CTP Chat for June 18th, 2021

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Time to end the work week with a bang!

Hope you guys swing by the CryptoManiacs podcast later today to answer all your questions from yesterday!

Here's something to consider going into the weekend...

If you could master one skill to help you build a business online...What would it be?

Looking forward to reading your answers today and hope you have an awesome weekend!


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I if I could have a skill for online business is a good question.
It is often the way we manage to empathize with the consumer, with the customers.
Often having the ability to empathize, create security in a business and convey that to the customer is one of the best pains to be successful in the business world.


Going to quote Russell Brunson today! He just posted this on Facebook that works with the question!


"Mastery comes from repetition, immersion and hypnosis. It’s all about doing something over and over and over again, fully immersing yourself in that thing, and going in to your subconscious mind that it becomes a habit!!!
And when it's your move, your turn to serve your people, then you own it. Now you've become the person you need to be. You become the solution 🙂
So I hope this helps you not only in business but also in your relationships and everyday life… because when you’ve mastered something, that’s when you can stop doing the work and become who you need to be…"

Happy Friday!

You are absolutely correct. repetition brings mastery.

So true. Make what you do a habit and then improve upon it over and over again.

This is such a practical way of looking at it! Awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us, Elaina.

For me, without question; is creating content. There is no doubt in my mind that if I work hard to become a way above average content creator; that it will make me a successful online marketer. Simply, content is king. It's necessary to improve on email marketing content, blogging, ads, etc etc etc. That includes all facets including video and voice. It's not that I didn't believe that sooner is that I value it more than ever, because on the blockchain it's crucial - at least in my mind.

I agree about content and you have been upping your game. I have only been on the platform for two months and your content just keeps getting better. I just wish mine was a quarter as good as yours. And then your graphics are out of this world as well.

Dude, 2 months? Then you are going to be a BOSS in this space @darmst5339 - I appreciate you.




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I think you are hitting the nail right on the head there. Content is king. Relationships are built and problems are solved through communication...and what better way to communicate than through creating content?

Bingo! @jacoalberts - Hope your Friday is off and poppin my friend.


Thank you for the tokens!



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Thank you. I appreciate it!

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I agree. Content is king. It is also a challenge to be consistent.

For me...It's all about continuous improvement and a commitment to always be learning.

One thing that killed my ability to grow was 'getting comfortable' and thinking I had enough knowledge to do the work.

But if I take it easy, my competition is getting better. So my 'one thing' would be to commit myself to be always improving my knowledge and skills.

Things are always changing. There will always be something new to learn

that is the truth. You can never rest because you competition isn't. Must always keep improving and getting better.

One skill I would like to master is being more organized

I think time management or just having more energy would be good. I don't knock myself too much but there is only so much I can get done. I like pushing myself though. The other thing I want to do is better follow up for my newsletters.

Keep pushing yourself. It will get easier with time. Stay consistently getting better and never stop.

There are quite a few skills I would like to master. But that is what takes me to the one thing I would like to learn...and I suppose it will actually just need more focus on my side.

I read about so many skills, listen to podcasts, and watch videos...but I think it's time to start applying more of what I study and read about.

I sometimes catch myself listening to someone talking about certain skills or strategies and I would think "yes, I know about that"...

That's the problem...I need to start applying what I am learning before learning about the next "best thing". It is one thing to know about something...it's a different ballgame altogether to actually apply it...

It is just so exciting to learn about all these things...lol!!

Bookkeeping would be a skill I'd like to develop and a service I'd like to offer to my fellow online marketers.

Other than consistency as @elianaicgomes has mentioned, i would love to learn to build an attractive and nearly perfect LCP that attracts and build my list.

I think I would like to be a master in consistency but that might imply other skills like time management and content creation!
There are things I can keep up for a while but then something comes up and end up being consistent over there and lose on the other.
Finding the balance...another skill to master lol
Keep pushing!

My CTPeeps!
I appreciate everyone who takes time and effort to come to the CTPChat but as you can see on the charts these past few days the number of comments are going down...
If there's a skill that everyone should master, and I just posted about it, is consistency, which I consider a skill because it needs effort and practice so it can turn into an habit (check Russell's quote I shared yesterday).
I may have send a message through Telegram the other day that might have intimidated some to comment, I will quote it below:
Please, don't take it personally, let's say it's tough parenting! I just want you to improve yourself a bit more everyday! And this little corner can help you with that a lot!
I know I've not being the best example, but I'm doing my best, so you should do your best as well!
So we can grow together :)

Have an awesome weekend!