CTP Chat For May 6th 2021

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So far, the first week of the 'Chat has been a blast!

You guys are crushing it and it's been such a rewarding experience for all involved.

Yesterday we asked what was the biggest struggle you've faced when building an online business?

Today's question:

What would be the first lesson you would teach a new entrepreneur if they were just getting started?

Love to hear your feedback on this and of course...

Any questions you have about building an online business!


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Hi to all!I'm new to the blockchain and I'm already impressed.CTP is very very exciting as always!😍

Welcome to the best place to know the gang and ask questions!
We are here to answer them the best we can :)

Welcome to the fun, and thanks for taking action today!

Sending you a few welcome gifts including a full upvote for ya :)

Great to have you onboard. Thanks for taking action today!

Welcome George

What would be the first lesson you would teach a new entrepreneur if they were just getting started?

The first thing I would tell a new entrepreneur is to become a customer first. Sign up to other people's list. Check out what they are doing and learn from it. Single out what has a good effect on you as a customer and what not. At the same time, learn about the ropes, signing up with Clicktrackprofit for example. Once you see the online business world from a customer perspective, you will get a much broader approach and learn a lot of things.

That is too true :-) I like the OTO when logging into a program, who does not love a discount. The discount thing may be common knowledge but how CTP executes it is very smartly.

Be a product of your product is so important...It allows you to learn everything about what you are offering, and makes you become an authoritative voice.

For me, it was finding a mentor. Someone who was doing and being successful at what I was taking on. If you don't know you won't grow, so please ask for help.

That's an interesting but very valid tip...Something I'm going to talk about in tonight's webinar :)

"What would be the first lesson you would teach a new entrepreneur if they were just getting started?"

The first lesson would be to have patience and not quit at the first sign of an obstacle.

Anything worth anything takes time. You will fall down a lot. That's fine. Learn what you tripped over, and keep moving. Be patient with yourself and others. Take it one day at a time.


Amen to that!

It's like the popular saying goes...

We overestimate what we can achieve in a week....Underestimate what we can achieve in a year.

Perserverance overcomes all. I love that quote, because it's true. We need to be like water dripping on a rock. Eventually the rock cracks.

Hello everyone and welcome to another CTPChat!!

Thank you so much for keeping the engagement!

Here are the stats from yesterday:

** 112 Comments and 172 CTP Tokens were distributed**

And @hivebuzz made the first appearance yesterday!


Thank you HiveBuzz Team!!

Is it possible to keep getting more than 100 comments?
I know I can count on you all :)


That is amazing. With steady growth, and a self educating community... Can't wait to see what are numbers are like a year from now :-)

That's would be a very nice average in our first week...And push it higher next ;)


As this is my first post here, I would like to say, thank you for the opportunity to express my views and develop as an online marketer. My answer to the question of the first thing to teach would be to not fall for the "get rich quick with no effort" sales pitch. To have a chance of being financially successful, and to actually achieve this point,takes continuing everyday effort.

Hi and welcome to the fun :)
This is the best place to ask questions and get rewarded from it!
Yeah "pitchy stuff" doesn't work anymore I believe. Building your brand by showing up every day and provide good content is the way to get started and develop. If people know, like, and trust you is almost halfway done for a good relationship, joining your list and hopefully getting sales eventually and more naturally!

Welcome to CTP and our CTPchat! Thanks for participating.

The first thing I would highly recommend a new entrepreneur to do is ASK QUESTIONS. Speaking for myself, it has held me back from making any progress when I tried to be a martyr. The support of other's willing to provide their experience, knowledge and skills is the most treasured information I have received. Many take it for granted. I sure did. Now, it's the most important thing I value.

I agree everyone (new and old alike) should ask questions. I find that sometimes I am held back because I feel that I ask too many questions as this may bug others. Even though everyone says there are no stupid questions. LOL

That is what my post was about today.
Do not embarrassed to ask questions.
I have been guilty many times of that

@alente its super important, I’ll swing by and read your post on my break 👍🏽

Thanks Jimmy

Oh man, ain't that the truth!

