CTP Chat For May 12th, 2021

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Some great comments and discussions about people's favorite books in yesterday's chat!

Let's fire it up with a brand new day on the 'chain!

How were you introduced to online business?

A little bit of story telling is required for today's question ;)


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Hey guys, love these CTPChats. Thanks for organizing it. I have a suggestion for a future topic: "What questions do you have about Hive?" I would love to jump in and help teach people more about Hive mechanics.

Anyway, let's get on to today's topic: How were you introduced to online business?

I was introduced to online business through blogging. Really I just wanted to share ideas, learn new skills, and build an audience. I hosted a WordPress site for a while, trying to cover some costs through content monetization - affiliate marketing, etc. But, I never really achieved success in that world.

Having struggled with that for a while, eventually, I came across an eBook talking about blogging on the Steem blockchain. I threw down a few bucks for the eBook, devoured it, and it was a lightbulb 'eureka!' moment. That eBook opened the door to a whole different, amazing learning journey. And here we are.

Great suggestion...We'll see what we can throw your way ;)

Nice story man...Gotta love the light bulb moments especially when it came to the blockchain!

That is an awesome suggestion. There is always something new to learn in the HIVE space!

Thank you for sharing your story Torrey and glad that you are enjoying the Chat!
I also got the eureka moment when I was going into the CTPTalk module inside CTP and got into Steem and finally understand the tip of the iceberg!
It has been a blast and grateful for this, or I wouldn't have met you all these awesome people :)

Yes! It certainly has been a blast

Hello @torrey.ctp
I have not used Hive blog yet.
I am curious . What was the name of the E book you talked about?

Make Money Writing on the STEEM Blockchain: A Short Beginner's Guide to Earning Cryptocurrency Online, Through Blogging on Steemit (Convert to Bitcoin, U.S. Dollars, and Other Currencies)

Thank you.
I will have to check it out if I can find it

I think it’s a waste of your time. The book tells you how to get here. And you are already here

Thank you .
I will take your word for it

Great inspiration for those just finding their way to the blockchain through hive.
I tried that blogging route way back when but couldn't get the hang of sharing content. After many years now I got it, thanks to CTP.




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I have been introduced in Hive and CTP by my friend. This is my first week and I am learning about Hive and CTP.

Welcome! There is so much to learn. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Welcome to HIVE. I suggest taking your time and seeing what learning about a few different communities. I think its best to focus on a few communities to start then branch out because there is just way too much out there.

Thanks for your advice.

Yes, welcome to CTP and the CTPchat! Nice having you here. Take your time and just learn a bit everyday

Yes, I am doing my CTP training on daily basis.

Excellent, @supriya.gupta! Keep that up but don't just watch the trainings. Do the actions too. It will stick with you more. Have a great day!😀

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Awesome to have you onboard!

Welcome to the fun!!

Thanks Jongolson.

Welcome @supriya.gupta. This is an awesome platform.
I enjoy myself here.


Welcome to Hive! There's so much to learn but don't let it overwhelm you , just take it one day at a time.



Welcome to the fun! The best place to ask any questions is here!
We will help you the best we can :)

Thanks for your offer. Will definitely ask you.

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Hello everyone and welcome to another CTPChat!
I guess the 50/60 comments will be the new average...Hope we can pump these numbers soon!

Appreciate everyone still coming so far!

Here are the stats:

58 Comments and 156.17 CTP Tokens were distributed!

Keep them coming peeps!

Annnnd let's gooooo!

Keep crushing it folks!


Yes enjoying the chat!! Amazing Community

Lol so people are getting about 2.5 CTP tokens for each comment so I see no reason for people to not participate.

Right? Just my 10% vote worths almost 2 CTP that's what I normally give to comments, plus others that might upvote like @ctpchat and @jongolson and even the community!
And even so people still don't get the potential of this...
Welp, I will keep showing up and kick people's butt 🤣

I am trying to do my part.
Thanks for the updates

Today I learned about the hive dust vote $0.02 threshold before a post, comment or curation will payout. Is there a similar dust vote threshold for our CTP token?

Also, there are services to hack this. If you have a comment that's under the Hive dust threshold, @dustsweeper will vote for you. You have to fund your account with some Hive to get started. https://peakd.com/dustsweeper/@dustsweeper/dustsweeper-s-faq

thanks for sharing. I will check out the post. On the surface, it seems like it would be a big benefit to people just starting out on hive to help them grow and increase their hive voting value.

