CTP Chat For May 17th, 2021

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And here we go...

Another fun filled work week on the blockchain!

What are you going to accomplish this week?

Get fired up!

Last week we reviewed what we accomplished, this week we're aiming for bigger goals and bigger targets!


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What I'm going to accomplish this week:

  • Suck less than last week - confront limiting beliefs and other crap that's bogging me down
  • Join every daily CTP Chat

Plus 1 every day and be better at sunset than at sunrise. I hear where you're coming from on the limiting beliefs. I am challenged with a few of those myself. We need to fill our minds with good stuff and crowd out all the bad

I agree with you garbage in garbage out lol

Words to live by. Stopped watching TV news a few years ago and never looked back.

That is excellent, television is a time eater lol 😂

Exactly right, @mba2020! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We are in a great place for moving past the things that hold us back. Enjoy your day. 😀

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Always Lisa I will make it a habit 😀

Sounds great, Chris! Me too! 😀

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Fill my mind with good stuff! I like it.

Yeah, that means do our best to stay away from the news, @torrey.ctp! Have a nice weekend.😀

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I started laughing while I was reading your post. I think we all would like to accomplish the same thing. LOL

Glad you liked my goals. I hate mondays.

Stop hating Mondays @torrey.ctp and use it as fuel to suck less than last week 🤪 in all seriousness, Mondays for me is that eraser used on a chalkboard. Erase, regroup and crush this week!

I love the way you put it.
I am going to suck less than I did last week.
Keep up the great work.
By the way you don't suck you are just learning to be better at what you do!

Together we are stronger!

Great goals for this week. Looking forward to your future posts :-)

I did a lot of work this weekend cleaning up my website and making things work better.
I put a plugin into my site that will allow my blog to post on Hive.
So I did a deep dive into RSS for the first time. I found some problems I needed to fix .
I did all of this because I am going to start writing as much as I can on my blog.
My dilemma is finding balance between my offline and online work.
I have been lagging on starting my journal.
So starting a journal is my top priority to help me get everything in perspective.
A journal is more challenging for some reason than any thing else I am trying to do.
I am going to really get into why I am resisting writing.
2nd priority. write a number of blogs.
Third . work on my emails for my list's.
and of course showing up everyday in this community because it is supporting me better than any group I have ever worked with.
That is why I am here.
I hope you all have a very productive week

Journaling changed my life...Check this out if you get some time...Classic Jim Rohn ;)

Thank's Jon I will check this video out.
I could use some inspiration around this subject

Jim Rohn is a hero, I will ad this to my list this week :-)

Sounds like you are heading in the right direction. Working on short term goals that will help you in the long run. I need to start journaling as well thanks for the reminder.

I think it is a necessary step for me. It helps me stay conscious

Journaling is one of those things that become invaluable once we have been doing it for awhile it is just, creating the habit that becomes such a challenge. IT helped me to buy an actual physical journal, and I keep it near me at all times when something pops in my head I stop what I am doing and write it in my journal. Keep trying and you will be journalling in no time :-)

Thanks for the encouragement.
I started yesterday now I just need to keep it up

I have faith in you Tom, I know you will keep it up 😀

How does that RSS thing work?
I never mess with it I think and if it helps the website somehow I want to know :)

It was good that I looked into it.
I discovered that google Chrome needed a plugin to view feeds which was new to me.
Also I found that I had not put a site title on my website for some reason so my RSS feed was not showing properly.
Don't forget to fill in the site title on your WordPress site

This week I want to dive deeper into NFT creation. It's exciting but there is a lot to assimilate and not so many ways to apply the learned stuff.

I would love to learn about NFTs as well. However since I am new to hive and there is so much here, I need to focus and improve on my current goals otherwise I will spread myself to thin and no get anything completed. LOL

One step at a time. It's difficult to grasp everything from the beginning :-)

We've got some things we're working on on the NFT angle for CTP too....Secret Project #485954854940

That is really interesting, look forward to learning more :-)

Sounds interesting. Looking forward to learning more about it :-)

There is just so much to know and learn here

It's definitely a whole world to learn about :-)

More like Universe lol 😂

NFT is a massive rabbit hole for sure lol
Good luck with that adventure!
I will give more attention next time you do an auction before the nasty collectors some in last second ahahah

My Sister Rachel is a really good artist and I told her she needs to convert some of her artwork to an NFT and she said no. I guarantee a few months down the road a celebrity will be talking or another artist and my sister will ask do you know about this nft thing lol

It ends up like that most of the time for the skeptic lol

Skeptics crack me up, but I think that family sometimes doubt us more than strangers lol 😂

haha, that was bad luck lol

NFT's are something I have barely touched on.
I hope you can share what you learn here in this chat

I've learned a lot about Nft's and I will probably share some of it but I'll need a post for that ;-)

Hello everyone and happy Monday!
Was so good to see people going to Friday's chat and even to the previous chats during the week!
Lots of comments so I might have to check the other chats for extra upvotes!

