CTP Chat for July 22, 2021

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It's that time of the week once again...

And we're looking for YOUR questions!

Make sure you drop by today and leave your questions for the CryptoManiacs podcast for tomorrow's show!

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It's our favorite time of the week, to help you on your crypto journey.

No matter what the question, we'll dive into it!


I want to know the best way to learn more how to use CTP to promote my other online opportunities? Never seemed to grasp CTP platform and how to learn to use it as a marketing tool?

Great question!

We'll tackle this in the morning!

I want to know if taskmaster4450 regrets not getting into Splinterlands. I don't think its too late and he could always get some nice rewards each season for not doing too much (in the worst case scenario). It does seem like a fairly good investment since the price of everything has exploded.

i’ll bug him for sure lol

How much do I need to post in CTPchat? Is there a minimum amount that you should post each day or week. I haven't posted much in a couple of weeks. I have noticed that my curation power has disappeared. are there other issues I should be aware of. My daytime workload is at its peak this month so it has been hard to show up. it will slow down the closer we get to winter.

Awesome stuff man, we'll dive into it!

What’s a solid crypto investment strategy?
I would like you to explain some good ways to invest in cryptocurrencies.

absolutely. we will dive into this

Could you talk about how to get started in affiliate marketing? It's not something I ever thought about doing, but I figure I should at least learn the basics in case I want to give it a go.

love it. thanks man i’ll dive into this.

This is more of a comment than a question. I notice so many people who are in the network marketing space continuing to jump through the hoops of centralized social media. I am just trying to understand why when there are no real hoops to jump through here and noone is going to take down your posts unless they're blatant spam. Would just like to know your thoughts around this.

I noticed that 3Speak has a link for Live Videos but when I click on it the message comes back saying that they are still updating their systems. Are they planning on having Live video capabilities at any time in the future?

How can I get more customers?

I’ll have a lot of fun answering this. thanks :)

Also I would like to know how can I get started without PayPal and Western Union