Thanks for this information, @darmst5339 and @torrey.ctp. I vaguely remember hearing something about it before but I had completely forgotten it till now.

Nope, CTP is paid 60/40....So you receive 60% of the rewards of every comment, while curators share the 40%. No dust on CTP...You get exactly what you vote for and earn.

That is great to hear. I noticed I am starting to earn several others. Leofinance, proofofbrain, alive, archon, neoxian, BBH, engage, etc. Should I hold on to all of these or turn them in for more CTP, stake of all or what? I did not know there were so many of them that I was earning.

Personal decision really...I stake things like Leo and Proofofbrain to curate and earn there. But a lot of the other tokens, I will flip for projects I'm trying to build up.

I believe it is only for HIVE. 2nd layer tokens tend not to have this issue, but there is a minimum payout before they auto drop it to your account. So they end up being added slowly to your balance and can be seen in https://leodex.io/rewards. You can always manually claim them though.

Sounds Interesting .
Thanks for sharing

I was introduced to online business by oncle google. Through my own research.

It all actually started with an idea to write a book... I then learned that it was possible to self publish a book on the internet. I then wondered how it was possible to market such a book. I learned about Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers... It was probably 10 years ago. From then on I just went on learning new things all the time :-)

LOL It's amazing how many people got their start with traffic exchanges.

I first discovered TE's and then I discovered crypto and then tried to combine both :-)

Do you still publish books?
I have been thinking of writing a book.
So it is interesting

I self published a couple of e-books and tried to market them with more or less success. My problem was that my books always where things that would quickly change over time and they soon became obsolete. I then started to create online courses but had the same problem.

That is cool.
You have the experience now.
Maybe the next one will be successful

Continuous learning mindset. Awesome!

Uncle Google sometimes is a good friend lol
Thank you for sharing your story, and your ebooks!
I got a few ebooks from you and I enjoyed them!
It's not easy to keep up with all the changes going on though!
Hope to see an ebook about the Liotes Adventures with Commander Tarkov one day :)

Hope to see an ebook about the Liotes Adventures with Commander Tarkov one day :)

That would be an interesting idea ;-)

Interesting experience. I often think of writing a book but never make the time. Now I'm busy with building my business. Maybe one day I'll turn that into a book.


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My first foray into wanting to earn online was as simple as at that time I had relocated from New York (Horrible Decision) to the Poconos. I had a brand new house built up there in the mountains (me being a concrete jungle type dude - bad decision).

This move led me to work from home - yes, I actually worked remote back then late 2000’s/early 2010's

While at home, as work slowed up; I got the itch to work for myself. Let the rabbit hole begin:

Plug In Profit
Secrets of the Big Dogs

And on and on

Then I stopped all that madness, and caught on to Safelists, Traffic Exchanges.

Was a huge Hit Exchange News fan 👍🏽 @jongolson and really picked up a lot of the right things to do; but I was kind of disillusioned with it all and went to work for other companies when I moved out here to Florida and my old job stopped giving me work.

I’m now in what I call my second phase, better mindset and taking it cool, calm and collected 😎

I use Melaleuca products. I was introduced to it by a friend of a friend. I haven't ever tried promoting them though. I have a developed a better mindset around this over the last couple of years. I am in it for the long haul to share what I am doing and help others not to make a quick buck and get out.

Great approach @lisamgentile1961 - we are definitely in the right team to do that.

Thanks, @jimmy.adames! This team is awesome and I am very happy to be here. 😀 Happy Weekend!

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Hit Exchange News!!! lol MY little baby lol

Secrets of the Big Dogs....I was in that too. Step by step methods, thought it was a brilliant plan.

I’m with ya on Stan’s baby. The way that $hit is written; if he was a car salesman, I would have bought the car he was selling and the one next to it too lmao. He’s still killing it. 😜

Dude was such a legend!

@jimmy.adames I am familiar with two of the sites you mentioned.
Were you able to have any success with them?

