Rewards Have Begun For INDEX

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Exciting times on the INDEX :)

Over the past few days we've begun to see the curation rewards creep into the @he-indexrewards account from across the market.

We're expecting things so be slow at first, but really start taking off as more INDEX is purchased and sent to stakable tokens.

Also, the INDEX is continuing to purchase mining tokens every day from the tokens with mining capabilities, so the rewards will increase there as well.

We've added some new features to the website as well...

Rewards Tab


Check back here every day and watch these numbers climb :)

We think we've got a fantastic formula set for the curation rewards so this will begin to stake moving forward and continue to grow.

We want to get a week's worth of rewards to properly showcase the APR...But everything will be transparent and visible on

What's In The INDEX?


On the 'Holdings' tab you can check out everything within the INDEX.

The value will continue to grow as INDEX builds and of course, when we start adding new tokens to it!

Just a quick little update...

We're busy tracking all the tokens on the market and continuing to improve curation rewards.

Plenty more headed your way as well...We know you are going to love it :)

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Exellent... thanks for sharing the information..

Thanks for the comment!

Great , I wanted to see the rewards section and now it's here. Thanks for the continued efforts.

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Absolutely :)

They will continue to rise slow and steadily too. Enjoy it!

this is nice info.

A suggestion, currently, it shows the top 50.
There is no search option to see the percentage share of a user not in the Top 50 list.
Using that the investor can plan to increase the investment, to keep a good % share.

Thanks man, we'll take a look and see what we can come up with!

Very happy to see this. It is another financial choice that people on Hive now have.

The rewards are slow right now but they will increase over time. This is similar to what we saw in other projects that are similar to this.

Whatever the rewards, watch where they are in a few months. They do keep growing.

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If there are more projects like this , it will build upward pressure for Hive isn't it? In future if we can payout in USD or BTC we can bring nonhive people on board too

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If there are more projects like this , it will build upward pressure for Hive isn't it?

At some point, I believe it will. This is the big question, what will it take to get Hive moving?

I think we are seeing it in Leofinance. The account is having to add more HP to try and claim accounts. At the same time, it is looking to add to its HP so it can delegate that to new users.

For example, if it does add 40,000 users, it will need 400K to give each user 10 HP.

Nevertheless, the more successful projects on Hive, the better. There is no doubt that INDEX can really do things for H-E tokens.

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That is right .

About INDEX , yeah that is why I am just buying them whenever I can , the price is too cheap imo, some are not realizing its potential.

We can only hope but I am adding also.

I think INDEX will do well.

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Thanks man, we took that advice to heart...We wanna keep showing people what we are working on. Even if it's just more information for people to make informed decisions on INDEX.

Everything is adding up :)


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Appreciate you sir, thanks for all your support in the project!

Loving it! I'm a small staker but just bought some more Index and when I get my hands on some more Hive, it will go to more index! :D

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Awesome to hear it!

We've got some cool things coming up shortly for all token holders too. Stay tuned :)

That's Great. And Adding miners with time would definitely be a long-term benefit.
I am gonna buy some asap.

Thanks so much! Yup, the miner purchases will start coming in regularly now!

Excellent! Just bought 35 more Index. :)

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So cool!

Thank you so much for the support of INDEX!

Thanks for updating , Buying mining tokens are slow but long term strategy for passive and stable yeilds.

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Yeah, it'll come in steadily too once we start getting things firing on all cylinders.

it started!!! yeahh

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Yup yup!!!!!

This calls for a !BEER 🍻

ha ha Awesome. Thank you sir!

Sooooo exciting!!

For sure, just getting this baby fired up!!

Exciting Times

Indeed :)

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Thanks for the info. Keep updating 😇

Okay you don't talk about finances okay I actually bought some index a little tiny bit I have I didn't know there was actually a page oh I need to work on my website more oh tired I hope that you're doing well and take care oh that's one reason I don't posting little find out because they only talk about finances right nothing else I'm not I only try to do stuff they ask me to do and then they have anything I might be able to buy credits somewhere if they take CPT tokens but I've used some and I'm talking too much

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Exciting times