First few years I was building a business, that's all I did...Ask questions daily lol

Seems like CTP Chat could be a good place for that ;)

#facts ✋🏽

I also have the issue to ask questions. I always wanted to do things on my own and try not to bother anyone.
Sometimes is better to swallow the pride or fear and ask them. The worst that can happen is a "no" so should be fine. Easier said than done I know but with time you'll get better at it :)

If you had asked me this question 2 years ago I would have had a slightly different answer. As a new person coming online looking to build a business I would encourage basic list and brand building.

There is a learning curve and getting educated in Marketing online is a must but you can learn as you go and document your journey all the way so you have content for building your list and your brand. These two basics in Marketing are a must but the one thing I would do different today vs. two years ago would be to get on Hive and start posting content and curating. Hive is a magical tool we did not have when many of us got started and to me is a total game changer in the Marketing World.

With the ability to get paid while you go without having to make direct or affiliate commissions is pure gold that is changing the online World as we once knew it. So my answer to this question would be to build a branded lead capture page and while you're getting started create content and tell your story on the blockchain to finance your adventure without costing a fortune out of pocket.

If only people understand that...we would have a much bigger crowd here lol
Getting content showing up and getting paid for it??
Count me in!!

Great stuff Mike.

Yeah imagine if this stuff was here when we first got started online...Wow, what an opportunity it would have been.

We're so lucky to be here, right now!

Fact!! A person can experience significant growth in 2 years plus things online and off were very different 2 years ago.

The first is to ask questions and do not be afraid to make mistakes. it normal for everyone

I would say there are 2 things that are important for a newbie. First, don't fall for the hype. If it is too good to be true IT IS! Second, you have to spend money to make money. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Online business may be less of an investment than a brick and mortar business but it is not free.

Very few things in life are free, but building a business with no investment is impossible even online. I use eBay as my main income and to invest in my affiliate business. I agree with you 100% invest nothing make nothing :-)

Second, you have to spend money to make money

Wise words indeed!

The biggest thing for me has been just driving initial traffic to the site. I am one that always has great plans and can build things, but marketing has always been my downfall. That’s why I am now into building my own affiliate programs, that’s seems to help a bit, but can still be a challenge building that list.

I think the biggest thing, and I am learning this in a huge way in my current ventures, you just have to build value and trust in the community you are trying to build...

Biggest piece of advice I can give, is to NEVER give up on yourself and keep moving forward, and to never be afraid to reach out and ask for guidance from people you trust!

Awesome "Never Give Up" those words should be carved in stone and put up over every entry way in the world. You know for the longest time I have been bugging people about the best way to drive traffic, once the extra BS is boiled out it always goes back to list building.

Traffic is like...The holy grail of online business lol Once you master it, it'll keep delivering for you day after day. Building it up, is the challenge.

And great advice...Be stubborn about it! Always show up!

In the back of my mind I hear the ‘Field Of Dreams’ ghost... ‘If you build it, they will come...’ but it’s not always the case, lol.

My lesson would be to not bypass learning how to use an email list.
It took me a while to even start using one.
I was resistant because I did not want to write.
I am enjoying it more now. I think I was invalidated and did not think I could be a good writer.

I was the same way. There are those ads floating around, that claim no product, no website, no recruiting, no list needed. You spend the time to watch the webinar which is just a big sales pitch then you spend a bit of money get into the platform and training and behold they start teaching list building, relationship building, product creation, etc... We may run from list building for a million different reason but if we want to build a business it always circles back to list building.

I do not trust ads that say they will do all the work for you.
It is B.S.
If there is one thing that I am pretty sure about it is nothing is free in life except what I think about.

That is so very true it should be carved in stone 😀

Great advice.

That truly is one of the first things I'd recommend as well!

Newbies and even people who have been doing this for some time can feel overwhelmed and not know where or how to start. I would tell them, especially the ones who have a J.O.B. to just pick one thing to do in a day that will help move them forward in their business. Don't overthink it and keep moving.