No @alente - my first time around in online marketing - my patience with limited.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Jimmy!
I don't know any of those programs, but I guess I'm happy I didn't go to any ahaha
But I did get caught by TE's and Safelists!
For the badges!!! lol
I think that's the better mindset, makes us take out time to make better decisions!
Fingers crossed that this time is right :)

Indeed @elianaicgomes - it’s hard seeing others making the same mistakes I made in the past, but we as individuals have to learn the hardcore truths ourselves, especially when we refuse to face reality. Sometimes stepping away and reevaluating does help if things aren’t working out. I’m glad I’ve been back over a year now and never a stress. Taking it day by day. 🙏🏼

Here is a weird question. When I was looking a one of my comments it reflects


What are the two circled % for? I think my account is setup with those but have no clue what they are for.

They are beneficiaries. I think you can change it in the settings to remove the if you wish. So 1% of your author rewards go to hiveonboard and another 1% goes to tipu. So in this case you are getting 98% of your author rewards. I don't think you can change it after a post/comment is put in but you should be able to modify your settings if you don't want to leave them there.

For me, I never had this issue so I was never worried but depending on the front-end you post on, they may have a default. For example, when you post an Actifit report, you pay 5% to of it to Actifit. If you post in Weedcash, I think its like a few percent as well so make sure to check and decide where you want to post.

thanks. this is good information to know.

Not sure about the tipu, but looks like you got 'referred' to Hive from Hiveonboard, so you are sending 1% of post rewards to them. You can change that at anytime within Peakd.

If the referer to Hive would be a person from CTP, I would probably leave them but since it is not, I will remove. I will look for more info on the tipu before removing it.

I was introduced to online business from a search I did while I was working in my corporate job back in 2003. I was actually looking for a way out. By early 2005 I was let go from my job and the search began in earnest.
Before I finally found CTP in 2011 I had spent a ton of money on opportunities that were expensive and didn't work.
I even tried a franchise business for which we took out a home equity loan. And then I tried other training programs to help me get that off the ground. Never did.

I have tried direct sales and network marketing, still not for me.

I have had to file bankruptcy once. My husband bailed me out of another debt jam several years later.
I have to admit that I was more than half at fault because I chased shiny objects and program hopped.
I actually didn't stop program hopping until CTP came back online almost 2 years ago now.

I just really wanted an online business that would allow me to work completely at home or elsewhere if I want to. This also fits into my lifestyle really well which is what I wanted from an online business. It's really a long story made short.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Lisa!
And I hope this time you can stop hopping and stay on a good course of the journey :)

You're welcome, Eliana! All done with hopping FOREVER! Can't gain anything that way. Happy Week Ahead! 😀

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I can really relate.
I have always believed that I could figure it out.
I have wanted to work from home for many years

You will get there, Tom! I understand your frustration of having to go to work when there are things you would much rather be doing for your business. Keep up all your great work and Happy Weekend! 😀

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So you are saying....The entrepreneurial drive is in ya ;)

I do believe I am, Jon! I have always wanted something of my own and the online space is a great fit for me! Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement!😀 Happy Weekend!

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Oh, this is an easy one. I was looking for (legit and believable) ways to earn some money online.

I was getting tired of all the hype and utter nonsense about becoming a millionaire overnight...or just buy into such and such magical program and watch the dollars arriving in your bank account...

I cannot believe people are actually falling for that junk...

Anyway, I was just about to call it a day, thinking that this "making money online" idea was just too good to be true. I couldn't find anything that looked realistic or made any sense to me...

And then...I found your link, @jongolson... Yes, it was your link that took me to the Start Earning Today program. I got curious. There was no hype, no empty promises about overnight riches...in fact, you actually had to do something. Even if it was just showing up, but by showing up you had to do something. You had to engage, create content, etc...

I got even more excited when I saw it was about earning and learning about cryptocurrencies. I've been very curious and wanted to learn more about crypto for quite some time now...and here was my opportunity! Starting small (no out-of-pocket expenses though...so no risk), growing slow and steady...

The rest is history. I am here for 1 year now. I am still learning, but I have gained a lot of knowledge which I am very grateful for, and slow and steady I am busy building my portfolio. I am still learning day by day and getting to know wonderful people in the process too!

So, that is my story. I hope it wasn't too long...lol!

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Jaco!
I'm grateful that somehow Jon brought you here, you have been a very nice addition to this community!

Thank you for your kind words, Eliana! I feel so privileged to be part of this community!

That is brilliant man!

Love hearing it. And glad you took action and checked out Start Earning Today.

