The CTP Update - Goal....Achieved!

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We had a goal a few months ago...

To get 10 members of the CTP Swarm into 'Dolphin status'!

Here's the idea behind it all...TO get the community, supporting each other, upvoting each other and growing together!

CTP, the tribe and it's token have always flown under the radar and we're o.k. with that. Because of this simple fact...We're a community in every sense of the word.

A big part of our training in both ClickTrackProfit and The Hive Guide, revolve around the importance of growing together. Not relying on the powers that be, but building a network together.

Just one look at this list by @achim03.ctp and you can see...Some of the most engaging members of the Hive blockchain, as well as people that genuinely care about each others success....


But notice that first name in candidates....


That's @bradleyarrow

I actually got to meet this guy earlier this year when I drove through Canada and when you meet people in real life, you get a feel for what they are truly about.

Bradley is about..Community. Engagement. And this blockchain!!!

And today, he hit his goal...Over 5,000 Hive Power!

So awesome to see him reach this target he had set out for himself and you know what that means...

We've got 10 dolphins in CTP!


Absolutely remarkable and once again, shows the power of this community.

None of us are blockchain gurus. None of us are in the inner circle on Hive. We're just passionate entrepreneurs who believe in this community, this blockchain and each other.

People ask us all the time...What is CTP's use case...What are we doing every day...Where is the development....

This is what we are building!


And we'd love to have you a part of this family....


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




It is just amazing to see @bradleyarrow get to Dolphin, and using rocket fuel too, the Swarm is strong.

Rocket powered Dolphin 🐬. Love it.

That will get you to Orca before years end.

Lol 😆 I wish

🤔 You can do it. 🙏

Woohooo huge congrats to everyone and thank you for your hard work!
The Orca Gang will be next pretty soon ;)
Now, who's the next Dolphin?
Would love to see some more before the end of the year!
Keep crushing everyone!

5 more by the end of the year would be epic!!!

congrats to @bradleyarrow.

10 dolphins already and we still have 2 more months to go this year.

that is great.

Crazy to think....You are right, 2 more months to go!

Congrads Bradley!

Wow. Great post and not because I am mentioned or there is a pic of me but because of of the CTP community . My hat or to everyone. And thanks Jon.

Huge stuff man, you busted your tail this year to reach that!!

Congratulations @bradleyarrow!
So glad to see you as a dolphin.
This is the time for a celebration! :)

Thank you 😊

Big things for sure...And a massive achievement for the entire tribe!

I 10th that ;) lol

This is super exciting!

Woo hoo!!! This is awesome. WTG @bradleyarrow & all of the other Dolphins. We worked hard to achieve this goal & we will keep swimming as we go.... Thank you for encouraging us as we did so, Jon. :)

Congratulations, guys! Let's continue to show what "community" is all about. Orca is the next stop ;) 🧡🧚🏼‍♀️

Gonna do a big feature post this week (hopefully) highlighting every one on that Dolphin list...You guys have absolutely crushed it this year!

2020 was definitely good for something in this case ;)

Congratulations Bradley. An update of the CTP Swarm is on the way ;-)

Awesome sauce, love reading those!!

Congratulations to Bradley and for the whole CTP Swarm... as there are other 9 people who did this! Now, we should make a new community goal!

And I'm here because of the photo of two Canadian lagends! :) Instagram models! 🤣

Ha ha ha ha legends in our own minds!

Love the photo of the two of you, so glad that @bradleyarrow is going to be a dolphin.

Thanks. It was a highlight in my online journey to meet in person my online mentor.

Congratulations @bradleyarrow! Your hard work is paying off!

Thanks 👍 it is a great feeling

Congratulations to all those who have achieved the Dolphin status including the newest member @bradleyarrow.

This is an inspiration to all of us :)

Keep pushing everyone...

Yessir! Some of the best people on the blockchain, are right here!!

Congrats @bradleyarrow on making 5,000 hive power (Dolphin status) making 10 dolphins in the ctp tribe already and many more to come.

Thanks and I hope many more also.

Congrats @bradleyarrow & congrats to the whole ctp community.

Thank you 😊

Congrats @bradleyarrow
This is a fantastic update and the next milestone is 10k HP now.

Thank you 😊

Congrats to the CTP team on this achievement!

Congratulations on reaching this milestone,@clicktrackprofit!🥂 Still dreamin that Dolphin Dream myself. I will get there. 😃