CTP Chat for June 16th, 2021

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Happy Hump Day!

Let's help our newer members out on the blockchain today...

What would be your best tips for beginners that are just getting started on Hive and CTP talk?

Looking forward to hearing from you guys today and we will be pointing new members to this thread for years to come :)


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Don't Wait, just dive right in.

The community is here to help you all along the way. The second thing I would tell them is to ask lots of questions.

Asking those questions... That is so important. If you don't ask the question, nobody will know that you're looking for the answer. And I agree with you, the community is here to help indeed.

you are correct. with a lot of questions asked. They have find value

I agree. Since the learning curve is quite tough, they need to ask a lot of questions and learn more about the platforms.

Forgot to post this yesterday but here's you Darren Daily!
Shake it off and enjoy!

Fortunately, today comparing to what I had when I first started, there are a lot of people here on Hive who take their time to create a post or two for beginners, as well as training platforms like The Hive Guide and training modules inside Click Track Profit!
Another link site I can recomend is https://jryze.me/hive/ with everything and much more you need to know about Hive!


You can have all the tutorials, training, walkthroughs in the world, if you don't put everything into practice consistently, you will never really understand it!

Patience, take your time, and ask questions!
And these chats are so important! Use it please!

This is called a community for a reason :)

Big question is really important, I'm going to highlight some things that happened to me at the beginning.
1-always try to read and learn more knowledge does not take place.
2-listen to the voice of the most experienced, we may not agree but we must value the experience.
3-Always interrogate not everything that is said may be the most suitable for us.
4-Invest what you can lose, don't go crazy. Everyone knows how their own and where they can go.
5-do your own analysis.
6-And above all, have the humility to learn.

I like the one on humility. A lot of people seem to be missing that now days


I may be bias, but for a person who is looking to get to the next level in affiliate marketing, starting an online business or building their current brand; there is no better place than CTP and diving into The HIVE Guide as soon as possible and I said it my new post today 👍

I agree the Hive guide is definitely a good place to start

My biggest tip is...Patience!

It's going to be confusing when you start out. Things will be scary. There will be terms you do not understand. But having patience will help you on your journey.

Take it day by day, and learn something new every 24 hours. With some patience, you'll learn this blockchain from A to Z...Roll up your sleeves everyday!

I would agree with this as well. If I didn't have the patience, I would of quit before learning more about HIVE. It took time for me to learn and also start engaging.

Yes! Patience indeed! Especially in today's fast-paced "everything"...that is so true. I think patience is one of the most important, yet overlooked things you need to learn! Totally agreed!

What would be your best tips for beginners that are just getting started on Hive and CTP talk?

Don't go behind the rewards , just engage and build a network . We have so many skilled authors from whom we can learn a lot . You can't write a big blog post ? Then don't write one , just read and comment and engage and connect with others .

It has been proved that commenting can earn you a lot too on Hive tribes .

commenting is a great place to start

Mine would be to slow down and take your time. Don't think you have to hurry with each step.

yes very important

Listen, learn, and then apply what you learn by taking action.

Listen to the podcasts and watch the videos (especially those in the CTP community for the beginning). Crypto Mondays, Thursday Night Live, and Road 10K CTP come to mind without even thinking about it. Read as much as you can in the communities that are of interest to you.

Then start applying what you learn by commenting, creating content, and curating.

I would say take it real slow and learn how hive works by just engaging and upvoting. Get engaged and you will learn more and more everyday.

I would tell them to go to an area where you can ask questions directly like @leomarkettalk and @ctpchat. When you have questions about them, just ask them and other people will give you their answers. Since everything thinks different, I think everyone will learn something if there is something they didn't know.

At the same time it builds engagement and lets other know more about you.

For me, summarizing everything that was said, it all comes down to these words:
know how to learn

Start slowly but get going and be consistent. Don't spend a penny you can't afford to lose.

One step at a time
Learn a new task then learn another task
keep learning

you hit it on the nose. one step at a time

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