CTP Chat For May 20th, 2021

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A fantastic day on the 'Chat yesterday!

Let's have another great one on the blockchain!

Quick question....

What is your must listen to podcast when it comes to online entrepreneurship, blockchain or success?

*Not allowed to say Crypto Maniacs because we know that's the greatest podcast online ever!!! lol


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I listen to my podcast while I am working on the computer instead of having music on. I have several that I subscribe to but the top three are:
1 - Meaningfulmoney Personal Finance Podcast - it brings money management back to its fundamentals
2 - Choose FI (Financial Independence - focuses on the FIRE movement (Financial Independence Retire Early)
3 - Choiceology with Katy Milkman - provides behavioral insights into various topics

Besides the one we are not suppose to mention, I am looking for another cyrpto/blockchain podcast to start listening to. I am curious what everyone else shares.

These sound interesting 🤔

I will be saving this post to my profile here so I can reference them for later.

Very nice recommendations....I'll give them all a listen for sure.

These sound like good podcasts .
I will check them out

Maybe this a redundant question.
What I want to know is how many links do you guys put in a newsletter?
Also is there ever a time when you would put no links at all?

I try to keep the links the same in any email I send, and limit them to about 3.

So do you have different links for different lists.
In other words do you keep a focus for each list and have many lists or do you focus on one list?

So today I sent an email to CTP...

In it, I had a link to CTP, a link to CTP's Telegram and then a link to CTP Chat.

So 3 different links, but all on the same 'brand'.

I wouldn't say....put one link for CTP, one for CNN and then another link for McDonalds, as they all have nothing to do with each other. So my links are always on 'topic' within my emails.

I always try to avoid putting too many links. Most of the time I put only one of them. If the mailing is very long it can happen that I repeat it once at the end of it.

When I want to share an information, sometimes I don't put a link at all but that's quite seldom :-)

Thanks I was wondering if I am putting to many links in my mails.
I will have to try one that is purely informational with one link

I usually don't put any links other than the ones to my social media profiles for people to engage with and follow me. That being said, the emails I just added to my autoresponder series are about tools that I use in my business. If you are going to add links I would put no more than one or two and both of them to the same destination. And remember the rule, 75% Pull and 25% Push. So only send emails with links sparingly and focus on adding value with content. Hope this helps.

I may need to go and revamp my emails.
I am really trying to improve them.
I am getting real good response to the LCP I created and dont want to lose the interest of my signups

Hello, @alente! Like everything else, email marketing is an ongoing journey of improvement. Glad your lcp is having the results you want. 😀

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Thank you Lisa

You're welcome, Tom! Happy Wednesday! 😀

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I do something similar to Jon, when I send emails I share my blog posts links so I normally share the Hive Guide link if they are new to it. Then I always add the link to my program Facebook page because I share the webinars there live so people can join or check later.
Overall, not more than 3/4 links.

There's also something you can try to see if you get more engagement from your subscribers which some call the "naked email" where you don't put links at all and basically share with your subscribers that you are there to help and ask them questions, what are their struggles or any specific questions and so on. Show them that is all about them and their word is valued by asking them questions. And from that, you can generate more engagement, build your relationship with them and you will find out what you should talk about next or which content you should create and provide, and even share the tools they should use to their specific problem/struggle and that's where you can add the links :)

Thank you Eliana
That is a great idea.
I will give that a try. I am writing some new mails today

I don't listen regularly but I do listen from time to time. Don't really have a favorite. I rather read books.

I admit, I'm a book reader mostly as well LOL

I am the same way.
I mostly read books but I have to say the podcasts suggested in this chat sound interesting

Yes they do and I have listened to a few of them and may check out some that I haven't, but it's just not my thing.

I love reading as well. Over the years my book collection has grown to over 100 books. I had to put shelves up in a closet to keep them. I just could not bear to box them up where I couldn't get to them when I wanted one. Mostly my collection is science fiction. The rest are personal finance, motivation and business.

