CTP Chat For June 17th, 2021

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It's that time of the week again...

We're looking for ALL your questions when it comes to the blockchain, crypto or even building businesses here on Hive and CTP for tomorrow's CryptoManiacs podcast!

And for all questions, we'll reward you with some Hive, some nice upvotes and of course, your questions answered on the podcast!

Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.

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What is the importance of airdrops on the blockchain? I was recently reading about the new Splinterlands changes which include an airdrop of Splintershards. From what I read, it sounds like a big deal to the hive blockchain and to that game. I want to start playing but I have not yet bought the spell book to get started. Would you recommend starting to play just to be part of the airdrop or not?

Airdrops can be a powerful tool if done right. Just having a random air drop though normally leads to a bunch of confused people wondering if they should trust the token or what it is. Most sell it off for a quick buck. Something with substance though and meaning such as SPS could be a powerful air drop not other for the demand to now stack more value in splinterlands to be able to get more of the airdrop but also the functionality of it.

Awesome man, looking forward to diving into this! Thanks for the question.

Thanks I was wondering exactly the same thing.


I started delegating some Hive Power. I found that as I delegated a greater amount of HP than what I have received in delegations to this point, it started affecting my HP with negative growth.

I then bought some LHP to get the delegated amount to me to be higher than the amount that I delegated to other projects again. Since then I have seen positive movement again.

Am I on the right track or how should I maintain a balance between delegations I make versus delegations I have received to maintain the best growth on my HP?

I hope all this makes sense...

For sure man, thanks for that. We'll get into it tomorrow!

Wow what an awesome question. I am working on getting more HP and this would be good to know

I think it depends on what you want to focus on. If you are delegating it to a project paying you everyday then you probably need to power up what you get to get your HP growth on track. One thing to note though is that the HP you delegate does get the extra interest and you get that back when you pull your delegation

Thank you for the helpful information! It makes sense the way you explain it. I do appreciate it!

Questions are so many especially for someone like me new in this world but I will ask a few.
1-how should I start investing, with little, with a lot or first observe and learn and then invest?
2-with so much offer on the market and with so much sponsorship that exists for each cryptocurrency, how should I know which ones I should invest in or which ones I should stay away from.?
3-does the hive have the potential to go where or will it stay in this register forever?
4-who are the best analysts that exist in cryptography?
And the question that everyone wants to ask is:
Will encryption change my life?

Great stuff. Looking forward to answering these tomorrow.

My question is about Splinterlands and specifically what Rent a Deck means and what the benefit is for players of the game or those just collecting the cards?

Its a cheaper way to get access to cards for a limited time period. By doing so you can get collection power (higher ranks) and also win more fights leading to earning more DEC or rewards chest.

As a bonus, you can rent a card before you buy it directly to test run it with your deck. It may cost a bit but its better than buying a card you will put back on the market.

Thank you, @jfang003! That was very helpful. The games are something I haven't yet explored on Hive. But I do like learning what other people are doing.

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Ooooh Splinterlands talk, I'm here for it :)

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say, Jon!

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Here's a question about community building.
How do you get your community to come up on hive by it name insted of by the number (hive-111111) that it's assigned?

I believe there's no way per se to change it unless you get a front end of your own. What you can try is creating a domain with the name you want to show and link to the community there so it can be redirected

I want to know how to I build my business on the blockchain? I feel the blockchain is the place to be for building businesses

Thanks for the question, but I would agree with @bitcoinflood here with the follow up...What kind of business are you trying to bring to the blockchain?

What type of business do you have?

Online business

Online business is a very broad term. What kind of business are you trying to build?

Pls I want to know about NFT? 🤔
The uses and the benefits?
How was NFT introduce?

Unfortunately I won't be able to be on the live show, but how's the hive loans project coming along?
Not been paying attention to it.

The future new recurring transfers feature on PeakD might be useful to pay back the loans lol but maybe hive loans already have it incorporated.

Do you see Hive coming back up or not. And when should a person let go of hive taking a loss or what happens when it goes to zero then a person is just out, and then you have to buy more when it comes back up in price? As of today was at 0.33 from the day before at 0.35.

I see HIVE going back up eventually. With the three speak network and project blank, I think the demand for Hive will definitely increase. I would probably avoid the short term prices because it isn't good mentally. If I had to answer whether or not Hive would be worth more in 5 years, I would say yes.

great question, thanks Sheila...Looking forward to answering this one!

I have mostly posted from CTPtalk and a little from peakd and 3speak. Is it good to post from many tribes or should I only focus on 1 or 2 for earning crypto

Depends if there are other tokens you believe. On a entrepreneur perspective you should be as visible as possible so you should spread to other communities you have interest. Music for Life community is a perfect spot for you 😁