We have upgraded the CTP Power Up Challenge!

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Yesterday we made a post saying that we would double the price money for this challenge. In the meantime, we had a discussion with @jongolson and we have decided to spice things up a bit. Look at the video to see how we have upgraded this challenge :-)

Big upgrade and one day more time to stake CTP tokens

Since we have dramatically increased the price money for this challenge, we have also decided to let this challenge run one day longer. The challenge will end on 22nd of December 12.00 am CET.

At the end of the challenge, we will total the number of CTP tokens that you have staked during this challenge and distribute the prices accordingly.

Check-out how much price money you would earn today!

In the video you can see how much price money you would earn today according to the amount of CTP tokens that you staked. Of course this amount will probably change until the end of the challenge. The higher your part in the overall staking, the more CTPSB tokens you will get.

You can still take part

It's still possible to take part in this challenge. Simply post a screen shot of your present CTP stake in a comment below this post.

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Wow the price has increased... that means more token in account as price... wow..

Yes price money slightly increased :-)

I have a few morsels[20.585 plus some 5 miners] , but i figure i should at least try to win something!


ENTRY 36: @quinnertronics starts with 11 CTP staked tokens.

I saw that you powered up 9 CTP tokens yesterday. So we will start from before this power up. Like that you have already 9 CTP tokens staked in the challenge :-).

I already entered this contest I could stake lot but I did stake some and I'm gonna try do more
And thanks for an extra day 😇😇

The extra day will come in handy :-). Thanks for participating.

Boom 🙌

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Quite the bomb I believe :-)

Great initiative and I think it is time for me to step up my game and get involved more in the CTP project.

Just one question - is there any CTP delegation account which would give CTP rewards for that or is just by delegating HIVE?

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Just one question - is there any CTP delegation account which would give CTP rewards for that or is just by delegating HIVE?

At the moment, it's possible to delegate Hive to @ctpsb and to get weekly dividends in CTP tokens. There is no project yet where you can delegate CTP tokens to get CTP rewards... yet ;-)


just bought around 700 ctp


and now i have completed one of my goals, to gather 1k ctp tokens!


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That's amazing man. You will make a big jump in the ranking with that :-)

thanks @achim03, this is brilliant news.

I believe this is quite the upgrade ;-). Thanks for stopping by!

Nice little incentive ;)

But I'm very biased lol

Great stuff guys, let's keep crushing it!!

Thanks a lot for supporting this challenge man. I believe it became really interesting for people to stake CTP's ;-)

Awesome upgrade and incentive to stake, stake, stake! 😀 Just staked another 35+ today!

Amazing Lisa. You stake every day. You might get into the top 10 :-)

Good Morning, @ctpsb! That would be awesome but I am enjoying it in any case and it is pushing me slowly toward Dolphin status. Enjoy your weekend. 😀

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Thank you for this incredible update and thanks to @jongolson for sweetening the prizes! I have upvoted and reblogged this post to my page.

I think there are quite a lot of incentives now ;-). Thanks for the reblog and the upvote!

Here is my stake so far :)


Already 19 CTP staked! Nice continue like that :-)

Yeah, not much, but everything counts towards a bigger stake :)
Good day to you :)

Who doesn't like it when the prize is doubling up? :)
A nice incentive for people to start staking their CTP tokens... You are doing a great job for that CTP token stability, Achim... Thanks in the name of all token holders... ;)

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Thanks in the name of all token holders... ;)

This challenge has some nice side effects I believe ;-)

Wow! this is going awesome.

Thanks man. It's quite exciting.

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Thanks for boosting the prize, @achim03 and @jongolson !

You are welcome. Thanks for your amazing participation!

Ouch, I didn't know I should sign up for the challenge. :)

Must've staked a few hundred CTP lately.

But better late than never... My current CTP stake (10723):


And I'll stake the liquid CTP later today.

ENTRY 37: @gadrian starts with 10'723 CTP staked

Great to have you in this challenge. There are still two more days to go!

I don’t know if I still stand a chance to win something as a late comer to this challenge, but here is my current stake.

ENTRY 38: @invest4free starts with 7591 Staked CTP tokens.

You have until tomorrow 12 am CET to stake as much as you can. I took your level from this morning. You staked 110 a couple of minutes ago. So this already counts ;-)


Moved on with my CTP token staking and hopefully for a bright future for this great community.

Great initiative and hopefully similar or new ones will follow in the future. CTP is growing and developing itself with a strong community base, so it is our turn to show the trust in it!

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ENTRY 39: @behiverctp starts with 0 CTP staked tokens

Already 1152 staked within the challenge! That's a nice start :-). The challenge continues until tomorrow 22.12.20 12am CET. It's probable that we will have such challenges again at a later stage.

Thanks a lot for taking part in this!

I don´t know how make a staking, where is a guide? please

How to stake

  • Go to hive-engine


Click on the lock. Then a window will open where you can define the amount that you want to stake. Confirm with keychain and that's it :-)