We have just doubled the prizes!

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There are only 5 days to go in the CTP Power Up Challenge and we have doubled the prizes. Now there will be a total of 100 CTPSB tokens distributed among all the participants. You don't need to win this challenge to win. You just need to take part and the more CTP's you stake the bigger your part of the pot will be!

In addition to the pot, the winners of this challenge will also get CTPSB NFT's. The first 5 ones will get a gold one and from rank 6 to 15 a silver one.

We managed to collect 4 $ through the auctions

We auctioned the mint number 1 of the CTPSB NFT collection on wax and there were 9 bids for each of the cards. In total we collected about 4$ dollar worth of WAX. I then doubled this amount and with the resulting money I bought 200 CTP tokens that were added to the CTPSB pot. There is now a total of 685 CTP tokens staked in this pot (@ctpsb.ctp).

This pot is now curating your posts and generating curation rewards that will be powered up. There will be more NFT's sold in the future and the pot will grow over time. Since you can exchange these NFT's for a percentage of the pot, the NFT's will grow in value the more the pot grows and I'm looking forward to seeing where this will lead!

The winner of the drawing: @niallon11

In this post, we also had a drawing. Among all the comments, we drew one person that would win a Silver NFT and it was @niallon11. Congratulations!

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Glad to see your project is doing so well, and that you've double the prize. That's excellent. Big fan of your project.

Thanks for your support!


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Everybody wins! This business of creating wealth can be fun.

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I totally agree with you :-)


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I didn't realize that it was going to be that cheap. I thought it would be of been $10 or so I didn't bother checking the auction. Who knows what will happen next auction.

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I didn't really know what to expect but I agree that they sold for quite cheap. The bigger to ctpsb pot will be, the more theoretical value these NFT's will get so it's possible that the next auction will see other prices!


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Thanks for that. Delighted to get one of the cards.

Congrats for the card. I hope it will take some value over time :-)


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Great. Thank god I'm not late to participate in the challenge.

ENTRY 37: @khan.dayyanz starts with 1220 CTP staked

Nice to have you on board :-)


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Double prize means double excitement.
I love this contest because everyone is a winner. It does not matter if you are at first spot or last.
Excited to see the final rankings 👍

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Thanks for the feed-back but it's true in a way we are all winners here because we all get something and even CTP prices are better because of it :-)


Are you going to publish the rankings before the final day or just on final day itself.
I am excited this time after checking my ranking in last list but as we know that this can change very quickly and we have always seen last minute leads.
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I see you are very excited :-) That's nice. I will make the ranking at least once more before the final one!

Thanks cool.
Thanks a lot
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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Great to see that people were auctioning for the cards on the WAX blockchain! Every additional CTP token in the pot counts for the winners! :)

Btw, I hope there will be some rankings BEFORE the end of the challenge, just to see how we are doing? :)


Thanks for taking part in the auction! Appreciate it :-). You might get a NFT from the ranking anyways.

I will publish a ranking at least once before the final one.

Alrighty then. Great update

Thank you!

Very Interesting. It will cool to see the rankings

I will publish them asap!

Great energy your enthusiasm is infectious :-)

Awesome challenge, wishing everyone luck 😀

Bravo to the winner and congrats to you for this initiative!