CTP Chat For May 28th, 2021

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Another awesome week is coming to a close here on CTP Chat!

How did you push yourself this week?

Did you get your goals accomplished that you set out for yourself?

What's the most important lesson you learned this past week?


Quick reminder, The CryptoManiacs podcast is going live at 1pm eastern today to answer all your questions from earlier this week as well!

See you there :)


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My biggest eye opener this week is that I need to set more realistic goals.
This second time around in the thirty day challenge is almost too much this time because I have been working in the day more.
Finding a balance is my big lesson this week.

Oh man, that's the truth. Balance is key to all this stuff!

Thanks Jon your great leadership helps a whole lot

I agree. I found myself this week doing the easiest stuff so I could mark it off the list. Balancing all of the various things is very important which would include family and life other than work.

I do that too. I like to start with the hard things normally. but when it becomes too much I do the simpler things

Guilty as charged a lot of my goals have been completely unrealistic, borderline fantasy lol. In a 12 hour day, I will only be at top efficiency for only about 6 of those hours the rest of the time I am at about 50%. Unrealistic goals breed frustration and can lead to burnout. Thank you for raising this point :-)

Sounds like me. It also leads to burnout.
Balance is real important in my journey nowdays.

Zig Ziglar writes a lot about real success. Ziglar writes that you can't call yourself successful by being financially wealthy but having poor physical health, poor relationships with your family, and no spiritual life. Success equals full balance 😀

Oh man...setting realistic goals! That is a challenge to me too!

Its all a work in progress

Absolutely! I agree.

What a week! My lesson: sometimes life gets in the way and that’s okay.

The place we were staying this week was flooded. The water heater tank failed and gallons of water soaked the carpet and neighbor unit. Lost the better part of 2 days dealing with the mess. Let’s just say some of my other plans were delayed.

Yes stuff happens. good luck with cleaning up the mess. I can relate

Haha we are so lucky

That is so true life can really muck up our plans and it does not help to stress over time lost to urgent events. Awesome attitude in the face of adversity :-)

Every peaceful day is a blessing

Agreed, life gets in the way sometimes. But there are usually lessons we can learn from life if we listen and observe .

Yes! There’s something to learn during crisis

Ouch that sounds like a bad experience. Is everything sorted out yet or is there still some leftover stuff?

All taken care of. Back to the regular program now. Thanks for asking.

The Main Lesson I Learned This Week

My personal story is worth more than gold. I do not consider myself special, so why would my journey be anything special? Jon, Blain, and Eliana have been telling me over and over again, to write and create videos about my daily struggles. Not just the triumphs but also the failures and the day-to-day processes. So I am excited for next week and applying this lesson :-)

that is some good advice. Knowing and acknowledging your daily struggles provides a baseline for measuring against later on so you will know if it is still a struggle and the progress you are making.

I did not even think of it as a way to measure progress, great viewpoint 🙂

Like GaryVee says, don’t try to be creative. Just document. Record what difficulties you are over-coming. That story has tremendous value.

That is great advice!!

Learned the hard way :)

That makes perfect sense. We always read about people's successes and achievements. But when we read about their failures, their struggles, and how they overcame them or how they are still dealing with them, we can see that those people are actually just humans like us. It becomes encouraging and inspirational, knowing that we are not the only ones who have struggles in our journey towards success.

Yes, I agree. A few weeks ago Elon Musk host Saturday Night Live, and the genius rocket scientist suddenly just became a person right before our eyes 😉

I didn't see the program, but it's amazing when you see these people's human side coming through as well, isn't it?

Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it!

There's nothing better to build trust is to show the real you and not the "fake it till you make it"!
Also documenting your journey you can later compare and see how much you have grown. It's like parents taking pictures of their baby through the years and making a photo album lol

That is a fantastic analogy!!

I think you are correct but it is a little harder for me to write about my failings. I am getting better though.

All things become easier with practice 😀

Its a struggle to be consistent when your busy. I definitely didn't have as much time as usual.

"Time is the fire in which we burn." Star Trek Generations quote but do I ever feel it being self employed lol

I will catch the recording. I will push myself even more next week I been consistent this whole week but next week I need to plus 1

Yeah better thabn yesterday and tomorrow better than today 💪

Being consistent in the right things is very important and always plus 1.

I support you in doing the next thing you need to do.

I pushed myself this week by adding to my tasks list all of the items that I should be doing. This also caused me to learn a lot about my time management and task prioritization. These are from items brought up during the nightly broadcast and also from the daily chats. The list now looks very intimidating because it has grown so big so quickly. I need to block out some time and prioritize the items and how they fit into my long term goals. A lot of the items I have been busy doing were more short term for the quick hits or low hanging fruit. I need to make sure I also make progress on my mid and long-term items which do not have a near term deadline. I probably should try to break these down into shorter term goals which make progress toward the longer term ones.

That is true quick goals low-hanging fruit is quite the temptation. Weeks ago in a zoom meeting, Blain was telling me that people log into CTP daily just to fill the squares on the calendar on the front page. Falling into the quick reward trap causes us to lose sight of our mid and long term goals setting ourselves up for failure.

Keep pushing. I really enjoy following your journey. It helps to know I am not the only one trying to make sense of all of this.

I learned to trust myself more.

I have just been assigned to two new projects recently and they are the biggest projects I ever managed since I started on this company 3 years ago. I'm kinda leading some people that have a lot more experience than I do and that made me very uncomfortable to the point that I was questioning myself if they really needed me on the project. This week, however, one of those people came to thank me for the improvements that I made on the way that the project is being managed. I learned that people don't have all the answers, even if they have a lot of knowledge and experience. There is always something you can contribute so leverage that the best you can!

Congratulations that must be very validating. It shows that you are much more than you think you are.
Your uniqueness is always important.

My main aim for this past week was to consistently do 3 to 5 comments per day. I achieved this goal.

What I have learned is that it pays to do more if you can when you have the time. I had to be away the day and hardly found the time to be active online. This is my first comment for today, yet I still reached my target for the week. And watching my commenting stats for the past 30 days, I see it is at 96 for the last 30 days. At least that is more than 3 per day over the last 30 days. I will keep working to improve that number.

That is awesome that you made your goal. commenting can be challenging sometimes.

Thank you. Yes, we often underestimate the value of commenting.

Thank you for your reply. I do appreciate it!

This week I finished Steps 1 &2 of the Goal Setting Guinea Pig Challenge and did a FB Live and Blog Post about it. I had to really push myself to do the brainstorming and then I had to start over with the spread sheet because I messed it up the first time. But I got it done and the results are pretty interesting.

You did great! And maybe some good ideas came from that :)
Now it's time to focus on them!

Thanks, Eliana! Now it's time to do Step 3 and come up with a plan of attack! Yes, I did and a really great one from you! Happy Monday! 😀

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You are awesome. I have not completed that challenge yet.
You are inspiring me to start again. It was too much this week

Thanks, Tom! I didn't get through it the first time. Now I have to take those goals and make a plan to reach them! One step at a time! I am going to be here for the long haul anyway. Have a great Monday and week ahead! 😀

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🤔 Hmm
I gave a lot of though to it and can't say much but i only started very well yesterday.hope to do better by next week
But today and yesterday able undertand cub, leo, Torum, and Meta mask very well and i am able to explain it well to my friends.

That is great. I still don't understand these cryptos.
All in good time.

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