CTP Chat for June 21st, 2021

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A brand new work week!

Time to get fired up, and crush your goals over the next few days...

Here's a question that could help the community as a whole:

How do you maintain your excitement and passion for your online business? Things go south, they don't always increase...So how do you maintain your focus and keep showing up every day?

Looking forward to hearing from you guys today and let's have an awesome week on the blockchain!


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I try to organise my work in a way so that some tasks are repetitive and some are creative. When I'm less motivated, the repetitive tasks make me go on in spite of it. On the better days, the creative tasks make me go forwards :-)

Good point of view, good strategy. What matters is that we have a strategy to use to move forward.

Yes sometimes, you just don't have the energy to do something meaningful. Then it's good to have these automatic tasks that keep you going :-). In the end we all have to find a strategy that works for us!

Oooh so there's the next question...How do you stay creative and what helps?

That's a pretty good question and I have the feeling that creativity comes and goes. For me the best is to sleep well, do some sports and then the ideas come :-)

That is a good formula. I struggle with the creative part. I will give this method a try

I think that creativity is like a muscle. The more you use it, the better you get at it. I try to "free" my creativity regularly but it's not always productive :-)

I try to keep the desired end result in mind, but to focus on the journey. I have to start doing things now (even on a small scale) which will be the norm when I arrive at the end destination.

That is a learning curve, I know there will be mistakes, sometimes things will go south, but I try to remind myself that it is part of the journey. Everything about learning isn't always fun, but when you master what you learn, that progress is very motivating.

I don't think you'll ever fully arrive at the ultimate goal for your business, because achieving one goal often becomes the beginning of the next goal.

That's a really good tip. Always start with the end in mind, because my goodness...There will be ups and downs along the way LOL

There is no doubt behind a goal, there is always another, which is why there is an ambition to always surpass ourselves. Step by step. First we go one after the other and in the end we have climbed a huge ladder but we always continue the goals are never exhausted. There is always a desire to overcome this.

That is so true! Thank you for your input!

Good question.
Above all, love and enjoy what we do. There is a phrase that says if we do what we like we will never work in our lives.
Life brings us adversity from time to time we are on a streak of luck and something happens, discourages. Many of us give up, yes the easiest is to give up or in the face of difficulties. But only if we are mentally strong, like what we do and above all believe in ourselves, everything changes and our effort and commitment will bear fruit.

That's my goal...TO always do what I love for the rest of my life. Then it's really never 'work'.

I agree . that is why I keep going

I enjoy what I do here. And all I have to do is remind myself that nobody owns me or my time except me. That is all that I need to remember. No jerk boss to answer to big PLUS in my book.

Great points!

And no boss, is a plus lol

Thanks, Jon! Yeah, it's HUGE! I don't want to be anyone else's boss either. LOL 😀

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That is one thing I love. being my own boss!

It's AWESOME! And like I said to Jon, I don't want to be a boss to anyone else either. 😀

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When things go south, I maintain my focus and keep showing up every day by surrounding myself with positive people or things (books, pictures I like, music, etc). I remind myself where I want to be in 5 to 10 years and why that is important.

There are times when you need to take a break and relax but this should only be if you know for a fact that you have been pushing yourselves too far or working hours that exceeds most peoples energy level (15-20 hours per day, several days in a row).

There are other times, you just need to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Putting food on the table, saving for retirement, paying for the training that will establish the foundation for your business to be self-sustaining. Whatever it may be, know the reason you do what you do. it will help you get back on track.

If you have not already done so, create a long-term plan or a picture dream board but above all else, never quit. A break is fine for a little while, but never quit. Make sure you know why you are in a business to begin with.

Yes being clear about the reasons I am doing something is real important. I have to remind myself frequently. Sometimes everyday.

I loved creating vision boards a few years back. I haven't been doing them lately, but I still print things out all the time and stick them on my walls around my desk.

Always good reminders for sure.

It's really true how many times we don't tell ourselves we need a break. I need to get out I need to settle my head. I need one. Little peace and calm. But most of the time work is the concern they don't let us abstract and many times we make the mistake of reaching exhaustion. That's when it's harder to get out. If you can't get by yourself, ask for help, ask for advice. Sometimes it's better to lose a few days in life, and come back with more strength and energy than to keep insisting and getting exhausted.

For me, it's the reason why I do this.

It keeps my grounded and helps me always show up...No matter what happens.

I'm even going across the country later this week, a 5 days drive...But I'm already planning out my stops to make sure I can post my content and make sure my job is handled.

Reasons why always help me stay focused and fired up.

Yes, the focus is on ambition, it is important to always plan ahead, which means that we are always committed and focused.

I am struggling with that right now in life.
I have been working a lot during the days and it has not left much energy. Today I was remining myself of my commitment to follow through with my daily tasks. For me trying to find a balance so I don't get burned out is my challenge.
My focus is creating a new income so I can retire from my day job. It is frustrating because I rely on that money, but on the other hand it is very challenging to have the energy to work on marketing before and after my other job. I do get breaks in between jobs, but I feel like I am always playing catch up. Hopefully that will change this year. I really need to make a living at marketing or I wont be able to continue. Eventually the money becomes the real bottom line to continue with this business. I am not giving up but I am not seeing the money I need yet.