About last chat stats:

135 Comments and 476.2 CTP Tokens were distributed

You guys rock!
Have an awesome week!

This is great. I think when others see the progress CTPChat is making they will want to join in as well. Is there a plan for getting more of the CTP family involved? Maybe it can be added as one of the "3 Steps to Success" on the bottom left of the CTP dashboard. That may get more of the CTP family over to the hive blockchain. Just a thought.

I'll add that today!

Very nice, stats and Happy Monday, Eliana!

Crushing it...Love seeing those totals!

Those seem like great numbers.
It is a great start

Question: I noticed that several post have been "reblogged". What is the purpose of reblogging and in what instances should I reblog?

It's like ReTweeting on Twitter.

So sharing someone's content on your feed.

I do it sparingly, but will retweet good content and CTP related things.

Reblogging is something, so many misunderstand. I have seen hive blogs where it is almost all reblogs. You should only reblog when you see an article that you think your followers would really benefit from. you never want to reblog more than a 3 to 1 ratio for every 3 of your articles you can reblog 1, and have you profile page look credible :-)

Some accounts are like bots to reblog to get your post to be seen by more people. I actually delegated some hive to an account that reblogs my posts just to see if it's worth it or not.
But yeah there are also people that still think that they earn something from it I guess lol

That is too funny lol, Please keep me informed on the results you get from having your posts reblogged 😀

Reblog is something like Retweet on Twitter or the Share on Facebook, but for Hive posts
Reblog a post from someone is to bring awareness of that post to your followers. It is a nice way to support a blog post/author that you like or to promote something that you believe and someone talked about it.
For the author can be an opportunity to have more "traffic" to their post, which can bring more engagement, followers, and upvotes.

This is a great question @darmst5339. Reblogging for me is kinda personal. I like to reblog content I comment on as well as things I want to get back to. And I like to share the content that I like and find useful to me as well as supporting others. So my blog is full of reblogs . If I want to see just my blogs I just click where it says post and you can do that for others too. It brings up just their posts.


This is great validation for me.
I have only reblogged posts that I felt were important information for people who follow me.
I only do it sparingly also.

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What am I going to accomplish this week? Good question.

  • engage with 5 hive community members that I do not see currently posting on CTP
  • I normally make 3 posting per week, I want to increase that to 4. I have already made 2 so I should be able to achieve this. Actifit posts do not count toward this target
  • This is my first week on Actifit, so I want to post at least 5 of the 7 day
  • Participate in each of the CTPChats and help others by making value add comments.
  • Improve my knowledge of three of the hive family tokens
  • Continue to build the earning power of my hive account
  • Increase followers by 5 hive members

I saw you crush 10,000 steps on ActiFit....So awesome!

I FINALLY hit 10k yesterday for the first time in years.

That's awesome!!

Thanks. I live out in the country. When they shut everything down, we started walking. Today a neighbor came over and walked with me. It has become a habit. Keep going at it and it will become a habit for your as well.

Excellent goals, and congrats on your 10K steps!!

You have a nice task list for the week here!
And I'm sure you will get it all done!
Awesome to see you on Actifit!
I will add you to some boosts Actifit has for sale to get extra AFIT tokens :)

I am stretching a bit on the tasks but I think they can be achieved. Thanks. I really appreciate the boost.

I would like to increase everything I did last week, but I have a new Lead Capture page in mind and looking to get that set up before the end of the week, get more modules done in the CTP Universe is on my priority list this week as well.

Are you gonna set up a split test to see how it performs compared to what you are currently using?

It depends @mba2020 , because I may pivot entirely and create a split test with 2 new LCP's - one with a video and one without.

That is a solid plan please keep me informed as I am interested in your results 😀

That is cool.
How often do you change your LCP's?
I know you test them a lot.

@alente if they are doing real well I ride it out, but those that don’t or when it starts whittling down then I begin to mix in a new one. The testing results helps me determine when to change them, but patience is important and really knowing where you are rotating your LCP’s. Also, did you pay for ads, is it all free platforms, are you upgraded. Things like that.

Nice nice!

Be sure to throw your LCP in CTP Chat when it's done, for feedback etc...

