57'000 Hive delegated to the ctpsb project

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We have reached a record amount of delegated Hive Power that is delegated to the project. This is simply amazing. But what is even more amazing is that we continue to manage to pay quite a lot of dividends to the people who delegated to the project.

Check out the numbers in the video

ctpsb power up challenge_pl.jpg

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I'll be excited to see how the CTPSB token and the LIOTES project help each other out.

I'm working on it but I believe there will be quite a lot of synergies there :-)

No hurry. I will just be happy when you do get around to it. It sounds like information that will make me want to invest in this project that much more.

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once the hive is delegated to CTPSB, how do you do the rewards? CTP, daily or weekly? Is it worth to delegate let's say 100 Hive? Thanks. I am a begginer.

Hi, thanks for stopping by! We make the dividends paiement once per week. There are delegations of any size at the moment and 100 Hive is quite nice to start with. The dividends are paid based on the return from curations from hive engine tokens and the APR can change quite a lot from week to week because it depends on a lot of factors. Would be a pleasure to have you on board!

Thank you for the info, i have 100 Hive delegated now. Trying to get some more. Also i added a bit more to my stash, with 15 CTPSB and 1500 CPT right now. Slowly slowly i will build a nice portfolio.

That's awesome! Happy to have you on board!

Every day the account grows ...
This is just the beginning.

It's great how the whole community supports this project. Together we can do amazing things :-)

Awesome. Indeed, 100k Hive Power for CTPSB draws closer. I'll soon join once I breakthrough the dolphin status.

This project is getting bigger and bigger :-). That would be amazing!

Fantastic awesome sauce 👍


Thank you Bradley!

Command accepted!

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

This reminds me of adding more to my delegations lol. Glad to see the project grow each week :D

I just saw the delegation! Thanks a lot for your support!

I got my CTP divs! Loving the energy in the project and all the videos - it's contagious! I just bought another 11 CTPSB tokens but probably not going to stop there!

Also got a few LOTUS miners - I saw the new website that was shared on Twitter and it's looking really nice I have to say! Very interested to see how you integrate it all together! Keep up the great work!

I just bought another 11 CTPSB tokens but probably not going to stop there!

Love to hear that!

I hope you didn't mix up Lotus and Liotes :-). We will launch LENM (Liotes Energy Mills) on 9.3.2021. For the moment, there are no tokens available yet.

I hope you didn't mix up Lotus and Liotes

Haha I think I definitely did 😃 What are the LENM tokens/miners/project all about?

Sorry to hear about the mix up :-).

What are the LENM tokens/miners/project all about?

@ph1102 and me are launching a new project which will be a kind of adventure. Imagine a kind of game where we all team up together to reach some goals.

We have written a couple of posts about this project. There is also a whitepaper if you want more detailed information.

Wow, ok, sounds exciting, I'll have a look in to it and try to understand the project but I liked the co-op game modes when I was into games to reach goals so will follow the account - finding time might be tricky though haha

At the beginning it will be a rather passive game :-). Would be great to have you on board!

Ok thanks and that is great

Thanks for stopping by!

The project is continuously growing thanks to the effort of the whole community! I'm happy that project @liotes will help in that, also! Actually, I think that the "collaboration" will be beneficial for both sides!

Good job everyone!

It's amazing to see how much delegation ctpsb has managed to attract!

I totally believe that Liotes and ctpsb will profit well from each other :-)

I love CTPSB and believe in the project. !BEER

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Thanks a lot for supporting this project!

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