CTP Chat For May 13th, 2021

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Let's have some fun today....

What's your biggest win when it comes to online business?

Don't be afraid to brag a little and share with others some of your biggest successes....The community would love to hear them :)


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Hello CTPeeps! Welcome to another Chat!
This morning I went through all your yesterday's comments and tried to reply to every single one!
Was so nice to read all your stories, thank you!
As a treat, I gave a little upvote to everyone, so the token stats will jump!!

Here are the stats of yesterday:

78 Comments and 209,09 CTP Tokens were distributed!

I hope this motivates you a bit to come over more often!
I'm not a whale yet but I can give a couple of CTP's with a small percentage vote!

Let's rock!!!

78 comments! That's awesome. Have a slice of !PIZZA



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Yum! Pizzaaaa!!
Thanks :)

Over 200 CTP distributed too....That's amazing!

Leading by example! That's awesome!

Totally amazing! Sorry my !PIZZA tips may crank up the volume here



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Thank you @elianaicgomes
I appreciate your generosity to this community.
I have contributing as much as I can

That's awesome, Eliana! You might not be a whale yet but you surely are a whale in the making!

Thanks Eliana! Really appreciate the support as always!

No stories for me. I was just going around commenting on things. I think most of us can't be considered whales but I do hope they show up everyday.

My biggest win first, are the people I have met and became online friends. They are there for you thick and thin. They do everything in their power to help and get you into the right direction and we have to create a thick skin be able to accept criticism and take offense to it. This is difficult sometimes to do and we find ourselves bowing up.

My online business is successful and has created a decent income and pays for itself. What I had to learn is to have a plan and then work the plan. It's an ongoing document that you have to review and change consistently. We also need to hold ourselves accountable. I'm in some awesome groups that help with that.

My recent health issues has caused me to not be online everyday and checking on things. To my surprise the business keeps on going by itself. That alone is a big accomplishment.

That's the best thing about this stuff....If we set it up properly, it can operate without much management from our efforts. True passive income :)

That is nice to know.
That there is alight at the end of the tunnel.
Very inspiring post

That was cool to read!
Community and passive income are the best business goals to have and reach!
Thank you for sharing Michael!

Question: I was creating a post and added some pictures but kept getting an error that the post was to large. I finally removed the pictures and posted anyway. It was just a plain text post. How is the best way to include pictures and graphics (items other than text) in your post so they have a little personality? Video would be one option what are others?

I'd just shrink the images, I use a simple online graphic editor that will help me shrink them.

Adding videos, graphics, images I believe is so important when it comes to creating content. We are visual creatures, so the less 'blocks of text' and the more we break it up with images...The better.

Thanks. I will search online for a graphic editor to use. I like post with items that break up the test as well.

I find that it will generally auto-resize it for you. I think I tend to prefer PeakD since it shows how the post would look like but it doesn't help you make a good thumbnail though.

I tend to prefer a post with some pictures in-between because all text sometimes makes me lose focus and move on.

The error stated I was over the max size for a posting. Next time if I have issues with CTP frontend, I will try PeakD. Yesterday or the day before, I read a post on LeoFinance talking about posting tax. It showed that if you use a different frontend than LeoFinance for your posting your earnings are reduced by 20%. They showed screen shots to support their claim. Do you get less CTP earnings if you use PeakD or a different frontend?

CTPTalk frontend has mood swings sometimes lol so yeah PeakD is the best alternative.
There is no tax on CTP at the moment so you will get what you earned :)

According to what I know, I think there is no tax on CTP @jongolson or @elianaicgomes can clarify. There are front-ends with more steep taxes such as STEM which burns 50% but I think the rest tend to be fairly moderate with 10% or 20% of author rewards as the highest.

The engagement and support I get from this community is a huge win. The results of the Bonjoro experiment are a great win so far. Very happy I took the advice of Jon and gave it a go.

Stick out like a sore thumb ;) SOLAST!!!!

It seems to work out well, @jongolson!
Happy Sunday! 😀

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Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Let me share some !PIZZA

Awesome! Thanks for the !PIZZA and Happy Sunday, @torrey.ctp!

