The CTP Token - Transparency Report

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So...It's been quite a weekend so far for the little token that could!

The CTP Token has been on a steady climb over the past few weeks and finally hit the 2 cent mark earlier today...

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 3.png

This is aligning perfectly with our goal to have the CTP Token trading at 5 cents each in 2021...Heck if things keep going this well, we might even get on par with Hive...

But this also raised an interesting situation on the markets.

In a nutshell...There are only a handful of sell orders now because...CTP is starting to really generate attention and people are looking forward to our game plans for 2021.

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That being said, we had to get a little bit more 'professional' with our token and it was brought to our attention that without being transparent with how the token is set up and managed...People would be giving this a side eye glance moving forward.

When we set up the CTP Token, I personally bugged the crap out of @khaleelkazi because what he set up with LEO was the exact same model we wanted for CTP.

He graciously put up with me ;)

And showed me how to set everything up. So when we launched, CTP had the exact same numbers as the LEO token did.

We also air dropped CTP to all LEO holders back when we first launched, as we felt LEO was the no-brainer token that we wanted to model after.

But that's just me saying things....Where's the data man???

I touched base with @achim03 (the creator and manager of @ctpsb ) and asked him if he could dive in and create a detailed transparency report for us...

And here's what he came up with.

=> You can download the PDF report here!

CTP Transparency Report

How are the tokens issued? What are the rewards? This report tries to show all the facets of the CTP token

The Tokens CTP
The token for the CTP community at - A tribe of affiliate marketers, online businesses and entrepreneurs -

Circulating supply and total stake: Precision : 3

Staking Enabled : Yes
Delegation Enabled : Yes


The CTP Token Miner - Want to grow your CTP holding? You can do so with the CTPM. Simply purchase and stake your CTPM and it'll do the rest...

Precision : 3
Staking Enabled : Yes
Delegation Enabled : No


Token holders
CTP token:
CTPM token:

Token supply

CTP Max Supply :
CTPM Max Supply:

How the tokens are issued:

– Every 100 blocks of the hive blockchain (= every 5 minutes) 13.86 CTP tokens are issued
– This represents a total of 3992 CTP tokens per day
– 85% of these tokens are issued to posts (3393 tokens)
– 15% of these tokens are issued to miners (599 tokens)
– Every hour 20 CTPM holders get 1.2474 CTP token miner rewards
– Every year the number of CTP tokens issued is reduced by 1% in respect to the previous year
– There was an initial airdrop of 695'000 CTP tokens

Supply evolution of the CTP token

Date|Total supply|Increase %


The detailed settings of the CTP token:

– Author rewards: 60% of post rewards
– Curator rewards: 40% of post rewards
– Payout delay: 7 days
– Reward curve: not linear

Administrative / management accounts
@jongolson (token issuer, owner)
@blainjones (owner)
@null (burnt tokens)
@noctp4u (downvoting account for unrelated posts)
@clicktrackprofit (token information)
@ctpsb (community account)
and @elianaicgomes (community support and service)

CTP Projects:

ClickTrackProfit -
The INDEX Token - - -

Hopefully this helps bring more information out to the masses about this project and community.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!



This is great information, even though I only understand about half of it. !BEER

LOL Oh once you dive in, there's no turning back lol

I like the idea of rewarding more to authors than curators . Is there anyway we can make it dynamic ? Is it too tough ?

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While it is frowned upon to change this frequently, it can be requested to be changed via Hive Engine team.

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Yeah we wanted to give a little extra to the authors when we started out.

But like Marky mentioned, might end up being more of a headache than it's worth.

Got it :) Thank you.

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Really great sum up of all token information at one point.
It would be great to see such tyoe of report bi-weekly.

More Power to CTP

We can see what we can do for sure :)

i am so excited that this token and community is starting to rise as well!

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We can't wait for the year ahead...So many cool things :)

Thanks for the report.
I have question regarding CPTM
Max Supply : 1,000,000,000
Circulating Supply : 260,814.555

Does it mean that more miners will be created or 260K can be taken as end supply?

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Right now, we're only trying to work with the numbers we have.

60%-40% Authors curators ... interesting I was thinking its 50/50 :)

Yeah we always had the 60-40 split. When we fired up the token, everyone wasn't sold on the 50/50 on Hive.

We wanted to reward authors just a little bit more.

Thanks for the report. Just based on the candlesticks, there is more buyers compared to sellers so the price should still be able to move up. It sure seems like a good idea to HODL or stake the CTP tokens before tokens generated slow down over time.

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We hope it even gets better :)

See what happens after CTPtalk relaunches!

Great to have the info.
Let's hope the token continues to grow.

Yessir. Onwards and upwards!

Fantastic awesome sauce 👍😁


Hey @clicktrackprofit, here is a little bit of BEER from @fiberfrau for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

– Author rewards: 60% of post rewards
– Curator rewards: 40% of post rewards
– Payout delay: 7 days
– Reward curve: not linear

I've been always thinking that is 50/50 not 60/40. Even better for the creator and still a decent % for the curator.

How is the curve looking? That would be interesting to know.

BTW, congratulations on the 4x in a month on the token value!

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This is amazing. I came over here from StartEarningToday and learned about a new crypto I did not know existed. Definitely looking into this, as I have a long history with CTP. Thanks Guys.