What's Going On With The Index Price?

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We thought we'd go over a few things about how the price of INDEX is determined!

@blainjones goes over it in a brief overview of how all the math is set up :)

We hope it answers some of the questions asked by INDEX holders.

(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/index-price/9d9cdad3ca264f06301facf2415e405ab6fd3397?r=2JkNfTjd9HedPfjBEKjaawRf9a7FPMNT)

If you have any questions after watching the video, please let us know!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Buy INDEX On Hive-Engine

Buy INDEX On LeoDex


I watched it on LBRY, no problem.

Yup, clear on there for sure :)

I've been stocking up on my INDEX. Made it to the richlist page! :D Probably the only time I'll ever be on a richlist lol. Now just have to work my way up the ladder.

Ha ha ha ha I hear ya. Same with me (jongolson) but hey, you never know...We might be onto something now ;)

I'm hoping so! 😉 The little payouts are a nice incentive.

I'm curious though, how will the holdings grow over time? I know some from miner tokens and curation. But, is there any other way the fund will grow?

I was thinking the price was determined something like this, but the video makes it much more clear. Thanks for the information.

Yeah glad Blain cleared it up :)

getting excited in Index I nee to buy more

No better time than now ;)

This is a video that still has me scratching my head. I'm in the clueless family. I'm still trying to figure out how to buy anything.

Hive-engine is where tokens are bought and sold on Hive. This token is called INDEX.

LOL You and me both man

Nah seriously, peck away at it, learn one new thing every day and you'll start 'getting it'...Took me a few months of diving in, to really understand things but I'm still learning everyday now....3 years later :)

View it on Peakd....It'll show there. Or on LBRY itself.

Thank you all good now

RIP Video, but I've been looking into this. Is this a project you own?

Yessir, we started it a little over a week ago. Going very well so far :)

Yeah the video will play on Peakd or directly on LBRY. But some front ends wont play it on HIVE.

Things are heating up in Index!

Yessir!!! Let's rock!

Thanks for sharing it. But how the Index decide to buy another token (means , how much Hive you accumulate before making buy in market.)

Oh that's going to happen soon :)

We've been playing with some ideas....But generally, we want to 'index' the entire market. It'll just take time to do it right :)

Video doesnt work.

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Might have to load it up in PeakD.com

Had to upload on LBRY because for some reason couldn't link the CTP account to my 3speak one.

Yup, not working on Leofinance. Working on peakd.

Yeah my bad guys, sorry about that...Couldn't figure out how to add the CTP account to 3speak, so ended up uploading to LBRY.

Which doesnt play on some front ends :(

It's all right. Things happen. Video was good btw , it will help new users understand easily about INDEX.

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what he said! :P

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