Coming Soon: CTP Power Up Challenge 3.0

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It was a special week with quite low CTP prices. This allowed us to go shopping with the CTPSB project! We bought close to 1000 CTP tokens on the market this morning to distribute as dividends to the delegators to the project.

Check out the video for all the detailed numbers of this week

On popular demand, we will be running a 3rd version of the CTP Power Up Challenge! The challenge will start once next week and last for about 2.5 weeks. There will be a specific post that will explain all the details soon!

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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ANother big bull coming for CTP tokens. Let me reach my 50k stake mark first ooo. Please don't announce yet till Friday next week.

Wait with staking ;-). Whatever you will be staking during the duration of the challenge will count for you.

Well done for good effort

The challenge has already started. I'm challenging myself not to power up 😂😂

Haha, yes wait for it... only a couple of days lol!

Great CTP update and looking forward to having the Challenge announcement soon.

Thanks and I would love to seeing you take part this time again !

Interesting one, I was just trying yesterday to use the ctp tag - of course i made a mistake and used the "cpt" tag lol. Need to check more of the interesting tribes.

That's actually quite funny because the first time I posted on CTP, I did exactly the same mistake. @khazrakh went even further, he called his curation account @khazrakh.cpt :-).

Thanks for stopping by!

Haha, so it must be a German problem :-) - these Germans

I had a nice buy oder that got filled too. Happy enough with it.

Nice, wait with staking a couple more days ;-)

Cool 😎 !BBH

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Thanks for the BBH!

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Sweet actually going to take part in this one as CTP is one of the Tribe I want to quickly grow stake in. The Hive power up challenges or power up days are blahh honestly I power up there on the daily.

I think that with current prices, we are going to grow these stakes quite tremendously :-). Would be great to have you taking part!

It's kind of mixed feelings this week... A lot of CTP rewards, but APR lower than before... Anyways, I think that a high amount of the CTP tokens will benefit delegators for the upcoming CTP PowerUp Challenge! I will put aside my tokens... :P

Let the games begin! :)

It's all related to the price of CTP. The lower the price, the more tokens distributed but the more difficult to get a high APR.

Would be great to have you in this challenge ;-)