16 participants in the CTP PUC - You can still take part

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Two days ago we started the CTP Power Up Challenge (CTPPUC) and I'm very happy to see that 16 people are taking part in this challenge.

What is it about?

The idea is to power up as many CTP tokens between now and the 21.12.2020. To take part you simply have to make a screen shot of your CTP stake of the moment and we will look how much this stake has increased by the 21st of december.

What can you win?

First we will distribute 20 CTPSB tokens among all the people who powered up. These tokens will be distributed according to how much you powered up. Everybody will get some parts of tokens as long as they powered up some CTP.

Then @jongolson made the generous proposition that all the CTP tokens that you will power up, will actually be doubled with a CTP delegation. Let's say you power up 1000 CTP tokens during this challenge. This means you will get an additional 1000 CTP tokens delegation! This will allow you to earn more curation rewards from your stake.

You haven't enrolled yet, it's not too late!

If you want to join this challenge you can still join. Simply make a screenshot of your CTP stake and post it in a comment below this post.

The ranking

Some people enrolled only a couple of hours ago and some already two days ago. So the ranking is a bit biased because of that. Nevertheless, here is how people progressed until today (11.12.2020 9.00 am CET):


@pixiepost is in the lead with a huge advantage ! Is this already decisive??? We will see...

Go go go – let's go on staking :-)

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:


Hi everyone!

I'm very new in CTP, but I plan to give it my full attention. My starting point is on the ground level... Let us see how much I can make.


ENTRY 26: @steemmillionaire is starting with 0 CTP staked tokens

Thanks for taking part in this challenge. Will be looking forward to seeing where you can go from here :-)

Okay, here we go... I'm in with 18,073.392 staked tokens to start...

Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 9.28.51 PM.png

ENTRY 22: @hirohurl starting with 18'073 staked token

Thanks for taking part !

I want to participate! Don't start with much but hey, its what I have in the end that counts ;)


ENTRY 17: @anderssinho starts with 0.39 CTP staked

What matters is not how you have now but what you have in the end :-). Thanks for taking part!

thanks @ctpsb
The game is on 😀😀👍👍

Let's get these tokens staked :-)

Oh I almost missed this.


This image work?

ENTRY 19: @bradleyarrow starts with 65'051 CTP tokens staked

Great to have you on board!

Thanks. Remind me when I need to stake. Lol

You can stake whenever you want. On the 21st of december we will take a picture of everybodys account and see how much their stake increased in this period.

Happy to see, that so many have jumped in.
Still early days, others should jump in too, its a win win, whichever way you see.

20 participants already... that's quite nice I believe :-)

Happy to participate in this CTP PUC event.
I have 330 CTP staked and I am doing this as and when I get some CTP either thru curation rewards or thru some contests.


ENTRY 20: @coolguy123 starts with 330 CTP token staked

Thanks for taking part!

My terget is when I got 100 ctp to power up.
But now I staked them what I have.


ENTRY 21: @myanmarkoko starts with 17 CTP tokens staked

I take the snapshot before this power up. Like that you have already 34 tokens staked! Thanks for being part of this!

I am starting with 0 CTP stack
Hopefully i will be able to earn a few in coming days
Best of luck to everyone.👍👍👍

I'm sure you will get some :-)

Here is my screen shot beginning at 16,000

Screenshot (70).png

ENTRY 24: @slackerman is starting with 16000 CTP staked tokens

Thank you for taking part in this!

So I just post screen shot in comment?

Yes that's enough and then you should try to power up some CTP tokens

e CTP tokens that you will power up, will actually be doubled with a CTP delegation

for how long will the delegation be?

So here is my entry i got 7.91 staked


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ENTRY 25: @filotasriza3 is starting with 7 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part. I think there is no time limit to the delegation. Jon said as long as you are actif, you will keep it :-)


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I'm staking every day to @rarej.ctp
So count me in. With that account of course.
Currently 1276 staked CTP.

ENTRY 27: @rarej.ctp is starting with 1276 CTP tokens staked

Nice to have you on board for this challenge!

It's on! 😄

Wow am the list

Great update about this fantastic challenge Achim, and really nice to see so many people taking action already, and more enter it too, and it's made even better with Jon double the power up, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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I'm quite amazed... already 27 participants. This is getting interesting :-). Thanks a lot for your support Erik!

Powered up 50 yesterday. Anyways gonna power up more.

ENTRY 18: @khan.dayyanz is starting with 5 CTP staked

I went back before your power up like that you have already 50 tokens powered up in the challenge :-). Thanks for taking part!

Thanks. 😊

I have 50. 273 CTP staked account @aiovo


ENTRY 28: @aiovo starts with 50 CTP

Nice to have you in this challenge!

Yeah thank you

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Good time of year for a challenge
Can you add me?


ENTRY 29: @andrewn starts with 2000 CTP staked!

Thanks for taking part!

I'll take part :) Rock on!

ENTRY 30: @kevinli is starting with 2657 CTP staked

Thanks for being part of this!

If I can, I like to join in. I have a very very very very little amount on my hive engine. I stake a bit to start the challenge, and I will try to stake the rest :)

** ENTRY 31:** @davidesimoncini is starting with 0 CTP staked.

Great to have you onboard :-)

just stacked another set of tokens - 41 token staked today 😀


thanks for the initiative @ctpsb
Best of luck everyone 😀😀👍👍👍

Well done. Go go go let's stake some more ;-)

Im just checking out this community and see what I'm missing.
I guess it's not too late to start earning some ctp token,though am starting with zero but I plan to starting engaging and power up all my earnings for the next 6 months.

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If you want to take part in the challenge you need to post a screenshot of your staked CTP tokens :-)

Hello @ctpsb Hope I'm in time to participate. Here is my starting point:

Screenshot_20201217 justclickindiva  justclickindiva PeakD.png

ENTRY 33: @justclickindiva starts with 7594 CTP staked

Great to have you in this challenge :-)

Thanks so much. Happy to be participating.