CTP Chat For June 7th, 2021

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Hope you guys had a great weekend :)

Now it's time to get back on the grind!

Here's a question, I hope a lot of people can answer but if not....I hope they build the habit into their daily lives this week:

What was the most important nugget / quotes / lesson you wrote down in your journal last week?

Bonus upvotes / Hive for screen captures and photos of the note ;)

Let's have some fun!!


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This week I learned that the most beautiful things in life are those that we sometimes don't care about. Every day, new things happen that put us to the test and sometimes we don't care about the simplest things that life gives us.
Sometimes we just think and we are distracted with big things but the beautiful ship is found in the small things of everyday life.

Definitely true. Sometimes we only realize how important things are after they are gone

Agreed. The beauty is in the detail if we slow down enough to observe the small things.

That is brilliant!

Thanks for sharing this with us. Appreciate the insight into your journal!


Yesterday, I had written down a quote from Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich. "Whatever Your mind Can Conceive and Believe, It can Achieve"

Just a reminder to us all how strong our mind really is....

What I love about this quote is the fact that it also addresses the believing part.

So many people get hooked on the idea of "positive thinking". Then they start trying to only think positive and repeat all these positive "mantras"...and then nothing happens. That's "selective hearing"...lol. That's like hearing the quote "Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive, It Can Achieve"...

It is important that what you think, must also be believable to you. People get told that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is true and what is not and your mind will just respond to what it's hearing. Then they just think they can start saying positive things and their lives will change.

The fact is, you have to start with small steps which are realistic, believable, and achievable for you. As you achieve these smaller steps/goals, you develop the ability/confidence to actually believe that you are capable of something bigger.

Hence the beauty of this quote. You have to develop the ability to think it and believe it, then you can achieve it.

Indeed a reminder of how strong the mind is.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

So true...I think you combine that with the Brian Tracy quote of...People overestimate what they can achieve in a day but underestimate what they can in a year!

That would be awesome if we could combine them and achieve even more than we are currently.

I actually did a post about today...lol.

"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be". ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Many years ago I tried my hand at selling. But the training I received was all just about making a sale and it left me with a very bad impression of marketing/selling.

Getting exposed to the CTP community and CTP as a business, I am starting to see a different side to marketing, where it is more about putting the customer and his needs first.

I would love to pass on the knowledge that I am gaining. But I cannot give anything away that I do not have. Therefore I need to become that person who has the ability to share the needed knowledge and present opportunities to those I come into contact with. Especially in these times where crypto is clearly a part of our future, yet it is still treated with uncertainty.

So true. The bad part is that a person does not decide to be the best version that is possible.

I do agree with you.

What I can say in this respect though, is that it takes away the excuses of... "I was born this way", or "it's my parent's fault".

You can decide to change if need be. The person you then become (good or bad) is a reflection of your decisions.

Thank you for your input! I do appreciate it!

I have so many Emerson quotes in my journals it's not funny LOL

Thanks for sharing man, appreciate the comments!

During the week I've been writing a lot but not so much in my notebook lol
But there's a simple yet huge quote that I wrote down and created a post about it :)

"Trust is a currency"

If you know, you know ;)

A fantastic book about that is called The Whuffie Factor by Tara Hunt....Brilliant book about the currency of your reputation.

I remember that post and its the only way to really gain some loyal followers.

...a currency with extremely high value!

We all need to build more of that currency in our asset base.

The only thing I have is from my blog yesterday. I cant upload the graphic for some reason. I can in Hive blog but not CTP.
Anyway the quote was
"Once your excuses are gone, you will simply have to settle for being awesome"
by Lorii Meyers

I had to go into Hive Blog to post this. I Don't understand why I cant upload an image in CTPtalk.
Maybe it is a cookie thing

I have the same issue with images in CTPtalk. I post in the CTP front-end then edit the post in PeakD or Hive Blog and add the image.

Thanks . I did not think of editing my existing post. I will do that next time

Sometimes the front end has mood swings. Like David said, you can always edit on PeakD when things don't go as it should :)

I watched a webinar with Darren Hardy last week. It was called 3 Insider Secrets about the things that Successful Entrepreneurs do to help them leverage their time and get more done. The first one was about setting up our own attention distraction defense system. A way to block everything else out and FOCUS on the task at hand.

It is very useful, the "ADDS" Once you figure out what you can set up for yourself, it works wonders.

@darmst5339, that is a very useful concept. I am at somewhat of an advantage in my situation. My husband is retired and he keeps himself busy and entertained while I am doing my thing here online. 😀 Even when we move in with my Dad this fall it's not going to be an issue. I have NO EXCUSES to not be able to FOCUS on what I am doing.

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Eat That Frog mentality...I love it :)

Yes, it's like that, Jon! I actually do better at Focusing when it is completely quiet around me. Which is why I love working at home by myself.

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I just started keeping a daily planner again which has a small journal in it. I didn’t really write down a quote per say but I did glen a bit of good information about having a plan for using social media and a strategy for each platform. I have written that down along with some notes from the article.

I have a stack of books calling my name that need me to read them and journal so better get to it.

LOL You and me both man....And I'm headed to the bookstore on Friday LOL

At least you have a stack, most people have not even gone that far. You are one step ahead of most people.

I have so many books I have read, but so many more I still need to read. I actually have about 3 books right now that I am reading at the same time. It is ridiculous.

I need to stay off Amazon!😁

Here's what I wrote down last week...


I know my writing is awful, but it was a big take away in chapter 1 of Traffic Secrets. This is the book we're reading together in the CTP Inner Circle for our first 'book of the month club'...

The take away...Focus your business on your customers and clients, much more than yourself. When you do that, you put what matters most...First!

That is so true...It is about them and is thanks to them that we can improve ourselves and our business by asking them "how can I help you?" :)
Because that's the main goal, to help people!

This is the world we should live in. Helping should not be an obligation, but something natural that should always be there.
Sometimes greed is selfishness trying to be better than the other to be ahead of the other makes us forget our human nature. I hope the word help is always part of my life.

100% agree!

It follows a great path of putting them first, getting to know them and then serving them for years to come. I think it's the right way to do business.

If only those big corporations would follow that line since most of their customer service is quite horrible.

It's really an advantage for smaller companies and entrepreneurs who put service above all else...Big companies can't compete with how small businesses can treat their customers. Much more personal.

This is so true. Sadly, many business owners start businesses for selfish reasons, with making money as the primary goal. Not that there is anything wrong with making money, but when money is the primary goal it normally goes hand-in-hand with stress and unhappiness.

What you say here will go well with the well-known principle of "the more you help other people the more you'll help yourself...".

Thanks for sharing and reminding us about this principle!

Yup, it's something I need to remind myself of each and every day...I'm here to serve and help others...The money is just a by product of how much value you give others.

If more businesses would focus on the customer both online and offline, both the business and the customer would be better off.

Honestly I don't do a Journal but I should

Yup, might be a good idea.


I don't really keep track of stuff in a journal like most of you here. In my opinion, physical writing is kind of disappearing.

You can always write it down on a notepad. Doesn't matter as long as you write things down.
Some of us are old-school and still like pen and paper.
I use both lol but I do like pen and paper still

Hi everyone! Here's your Darren Daily!