Great idea @jongolson 👍

One of the things I need to do is finish getting all my podcast episodes edited with adding the intro and outro. And figure out how to replace the episodes on Anchor with the edited ones. And finish the Goal Setting Guinea Pig challenge. There now you all can hold me accountable.

Are you referring to your 1440 podcast? Have you thought of posting them on Aureal on the hive blockchain and get paid when people listen to them. I just learned about Aureal from @elianaicgomes CTP BP anniversary post. It was reflected in the pdf download.

Hello, @darmst5339! Yes, that is the one I am talking about. I saw a post on Noise.cash the other day talking about Aureal. I am definitely going to look into it further. It would be great if I could just share them over from Anchor. Thanks for the tip. Have a great rest of your day.😀

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Oh, you made me smile just with that comment!
That's a sign that someone is reading my Ebook lol
I don't know much about it as I stated in the book, but wanted to share a Hive alternative anyway :)

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Sometimes we hit the target and sometimes we miss. Missing is punishment enough :-)

Yes, that sure is true, @mba2020. But we can't beat up on ourselves too much. Just keep going. Have a great day! 😀

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Great advice take the lesson and move forward 😀

So many lessons, Chris! The older I get the more there are! LOL😀

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LOL Oh we will!!!

And I will appreciate it! 😀 Thanks for all the ongoing support.

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Keep doing what I did last week and do one extra thing always moving up

Like Jon said . What kind of specific goals do you have.
What is the one extra thing you want to accomplish.
Thanks for showing up and doing your work.

Specific Goals
Comment to aleast 10 peoples post
Share 3 peoples post


Keep progressing. One step at a time and always build on what you did before. Tracking your progress is a great way to know that you are always moving up.


That's the spirit Anthony!

Got any specific goals?

Part of SMART goals and being very specific to what you want to accomplish ;)

Comment on aleast 10 people posts a day this week
reblogg a few peoples posts
I always upvote peoples post


Keep crushing it man!

Thank you for all your support

After a week focused on writing my Ebook for CTP Blueprint, is time to get back to...
More writing!
I've been only posting my Actifit Reports and that is turning into a comfortable habit, so I need to get into writing other posts like before!
Not to mention more secret writing for cool secret projects ;)
Bless also CTP Chat for keeping me up last week!
Hope to give this corner the attention it deserves!

I enjoy reading your writing. :-) I am trying to get better at it but I hate words, I am better with numbers. I know practice helps. If it wasn't for the CTP teams encouragement, I would not even be writing posts at all.

I know!! Numbers are so happy and safe, way beyond the reach of interpretation. 2+2=4 that will always be true, for what ever reason I find that so much more comfortable than words that can be changed with interpretation.

Thank you and I hear you. I always had a thing for writing but also had the fear of what people would think of it.
I'm not afraid anymore and also I try not to force myself. If I don't come up with anything to write on that day just because I'll just come here to chat lol

I am super lagging on Actifit, (shame) It is weird no matter how much I write it is never enough lol. Thanks for being a Mentor :-)

Super secrrrrret!!!!

After the past 2 weeks of putting my health on the top of the priority list, I feel I've built some good habits to keep my butt moving every day.

So this week...It's back focused on Secret Project #2984749

Plenty of writing and planning this week and we're targeting early or mis June for release.

No more excuses. Time to get to work :)

Congrats on hitting your goal.
I am looking forward to your secret programs

What is that you always repeat about growth... be consistent. Yes, prioritize health on to that list. It is important to have a balance between work and life that you are focused on. To much of one or the other will only hurt the other.

Outstanding that is great to hear!!

While watching you on the webinar I noticed some differences on the shoulders a bit!
So it's working sir! Please keep up :)

Aside form my normal reselling goals, my goals for this community I would like to write 1 blog post everyday. This week is going to be a lot of writing, also I have some video projects that must be completed this week. Finally I need to complete my branding name, colors, logo, banners, etc...

Looking forward to reading your posts :)
You already building a brand by showing up every day and I think that's the difficult part. Though is not easy to get a catchy enough logo lol good luck!

Thank you so much for your support. You are correct. I think I have the logo worked out, @blainjones gave me some very great advice on how to pull the logo together, with out his advice it looked unfinished 😀

This week I'm involved with a family matter that just isn't letting up so I will be doing a lot of curating, commenting, and tipping this week. Also trying to get my website set up for @TeamFutureFaith, and make another post for the community.

Getting ready for a road trip and hope to get back to a somewhat regular posting schedule next week. Have to see what the future hold personally.