That tells me it did it's job, exactly as it was designed to...Find good people :)

What I appreciate is the fact that Start Earning Today didn't only get me here...

So often you join a program that looks promising and then once you have signed up there is just...well...nothing...or maybe you need a pilot license to figure what is going on...

Arriving here was a different story altogether. Over and above the training material to get me started, since my arrival here on the blockchain, there was activity, engagement, friendly people reaching out and supporting me.

Who knew that CTP and @johngolson would be so much fun and so rewarding? Very interesting story, history in the making for sure!


And I am looking forward to that history in the making within this community! That's for sure!

Thank you for stopping by and giving your input, @successchar. I do appreciate it!



@jacoalberts! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @successchar.

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Thank you for the $PIZZA! I do appreciate it!

That is good to hear. I have also gotten a lot from the CTP platform.
One of the best I have found

One of the best I have found

I totally agree with you. Thank you for replying to my comment, I do appreciate your input!

I think I don't have a big story to tell but...
I decided to search for making money online a few years ago and I started with Paid-to-Click websites. Sometimes I would get attracted to shiny objects I tried to go into some but I would end just stay for a month because I either didn't have money or I didn't want to spend/invest. I got into MLM's like Stirforp, Empower Network, My Lead Company, and maybe more, just these came to mind. With no clue what was doing and believing that I would get something right away, of course, that I spend some money and time and nothing in return, I give up.
In the meantime, I came across CTP and I liked the gamification, getting badges, do the Nerd Surf, and all, and decided to upgrade for the big one for a month, because, and you will laugh, because of the random referrals! Not because of the complete training, the random referrals!
And actually I luckily got a referral that bought a yearly subscription and that was my first commission, my first money online! I was happy and invested in monthly upgrades!
But that ended and never got any other results. Entirely my fault because I didn't socialize with others, I was always jumping from autoresponder to autoresponder and all those things you shouldn't do.
I found about sports trading and really making some money there I guess I never looked back to CTP or any other thing for a while...
Sometimes I would use TEs or Mailers and go to CTP or even the PTC's but nothing consistent. I would start and give up weeks later and come back try again and give up again...
Eventually, I discovered my passion and the job of my dreams and put this online journey a bit aside, but never unsubscribed to any list I was in.
2017 my lil Monkey was born and I decided to stay at home with him after the maternity leave until I felt it was time for him to socialize and go to nursery and I go back to work. This was in 2019 and in July/August I was always receiving emails from Jon that CTP was relaunching...
"Relaunching? What did I miss?" lol
I decided to take a peek and one of the things I said was..."Where are my badges??NOO" 🤣
Oh well...I got into the training and when I reached the CTPTalk part and it clicked..."Ok for this to work I have to make it right!". I followed the training and invested in the upgrades necessary and started to talk on Telegram...watching the webinars...and breaking some comfortable walls...
And...well...the rest is right here in the blockchain if you want to check my old posts lol

I guess the short story turned into a blog post lolol enjoy! 😁

Thank you Eliana.
Your story sounds similar to mine.
I remember Empower Network.
After trying that program I almost quit online marketing because it was so disappointing.

Empower Network...Wow!

It's crazy the history we've all had in this business. How we got started and when...Love hearing the stories :)

I was introduced to online marketing by Cory Rudl. Yeah, I am that old. I read a lot and subscribed to a lot of early 'ezines'.

I came to internet marketing a bit different however. I started by learning HTML, php, mySQL and did web design for early clients. Back in the early days there was not a ton of people who knew this stuff, so it was easy to get clients in my early market. Eventually I wrote a site\book then ebook and sold the book via ccnow (ie: pre paypal).

I remember Cory Rudl very well. RIP!

Died at such a young age. But if it wasn't for him, a lot of the internet marketing we know today wouldn't exist.

I have not heard of Cory Rudi.
Here is more info that I need to look up.
My list of books I need to get is starting to get long

Thank you for sharing Rob!
Now I guess is more difficult to get clients in almost any niche...
Fortunately, new things come up with time too...Like Hive :)
And hopefully as early birds we are here right now, things might end up well for us in the future!

I realize I am a day late but I am in the process of writing a post for yesterdays question. It is really too long and complicated to to add here, so I am going to write it all out and post it to my Hive blog later today.

Looking forward to it!