A few of my must-listen-to podcasts are:

  • What is Money? Robert Breedlove hosts and discusses with Michael Saylor (season 1) and Jeff Booth (season 2). They really dig into the history of technology and the future of technology.
  • All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg. A few billionaires get together every week to chat about current events and share the conversation with the world.
  • We Study Billionaires - The Investor's Podcast Network. This pod has great content for learning about investing in crypto and other assets.

Thank you for your choices I will definitely check them out

Enjoy! Let me know what you think about these recommendations.

I looked up Breedlove.
I got totally into it.
Very good stuff

These sound interesting. I may listen to a sample of Investor's Podcast. I have a few others that I did not mention that have started repeating their content. I will probably drop one of those and see if this one keeps me interested.

Enjoy! TIP has been around for a long time and I have learned a lot from those guys over the past few years.

We Study Billionaires....That sounds interesting!

I don't need billions , just a few million would be dandy LOL

That's a good one. Very high quality and packed with knowledge.

I'm not really into podcasts a part from the Crypto Maniacs lol. I like to read and watch videos. I'm very bad at multitasking so I can't listen to podcasts and do something else at the same time. My workplace is in the same town where I live so I spend very little time in the car which would be a nice opportunity to listen to them :-).

Yeah I can't listen and work at the same time....Drives me nuts....I'm usually listening when I'm driving or out walking.

I think the reasons you give are why I don't listen to many podcasts.
They seem distracting.
It could be good though for new information and points of view

We need to find the medium that suits us best. For me it's video :-)

It's pretty much the same for me. I tend to just watch whatever I feel like and the only one I have been consistently listening to is on HIVE (Crypto Maniacs).

This question is a wild one for me. Pre-Pandemic I was getting the itch to get back in the Online Marketing arena and so I was listening to podcasts like crazy on my commute back and forth to my previous job, but then I started listening to Gary V and it was a wrap.

These days there’s no commute and hard to find time, but guess what I tune into every Tuesday at 1pmmmmmm => Cryptomaniacs 🤪

ha ha ha ha I'm biased too! Great pick lol

You know wazzzzup!

Hey, the post said you were not allowed to pick that one 😝😝
But I'm biased too! lol

Definitely not business related. But I listen to Mysterious Universe. It's a podcast by two Australians who have a weekly podcast about "high strangeness" - ufo's, sasquatch, astral projection, weird stuff.

They buy books on these topics on Amazon, read em, discuss em, and often have the authors on. It's always strange, irreverrent, and highly entertaining. I don't believe this stuff, and you can tell the guys in the podcast don't either because it's done tongue in cheek.

Can't recommend enough.

I recall you talking about this in our Inner Circle meetings as a good show to listen to with your wife!
Seems very entertaining indeed, is always interesting and sometimes funny to watch or listen about that stuff!

Yeah I like it. good stuff. And I did mention it in our Inner Circle meetings. I need to make it to more IC meetings. My day job bleeds over at that time. If that meeting were an hour later I could make it easily enough. I just have to not get overrun during the daytime.

Is that similar to that old radio show, Coast to Coast?

You mean the Art Bell show?

Well, it's not a call in show, it's the two of them jabberjawing, kinda like what we see on Mondays around the crypto topic. ahem


I don't listen to any podcasts while I work because I find it distracting. I do like Darren Daily when I take the time to listen. I do need to carve out more of my 1440 for reading and listening to podcasts.

I subscribed to Darren's list so I get daily videos from him so that's what I've been listening to while I do stuff on the pc

I subscribed to that as well and I have not been good at listening consistently. Shame on me I have to get better at that. That might be a good thing to do while I surf the TEs. 😀

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Best thing about Darren Daily...They are like 5 minutes long each day. Great kick in the butts lol

Well yeah that is true! No Excuses! 😀 Have a great Sunday!

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I don't usually listen to podcasts. I like to read more than listen.
But I think I will check out some of the recommendations in this chat.

Me too. I'd much rather a book in my hands...But I've been on the podcast kick over the past few years.