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Good Morning, @pizzabot! I was just thanking them for the Pizza they sent me. Sorry about that but thank you for the heads up. Enjoy your day.😀

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Good morning!



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What is the Bonjoro experiment? Sorry I don't think I heard of it or at least I don't seem to remember it.

Hello, @jfang003! Bonjoro is a website where you can send video emails to your list subscribers to thank them for being on your list or whatever you want. @jongolson and I talked about me trying it on my list when we were on a coaching call last week. It was an experiment for me because I hadn't ever done anything like that before. Thanks for your comment and question. Hope that cleared it up for you. Happy Sunday! 😀

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Bonjoro is a program in which you can send videos to your subscribers with a video by email, becoming more personal and unique. It is a good way for us entrepreneurs to stand out!

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I saw your video in the email.
Pretty cool idea. I have to sign up still or I would have responded.

I think you don't need to sign up to reply because it has its own message box when you click the link to watch her video. You can sign up anyway if you want to check it out and use it, it has a 14-day trial.

Thanks Eliana.
That's what I get for assuming

Glad you saw it, @alente! I am pretty sure you can just reply without signing up but if you want to sign up that's great too! Have a Happy Sunday! 😀

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My biggest win is my change in attitude. I had also chased the most hyped, newest program being advertised because I wanted results now. Changing from the mindset of instant gratification to one of patience has been one of the biggest blessing in both business and personal. Slow and steady/consistency will always provide better results over the long term because as it takes time to build.

Oh man, mindset and attitude are everything in building businesses. Absolutely critical to have the right ones.

yes, and it is best to learn that lesson sooner than later.

That's awesome.
I think I agree with you. My biggest change has been my attitude.
But also changing my mindset from a victim to a winner.
That is my biggest win in life. It has taken years for it to really sink in

The key is that you made the change and that will take you far.

Thanks. I think you are right.
Change is good

Those I like to point out because they will benefit me long-term is getting the “Hey Jimmy, I see you everywhere” My branding efforts worked and when the more recognizable site owners contact me personally to thank me for my efforts getting sing-ups and subsequently being invited to promote their new sites with extra incentives. Those 2 things have been very important for my wanting to continue staying in the online biz arena. Now it’s on a blockchain level 😎 stay tuned 🤘🏽

It's been good to see you everywhere Jimmy!!
Especially seeing you grow here on the blockchain!
Come and get me at the CTP Power tops 😋😎

I’ll try @elianaicgomes 😓🤪 thanks for leading by example 🙏🏼

Hey Jimmy! I do see you everywhere. I saw you in !PIZZA discord, too. Right on, man.

What’s funny @torrey.ctp I meant on the centralized platform. I’m trying to up my game on the blockchain 🍺🍕💪🏽🤪🐝 Thanks!



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🍕🍕🍕 @pizzabot 🍕🍕🍕 thanks 🍺

Be seen as often as you can, as long as you can, everywhere you can!

You are crushing that sir!

@jongolson I'll always will thank you for that nugget from years ago 🤘🏽

“Hey Jimmy, I see you everywhere”

I have been seeing you more often in the chats so I think you are definitely doing a good job.

I appreciate that @jfang003 ✋🏽

You are right. I see your ads everywhere.
It is cool to know some of the great players.
You are definitely one of them

Thank YOU @alente - just grinding. Happy to be along on your journey 🙏

My biggest win is learning how important engagement is. When I first started blogging I did not make enough effort to respond to comments. Now I realize how precious feedback is.

It is a missed opportunity when someone takes the effort to send you a message out of the blue and you don't respond. Most people won't bother to reach out, and the few that do are the ones that care about what you're doing.

I love it when I email a business with a question and receive a timely response. This has become a key factor for me when deciding to buy a product or service.

I may have been missing other people's posts and comment on them but I do my best as well answer every comment I have on mine. And go to the chats now of course!

As for customer support, for example, I personally check every hour or less my desk if there are any tickets for me to answer. Makes me itchy if I accidentally leave someone waiting for too long lol

Engagement and relationships are so important!!

I know the feeling! In service of others.