Just like a shark survival in the business world depends on the ability to keep moving forward. Like a Shark you beat me to the first post lol :-)

Thanks, Chris! Just keep swimming! 😀

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That's great advice!

Analysis paralysis lol

Thanks, @jongolson! Perfection is a myth anyway so if you're waiting for that you'll never get anything done. 😀

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Just used VIMM for the first time, it is the live streaming platform on HIVE, and it is here for all of us to use. Unlike Facebook I was able to upvote Jon on Vimm, there is a chat feature so I was able to interact with Jon and the other members watching.

Whenever CTP uses VIMM for the live stream I will be there. Who is working on the Hive version of Zoom ;-)

If you cannot see this video reply, check it out on @peakd

But this is what I would recommend to anyone new to building businesses online :)


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Wow those are great words "Keep on Keeping on" the only way we truly fail is to simply quit.

That's all I know LOL Just keep showing up, no matter what!

Sometimes it hurts, sometimes is stressful, sometimes is overwhelming and you want to give up!
It is ok to step back and rest a day or two but you need to get back on the horse and keep pushing!

Giving up is so much easier and no fun lol

Just keep swimming :)

To quote Daymond John "The Power of Broke" watch your pennies and be as creative as you can when looking to fund your new business. For example there will always be a shiny new internet platform that for $300 monthly will give you all the tools you need. These programs a okay but never for the beginner. Beginning you will want to find the thriftiest solution possible i.e. my tool bag consist of Autoresponder, CTP (upgraded), CTP Inner Circle, Domain w/hosting, Listnerds (upgraded) My business costs are less than $100 a month.

In the first 6 months of your business working capital is crucial. You will want to keep reinvesting your profits in order to grow your business. Make a strict budget and stick to it. Only allow it to grow as your profits grow. No where every penny of your money is spent. Daily Bookkeeping is a necessary evil of being in business :-)

That's something a lot of people seem to refuse to think about....the timelines.

Telling someone that it'll take more than 6 months to build a business....Is almost frowned upon lol

I think to me is to take your time, learn at your pace. Not what every one thinks you should be doing.

Learning at your own pace is so important especially if you already have a 40+ hours a week job / career. To add to what you said it is very important to not over commit yourself. Classes and challenges are great but there are only so many a person can do properly :-)

Indeed. It's good to push yourself, but then at the same time, know it's not a sprint, it's a marathon.

My advise would be to understand the customer and get feedback as soon as possible.
Important is to also act on they feedback so that people are encouraged to provide more input.
Customer relationship are very important and Vital for the growth of any business.

Really good point...The more you get to know them, the better you can serve them!

Feedback is crucial from customers. I take what my customers tell me seriously and it has led to some nice profits. CTP is great because with this community you can get feedback on your pages, emails, offers, almost anything from the great people here before your customers ever see it :-) Like a Alph / Beta test before official release :-)

Yeah Alpha/Beta testing can really help gaining valuable feedback in early stage and act on it by making necessary changes.
This is great way of evaluating your product/service before launching it to wider audience.

Oh that is so important!!
I'm always asking for feedback so I can improve myself and my business!
I even created a survey for my members so I could know more about what they thought about the program and what they would like to change or added!
Got some ideas thanks to it :)

Relationships are crucial!

Feedback in the form of surveys is another good way of gathering valuable feedback. This really helps you improve yourself based on this feedback.
Timing of these surveys is also really important. You don't want to be too late to get accurate feedback.

The importance of a list how to build build relationships


Relationships are key in my opinion for sure!


Yes very important. I am starting to do that now with the guidance of this community

My reply would be take risks and don't be afraid of asking lot of questions

new an confused...

Hi and welcome to the ctpchat!
Please ask any questions that are making you confused and we will do our best to reply :)

this whole thing boggles my brain.. got a book for dummies?

Understandable! And getting this far you are doing great!

You can check https://thehiveguide.com with video training. It's free :)

thank you