I bought a few books to dive it to get more into reading, but podcasts are so hands-free for me so I quickly get one and do chores or walks. It's strange for me to sit down and read lol I have to take a book outside and enjoy the sun and read because at home there are always distractions.

I have to be honest I don't listen to any but I need to
my bad

Not listening to podcast is ok as well. Sometimes they are distracting and draws your attention away from what you are trying to accomplish. Podcast are great to listen to while walking to meet your Actifit goals and get paid for that as well. All about balancing the various passive income streams. You will get there just don't take on too much at one time. Pace yourself.

If you don't read books, podcasts are the next best thing ;)

Hello everyone!
I'm a bit late but here I am to welcome you to another cool CTP Chat!
If you missed yesterday's you can check below:
May 19th

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Don't forget tonight another awesome Thursday Night Live!
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Let's go!!

The numbers are up but I did my work to leave a few around. I think its hard for me to get into the conversations today though.

Lol thank you for contributing anyway! So you know a bit of what I feel in the middle of the Lions ;)

I have my 'go to' ones that I listen to all the time:

  1. Darren Daily by Darren Hardy - Brilliant personal development and success based podcast from one of my favorite thought leaders on the subject.

  2. SPI by Pat Flynn - Such a cool podcast and I love the special guests he brings on regularly. All about building passive income!

  3. Bad Crypto Podcast by Joel Comm and Travis Wright - The mot fun you'll have when it comes to crypto and the blockchain. They go over the news of the week and add a ton of humor to it.

There's others, but these are my go to podcasts right now.

I'm starting to listen to the Brave Marketer now as well, that's created by the team at Brave Browser.

Bad Crypto Podcast and Brave Marketer will go on my list

Nice! I haven't checked out Pat Flynn's content for a few years. I need to stop by soon.

He's been working on a few other podcast projects, but SPI is still my fav.

I am going to start with the Bad Crypto Podcast. Crypto and humor what a better combination as we all need both. LOL

Oh it's great. Love their updates on Thursdays, and then they do an interview show on Sundays.

BTW - Sent you some delegation on Hive and CTP. Appreciate all the support you are giving CTP Chat and the engagement!

thanks. I will put it to good use. I am having a lot fun and learning so much more than I thought I would. The exchanging and sharing of information is great as well.

Sounds very interesting especially bad crypto finance.
Thanks for the suggestions

Well I went a bit ahead and took a screen shot of my podcasts list lol
The ones I listen mostly are at the top 😁




Wow what a great list.
That will keep me busy for a long while.

I need company for my morning walks and I can do chores while listening so it's easier for me to listen than to read.

You are so much smarter than I. Rather than take screen shots of my Podcast app I wrote a lengthy post lol

I'm very practical lol but also gave me an idea of the list that I have!
Writing is also cool, keeps you practice your writing skills :)

Eliana Wow you have an awesome list of podcasts, all look great. I took a couple from your list. Thanks for putting it on here.

You're welcome! Was good to see it as a whole and I think it's not a bad list :)

A lot of great podcasts listed so I took some and put them on my list of podcasts to listen to while I work on making greeting cards.

Oh I can't really contribute much because the only one a listen to is Crypto Maniacs hehe
I'm rather new to the crypto world so I don't know about other sources of knowledge but I'll make sure to check out some of the ones that you guys shared

Podcasts? We Don't Need No Stinking Podcasts!!

Before I met David Smith I did not really listen to podcasts. My go to audio would normally be audio books or music depending on what I was doing. Now David being a Certified Life Coach was not having this. He introduced me to the world of podcasts via Google but then I went to the Podcast app that is on all of my Apple devices

I have Been Assimilated Into The Podcast Collective

Now I will listen to any podcast some one recommends. I started with the Ebay For Business Podcast which is the one I have listened to the longest, Then I would listen to anything any one here in the CTP Community publishes, but lately with in roughly the last 45 days David Smith has developed and published about six episodes of "David Smith Speaks" I have been listening to those multiple times as they focus on mind set and I often need an attitude adjustment :-D

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