Engagement is very important. At first, it would always be on my list of things to do but I did not prioritize it. I was so uncomfortable doing so and did not want to come across as fake. Once I started prioritizing to be engaged on a daily basis, it became more natural. Now I am a lot more comfortable, looking back I really do not know why I was so reluctant to engage. I guess I just thought it was not as important.

100% agree.

I do my best to respond to every single comment I get. Even though some fall through the cracks, it's so important to engage back with people!

You are correct .
Engaging is very important. I think I have learned a lot about that in the last month

My biggest win are the relationships I've made. People matter. Good people REALLY matter, and are hard to find. The friendships, business relationships, etc. I've made on CTP specifically has been superb, and it's why I am still here, tbh.

Monetarily, my biggest win came a while back in 1998ish? when I sold an ebook online, and when a specific ad went out from a large list at that time, I made around $1700 I think in sales in a around a 36 hour period.

That was also my biggest DOH moment. I missed out on a whole lot more sales that day, because ALL of the folks with AOL email addresses at that time that tried to order couldn't because there was an email relay issue with the hosting I had, and none of them ordered the book because my domain emails were getting dropped. I didn't catch on to this until after the hubub was over.

Lessons to learn, either DOH or YAY, that's how we grow!
And YAY for relationships!
Thanks for the journey together :)

Thank you! I always appreciate your content and how you push folks to do more, myself included. Definitely. :)

So true about the people...Seeing people win and grow every day, makes the journey that much better!

I can imagine. I enjoy watching those in our group succeed. That thrills me.

That is awesome @robwillmann
I would have been totally stoked.
Even with the setback.
It is coming again but bigger

Thanks. and yes, I agree. I believe that what I am building and doing now is much more long-term in nature.

The Biggest win as im surrounded by like minded people every day having my own business

Community can be a huge benefit for sure!

Its all about community love it

Great to see you Anthony. Do you like !PIZZA?



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I don't eat pizza lol great to see you

I love this community too.
Keep up the great work

I have never earn more than $7 dollar, online but I have get the intelligence of 3yrs of what to do and how to go about it
Now I just have to wait for time to pass and it's close🤗

Just be consistent and you will definitely earn it here on HIVE. I think you can even get it just by commenting if you add up all the pennies.

You have already earned more than that, look at the value of your Hive-Engine wallet!

thanks, I just checked it.
it was $7.10 USD.
I will more than that sooner or later.😁

Pretty sure you'll earn much more than that on Hive and CTP ;)

You just gotta keep on keepin' on.

I think I had a lot of wins since I got into this adventure!
I learned and grow so much with this community...
I can thank you all enough for the support you gave me!
My biggest win is...my baby program survived a year! lol
It's been so cool to see it grow!
I may not have reached some goals I wanted with CTP Blueprint, but I kept working and improving it as I could and I will keep going as long as my members need it!
After all, it's still a 1year baby :)

Congrats on your baby!

My biggest win...


I've been at this stuff for over 20 years now and every day I learn something new. The one thing I think separates those that continue in this business, and those that quit is learning from the lessons!

If I don't improve from something I failed at, it's a 'lesson lost'...But if I see where I screwed up, and adjust, it's a win.

So yeah, I truly believe my biggest win in business is learning to be humble, stop pretending I know everything, stop burning bridges lol But most importantly, learning from the lessons I find along the journey!

So true Jon .
You should never stop being willing to learn.
Humility gives you an edge over most of the population.
Because it brings blessings.

Hey @Jongolson, when are we anticipating the new CTP interface that was to be built from ground up? Suspended?

We got 90% of it done and then hit a major snag. We will have to hire a 3rd party to help us finish it.

Really been missing out of late. I wish to start more of the engagement. This daily CTP engagement would get CTPTalk.com more healthy again.

The community is more fired up than ever :) CTP Chat has helped a lot!

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I have never been to New York and today in this PeakD I feel like I am in New York and do not know where I should be heading...straight forward, left or should I turn right. I tell myself don't worry next 6 months you can walk around New York blind folded😁

My biggest win right now is CTP, Hive and the crypto portfolio I have built because of them.