX token has now added SPORTS, CTP and STARBITS .... They are active and producing rewards right now for token holders :)

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That was a nice convo! Can't wait for watching the rest of it!
I like that part he says forget the others focus on your token and tribe.
Guess we are doing something right ;)


All this building...All this focusing...It's going to pay off!

Great interview and amazing insight from someone I think we've all ended to respect @taskmaster4450. Communities are booming and there are few which simply get most of the value from its members and continue to build and expand the tools from their ecosystems. I think there will be good times coming our way!

Agreed :)

It's just going to get better and better moving forward. 2021 is going to be awesome!

Thank you so much for recording this conversation and making it available. I look forward to all of the nuggets that I can glean from them.

Thanks for watching man.

We had a blast talking shop....Lots more nuggets coming, we'll be releasing them steadily over the next week or two :)

I really Like listen to the two of you talking. There are still to many people nit picking how and what people write that is why I don't put much of anything out on hive or CTP. I got in when still steam, I really like how much easier it is now. Thanks so much for the videos.

You'll never have to worry about nit picking on Ctptalk :)

We just want you guys creating! We'll figure out the Pulitzer Prize articles later lol

Thanks for watching the show :)