The OCD Incubation Program - Trying To Get CTP On Their Radar!

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One of the things we LOVE to do here at CTP is listen to our members...

And on yesterday's Road To 10k CTP show, we got a suggestion from @r1s2g3


@ocd Curation Incubator!!!

What is this...

So we did some digging....

This is a project started by the largest curation project on Hive, where they support various tribes and communities within the Hive eco-system.

Some of the things they are looking for are, while going over their Discord channel:

  • A passionate and engaged community

  • Delivering value to the overall blockchain

So yeah, we're kinda biased but we think we fit the bill nicely ;)

And think the CTP Swarm would benefit from this program and OCD can get a taste of what we bring to the table!

So let's get onboarded....

We need your help to let the team at @OCD / @ocdb know, you would LOVE to get CTP added to their incubator program!

Reblog this post, comment on this post and let OCD know why you think CTP is the perfect fit and let's show the entire blockchain...What we already know....How AWESOME the CTP Swarm truly is :)

Appreciate everything you guys can do to raise awareness for the Swarm!

We've been so focused on bringing people from outside of Hive to CTP, it's time to bring Hive....

....To CTP :)


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




Probably the most passionate community on the blockchain. Most of the people were onboarded through the community! CTP is doing a lot for the Hive blockchain

Thanks man, appreciate everything you are doing to help build this community up. You have been a massive asset to CTP!

This is relly great Jon, @OCD / @ocdb is a great project, I do not know much about them but they do support good content and creators, so perfect for the CTP Swarm.

Think so too, haven't heard from them at all yet, but here's hoping for some good news this week!

@OCD / @ocdb , check us out at ctptalk. Great community already growing here!

Passionate and supportive! Just the way we feel a community should be!

Let go @OCD / @ocdb and add CTP to the incubator program. You won't find a better true "community" on the planet.

Appreciate ya' Capt'n!!!!

A passionate and engaged community
Delivering value to the overall blockchain

I think that we have invented these words and made them "viral"... Hive blockhain is transparent, and everyone can check our "footprints"...

If the authors and curators from aren't eligible for some support from @OCD / @ocdb, I don't know who is...

Some of the most popular challenges and engagement projects have started from here... Take a look at @thisisawesome project, or #IAmAliveChallenge, or some of the past popular tags like #2020vision, or #hivegoals...

All these things have been started by community members, and not the "owners"... and that says a lot about the passion of the community...


Hope they are paying attention...When I was asked 'What is CTP?' is kinda hurt LOL

Think we've been showing up, every day and helping build this blockchain with the best of them :)

I second that.

To the great people in @OCD/@ocdb, we have always proven how passionate & resilient we are in this community. Everything from #2020Vision to Erik's amazing IAAC movement, we never hesitate to do a blog or a video about what drives us. We have all types of content from affiliate marketing & business to self improvement & hobbies. There is something for everyone here. We have projects like @ctpsb CTP Swarm Booster, Curation trails & so many ways to support one another.

Our community members are driven, passionate & truly believe in our mission - to highlight you, the creators & hive owners. As we branch out to encourage others to show their passions and brands, we think you will like what you see! ;)

A big family!

I truly believe that :)

Thanks so much for being a part of that Jenn!

If they read this feed, how can they not see our passion.

@OCD / @ocdb I have been an active part of this community for more than a year now and I have had more growth and positive experience than I have ever had in anything I have been a part of before this. Passionate, Supportive, Caring and Authentic describes everyone I have engaged with here. So, yes this is a great fit for your incubator program.

Hope it helps everyone in CTP feel valued and appreciated just a little bit more :) Be awesome to be a part of @ocd :)

I am sure it will, @clicktrackprofit! Have a great day! 😀

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CTP got all the elements that "ideal" Hive system should have.

It has awesome content, awesome engagement, firm believer in Hive and open mind to listen everyone's thought.

Hi ,@OCD / @ocdb if you just visit the community ,you will find no reason for not supporting it but if you have any doubt we will like to engage with you.

Looking forward to hearing their response, I think CTP fits the bill perfectly too :)

Yeah, They might also need time to evaluate things on their own parameters.

The CTP tribe is about relationships and supporting each other. The various initiatives mentioned in this post and the associated comments that have been created and implemented by members of this community in order to benefit is members is amazing. This group of people truly wants to help each other succeed...and not just a privileged few. They not only support each other, but also promote Hive in general by attracting new Hive members and teaching them the workings and benefits of the blockchain. As each member (old or new) grows, the entire community rejoices, encourages, and benefits. If it takes a village, this is a village.

Oh that's awesome....If it takes a village, this is a village.

nice way to look at a community for sure!!!

I see no reason why the @OCD / @ocdb incubator program would deny ctp swarm, I have never been a part of such a great community in all my 20 years of being online. The entire community is engaged with one another and gives total support to you on your journey. It doesn't matter at what level you are the are here for you always ready to help however they can. This community is full of value to all.

That's what we always hope to do, make the blockchain beginner, feel like they have a home..And they can learn at their own pace :)

CTP and CTP Swarm is is the best group of people who support each other.

In this group, really every individual feels part of it.

Leaders are always available with answers, opinions and motivation.
Is amazing to be part of it and @ocd - CTP has amazing engagement with few projects and I love every single one of them.

Always around, if you ever need us :)

Just give us a shout!!!

A passionate and engaged community

Delivering value to the overall blockchain

I think the CTP community is already overqualified. :)

lol Yeah we are not short on passion, that's for sure :)

Exactly that! :D With all these goal driven achievers, you can't lose.

@OCD / @ocdb CTP would be a fantastic choice. CTP is filled with engaged members who define the word community. I am so proud to be part of such a fantastic group of people! 💜

Honored to have you on board Janelle!

Thanks for adding a ton of value!

I believe the CTP Swarm fills all the requirements and so much more for the @OCD / @ocdb incubator program!
We engage and support each other every day and we welcome others outside our community and outside Hive as many as we can get!
Give us a chance to show the world what we are capable of :)

We're awesome!!! We even tell ourselves that every day lol

Best active. Call to action #ctptalk @OCD @ocdb


Simple. It is a win-win relationship. That alone is enough. But a CTP Swarm combination with the @OCD / @ocdb community would be even better! Hope they understand that!

Crossing fingers, we think we've got a lot to bring to the table :) Appreciate the support!!

Indeed, the CTP community meets all requirements. I learned to like it even more here and I believe it is one of the most united communities in the entire Hive blockchain. Its members and curators always helping and attentive for promoting and voting on quality content.

It would be great to see that @OCD / @ocdb can partner to further motivate the CTP community. It will be amazing when CTP is added to the Curation Incubator.

Thank you :)

Yeah I think it's a great fit...Our members are passionate and very engaged...Learning every day, which is so encouraging!

@OCD @ocdb

As @jongolson said he are

A passionate and engaged community

Delivering value to the overall blockchain

You have to check us out.


Thanks man!

Appreciate you!

I will go and add my feelings about CTP on @OCD to let them know how awesome this our community is.

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The awesome CTP community, a very supportive and friendly bunch of individuals. @OCD / @ocdb I am always grateful, indeed for the support, I got from OCD from Day 1.

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