CTP Chat For May 18th, 2021

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Another amazing day to....Crush it :)

Thank you guys for making the 'Chat such an awesome experience for the community.

Speaking of which....

What does 'community' mean to you?

Would love to hear your opinion and thoughts!


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We're starting early today!

Community means where you find happiness and human connection. The community is a place where you belong and contribute to something bigger than yourself.

I agree that a community should make you happy which is very close to feeling accepted.
Great post!

Community to me means a place where I can go and hang out when needed and not feel like I am imposing because we (the community) accept each other if we agree with each other or not. We can still talk it out and walk away feeling good about it.

I quite like your description. Especially the aspect where people accept each other in spite of different opinions.

Yes acceptance is key to a good community.
Without acceptance people will not show up

I like your definition. It's a like a virtual 3rd place away from home and work.

A community is a place that I can go that feels safe with people I can trust.
It is where I can be myself and not feel judged.
Also it is a place where I can learn and get feedback that makes me a better person.
I know there are different types of communities for different reasons.
Ultimately it is a place that I can show up as myself and feel accepted.
Thanks for the thought provoking Topic

Hello everyone! Welcome to another awesome chat!
These chat posts have been filled with so much knowledge that I can almost say that there are no such thing as excuses now!
People just need to simply do it!
Just do it! Like Nike!
I'm jamming the same beat but this is so rewarding in so many ways!
Speaking of rewarding...

Here are yesterday's stats:

83 Comments and 228.11 CTP Tokens were distributed!

Keep rockin'!!

Thanks for keeping these numbers in the forefront.
It inspires me to keep showing up and participating.

stats are looking good. Let's keep engaging and get new CTP members to join as well. This will help them learn and grow.


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Sometimes it works, sometimes it freezes. CTPTalk has mood swings lol

Haha. Interesting! It has a mind of it's own. Just ninja-kick it.

lolol was replying that the bot has a mind of its own too! But you got good reflexes sir!

That's a very tricky question because you have communities everywhere. Whatever program you join, they will promote their awesome community :-). In my opinion a community is a place where people interact, engage and help each other without anybody having to direct the action. I believe that the ctp community is very very close to what I would call a community :-)

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Awesome simple reply.
I agree that CTP is very close to real community.
It works very well for the reasons we work together on.
Thanks for your post

Question: I noticed in some of the different hive communities, upvote their own posts. When I first started, I upvoted a few but stopped. Granted you are suppose to upvote quality content and if you feel your content is great why should you not upvote it. On the other hand, quality is subjective and it is based on what others interpret as quality. What is everyone's opinion regarding upvoting your own content?

There are some unwritten rules on Hive. It is ok to upvote our own posts but it's kind of frowned upon if we upvote our own comments :-). Don't ask me why...

I don't upvote my own stuff unless it's accidental. :D I save my upvote juice for good content from ctp folks. Plus, since it is sometimes frowned upon, I just choose to do what's aboveboard to build up goodwill toward my account.

It’s your stake and you hold the keys to the wallet. You can upvote/downvote however you choose and everyone else can do the same.

I have wondered the same thing.
I don't usually upvote myself because I want to know if my posts are interesting to other people.
Impressing myself is not what I need. The feedback is what I need to become a better marketer.
I guess if there is a benefit of staking it could be worth it.
But really how much does it benefit me?

I did it for the first 3 years on the blockchain.

Then I figured it would be much better giving those votes to others.

That being said, I'm not anti-self vote for content at all, your stake you can do with it as you wish...Voting your own comments is weird tho lol

I think self-voting is strange...
It's like those people linking their own posts on Facebook ahaha
But then again there are big accounts out there that are worth doing self-vote to compensate for some downvotes they might get or so for example.
And it is your keys and your account and this is a free will space so you can do whatever you feel is right :)

To me community is all about people. In some form or other, that's what each community is: an aggregation of people around something common.

With CTP, the commonality is marketing, the platform, the token.

Over time I find I gravitate toward more free-thinking groups, rather than communities where it's an echo chamber of the leadership.

Community to me means people coming together who care about each other. Asking how they are and if they are doing ok. Sharing information with each other.

Community for me is a place where you can be yourself and be welcome with open arms and you do the same with others. It's a place where we lift each other up, and know we can share our goals and dreams. Where you don't have to be perfect to be loved

Question - what is an inexpensive to upload a video into a lead capture page - if that makes sense. I’m considering creating an LCP with a video I recorded. It’s nothing fancy but it’s me 🤪

I read that you said Canva and yes I think you can do something there. Not sure the time or size limit but I have an LCP with that video sticking the sticker and it's uploaded directly on Canva.


Yes I got something up in there gotta tweak it a bit

We upload to our own servers...But pretty sure you can still upload to something like YouTube and embed into your LCP

Trying to avoid that, but may have to be the backup plan. I believe I can do something in CANVA. I have Hostgator, so may be an option. But YouTube is the safest bet. Thanks Jon!

Community for me means Support. Whether it be a support system of encouragement, friendship, mentorship, positivity or reinforcement.

Highfive to that 👏
And this one helped me grow so much in the past couple of years, I can't thank everyone enough :)

Definitely an awesome group 🙏🏼

Journey means to me being around supportive liked minded people

For me....

It's sharing the journey!

Finding and building relationships with like minded people...That are fired up on the same path you are on.

With that comes amazing support all along the way!

I do love the relationships that I am building in this community.
A lot of how I feel is because of acceptance also

Community to me is what I find at CTP. A place to support and get supported by those of the community. Being a part of a community is all about the sharing & caring, the uplifting and development together.

Love that! I have the same thought but maybe I'm biased lol
But for sure CTP Community helped me so much that I want to help others as a way to thank them :)

Community to me means support!
And if there's something to fight for, the community sticks together and fights together!
No matter how different our opinions are, we respect each other.
That's how relationships stay strong :)