Almost 2000 CTP dividends paid this week

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This week we distributed a record amount of 1993 CTP tokens to the delegators to the @ctpsb account. This is a new record.

It was a crazy week again on the hive blockchain with the Hive price going through the roof. This had a lot of effects on the CTPSB project. First it reduced the return from delegation slightly because the CTP price compared to Hive is quite low at the moment.

The high Hive price had also an effect on the number of posts that were created. From experience a high price for Hive means an increase in the number of posts. As a result the voting power of the @ctpsb account was quite low this week and not all posts could be upvoted. If the tendency stays like that, we will need to adapt the upvote percentage on the posts to keep voting power as high as possible.

CTPSB account bought about 400 CTP tokens on the market

As every week, the CTPSB account bought CTP tokens on the market to distribute as dividends. This week, we bought close to 400 CTP tokens. At the same price this had a huge price influence on the CTP token. The market having very little liquidity, the price climbed from 0.045 to 0.075, just because of this purchase.

In other words, one or two big transactions have the power to sensibly move the price of the token in both directions!

The CTPSB project is a big stabilizator for the CTP token. It buys the tokens on the market and distributes these as dividends to a big number of delegators. In addition to that, a big portion of these dividends are burnt by @jongolson every week!

If you delegate tokens of any kind to the @ctpsb account, you actually help the CTP token to increase in value!

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Thank you for creating and maintaining this great project. !BBH

You are welcome and thanks for your great support!

thanks @achim03 for the update. I am glad that the delegators are getting good dividends.
Thanks for all the hardwork you are putting in this project.

Have you any plans for the ctp staking contest this month?

Thanks for bringing this up ;-). I wanted to wait for the challenge that Jon is running to finish but I've something in mind :-)

ahh ok. i think today is 21st day, so 9 more days for 30 days to complete.
But, that challenge will take longer as it depends on the individual and when he started.

For now, i will keep my CTP liquid, and based on what you decide in few days i will stake it :-)

Price of CTP is fluctuate a lot...
Increase in Hive price changes a lot...
Keep growing keep helping....

Yes there are a lot of fluctuations on CTP price lately and it's difficult to keep stable APR for delegators. I try to do my best ;-)

Pretty good
Keep on the good work
Wonderful project

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Thank you for you nice comment!

As you mentioned, they financial construct is what we need for projects. Your precious efforts bring more value to the project every single day. Very appreciated 😌

Thanks a lot for you kind words man! I really appreciate :-)

He had this type of token and did not know where he received it from. I'm going to investigate a little more it seems interesting.
Can it be calculated in any way that profitability is chosen by delegating to @ctpsb account?

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The most stable return with the ctpsb project is when you buy CTPSB tokens and you simply keep them. The return at the moment is around 78% APR. For delegators this fluctuates much more according to the prices of CTP and Hive. All dividends are paid weekly in CTP tokens and the delegations are in Hive. The APR is somewhere between 10 and 35% APR.

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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

The hard work is paying off and we all are happy.
Numbers are really good,
I was surprised to see the price jump too and wondering about the reason, thanks for clarifying it.
I would love the prize sticking to that mark though.

Yes with about 30 Hive, the CTP price incresed more than 50%... This is quite a jump and I think that it shows that the price can be easily influenced at the moment. Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Glad to see that this project is growing. Soon, I'll step up my game with the token.

That sounds very nice :-). Thanks for your support!