CTP Chat for June 22nd, 2021

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Happy Tuesday!

It's time for another fun filled CTP Chat. Here's where you can come and learn all about entrepreneurship and building on the blockchain with amazing community members each and every day.

Speaking of amazing community members....

Let's highlight someone in the CTP tribe that you've learned a lot from! Give them a shout out and let the world know why they need to be following that person.

(Note: If you are thinking about highlighting Jon or Blain, you don't need to....We aren't that special and just a couple of guys that love what we do lol)

Let's give each other some pats on the back and show each other how much we appreciate CTP!


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Thank you so much everyone for highlighting me, I wouldn't have grown as much if you weren't here!

I would like to highlight the entire community, but if I may be selfish a bit, I want to highlight someone dear to me and to some of us that unfortunately is not with us anymore...

@cruisin has passed away about 6 months ago and it seems it was yesterday he was spreading his grumpiness around and throw truth bombs here and there. For me, he was and still is one of the best people in this community and still supporting us from the sky!

I think everyone who still keeps this chat alive every day is worth following, they are action takers and content creators, they keep showing up and growing every day!

Proud of you all :)

Well I know he said not but I have to. When @jongolson first joined he hounded me for a solid month till I signed up, every night we had our very late night chats along with @Richardtaylor. Best thing he has ever done bugged me till I broke down and joined. He helped me when I started as he was one month ahead of me so that really was a great help. So Thank you Jon.

LOL Slow and steady man!

We need to pull Rich away from Noise and get him posting on Hive lol

Yes we do but I am not sure how we can do that. Maybe we can get him to start live steaming when he gets set up on the farm on 3speak?? He also should be blogging on ctp as that is his business as well.

Without any doubt I mention @elianaicgomes. She is always patient, helpful, ready to encourage and practice what she preaches.

She gets my vote too!

As awesome as they come!

I would have to say @jongolson helps me a lot. I mentioned that I learn better by seeing how things are done. The next day or so he had made a video on changing fiat into Hive. I use the video each time I need a refresher.

Appreciate that Sheila, thanks for the kind words!

I want to highlight and thank all the people in the Click Track Profit Inner Circle Mastermind group. I am always learning something new every week and doing my best to apply what I learn.

Biased x2 ahaha
The Inner Circle wouldn't be the same without you guys :)

Looking forward to tonight's talk about the rest of Traffic Secrets among other topics!

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They are pretty special...But I'm biased LOL

You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Thanks for creating it and showing up every week! Have a great day! 😀

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I have a few automatic picks, especially @jongolson; because I have been following him for years and a few others who know I hold them in high regard.

But I want to throw my pick to @darmst5339 - I am very impressed with David's consistency and how he's following the path that CTP lays out for us and in a short time, I've been picking up some motivation and tips from his comments, interactions and posts.

I learn from the best group of dedicated community members on the hive blockchain (CTPTalk), you included. I try to follow the example that is set by those before me.

I have no words for me besides the rest before administrators Eliana Gomes leaves me without a shovel to frogs. Friend, available, never tires of helping. You have a difficulty, she gives you the solution, she helps. Above all, he has a good heart. Thanks

Eliana is a star for sure!

Represents everything that CTP stands for!

For me I have no words to thank you. thank you from my heart

Obrigado Ricardo :)
Appreciate your kind words! And it is a pleasure to help!

I'd play favorites and say Eliana....But I'll spread the love around LOL

I think I've learned a lot from watching guys like @jimmy.adames absolutely crush it. Not only did he conquer COVID, but he's never grumpy. Always positive and always fired up!

A must follow inside of CTP!

Aw shucks, don't spoil me, sir!
Jimmy is a machine!!
I wanna be like him when I grow up 😋

Thanks for the shout-out @jongolson

There are many I would thank and high lite. I have to thank @elianaicgomes and @jongolson for their support. I want to thank all of you because I feel supported by everyone here

Thank YOU for being stubborn with us and keep pushing yourself!
Been a blast to watch you grow here :)

I would like to give my shout out to @lisamgentile1961 She has always been there when I have had a question. She is always learning new things and sharing it with all of the CTP community. She makes me feel very welcome and that any question is ok to ask. Lisa is very supportive. I have appreciated the assistance she has provided.

Also, @elianaicgomes and @jongolson both have been very helpful as well.

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