Taskmaster4450's Q & A About CTP (And Other Things Too)

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We did a second session a few weeks ago where @taskmaster4450 and @jongolson got together to once again....Talk shop!

But this time the focus was on....The CTP Tribe and Token :)

We've got Part 1 lined up for you today and we'll release the rest over the next few days as well.

We talked for about 2.5 hours so there's PLENTY of things to go over.

We hope you have been enjoying these sessions and it's been of value to you.

Thanks to the man!! @Taskmaster4450 for all the amazing discussions!

Check out CTP on LeoDex => https://leodex.io/market/CTP

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Sorry to hear what happened with Paypal. I like that fact that you want to make things simple and it will definitely on onboarding people. I see promising things for the project and I will definitely build a staked position on CTP as I earn them.

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Appreciate that very much!

Yeah it sucked, but without PayPal messing with our business..We would have never found Hive :)

Im getting more interest in ctp. I hadn't really paid attention to it before. Might be something for me!

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Awesome to hear that :)

Yeah we flew under the radar long enough....Time to show and prove!

The taskmaster's volume is a little low sadly, still great stuff, though!
Really looking forward to all the stuff you are about to add, keep it up!

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We'll get him on a microphone next time ;)

He's a wealth of knowledge...So awesome to have him on camera with us!

Nice to learn more details about Click Track Profit. This makes me think that I made a good decision by investing in this token. This was a great interview with @taskmaster4450. I definitely learned a lot for my future projects.

Awesome man, thanks so much for your support!

Hope to add even more value for token holders in 2021!

Taskmaster has no dark glasses? Wow!

Ok, I need to find a way to watch the video and tweak the sound as Taskamster's volume is not right.

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ha ha ha Yeah, not as incognito on the video lol

100 percent upvote, reblogged tweeted and noised.

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Great session! So much value in these talks. Glad I spent some of my 1440 to listen! :-)

LOL Yeah 2.5 hours though the whole thing...So had to break it up again :)

The universal NFT concept is amazing. Really interesting.

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Nice to learn more details about Click Track Profit and I want to more learn about CTP, many thanks

I love the idea of having a simple interface for my business that does not include a massive learning curve. Is the new CTPtalk condenser going to be customizable and available for purchase by third parties?