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Like every week we have paid the dividends to the delegators of the @ctpsb project. This week we have distributed the equivalent of 191 Hive in CTP tokens.

The @ctpsb accounts votes now with more than 60'000 Hive Power.

Highest return on the CTPSB token ever

The growth rate of the ctpsb token value has reached the highest level ever with 73.8% APR.

Coming Soon...

Check-out the video to know what we have planned. If you know it, you will have a big advantage!!!

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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I'm a bit confused by the price of one CTP. You said in the video it's 1.27 Hive but when I look in my wallet ( using peakd ) I see that my 2.6 CTP are worth $ 0.05 when they should be somewhere around $ 0.33

1.27 Hive is price of CTPSB token. There are 2 ways that you can participate in project for profit.

  1. Buy CTPSB token and see their price rising every week/day.
  2. Delegate to project and get CTP as dividends.

what does SB stand for?

CTPSB stands for CTP Swarm Booster. It's a community project to help the whole community evolve. There is an explanation video here

i see, it's sorta like a Hive investment fund

It's a tokenized account. The hive power on the account belongs to the token holders. It grows thanks to curation and author rewards and increases the value of the ctpsb token.

Sorry if you got confused. The CTP token and the CTPSB tokens are two different tokens. I was speaking about the CTPSB token there.

it's ok I managed to figure it out in the end :)

Glad to see the CTP told raising .
Recently I have been earning good amount of it from posts and I am powering up everything.

Now since the contest is 'coming soon' I will stop powering up and collect them.
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That's a good strategy :-).

So it was the @ctpsb account that caused the spike in CTP token today ;)

Yes man, with just 44 Hive we see quite a spike already LOL

Nice, Getting ready again for coming soon challenge.

That would be nice to have you taking part!

Thanks for the information about the upcoming challenge... I will prepare myself for it :) Over 20% ROI for HP delegators is an awesome achievement!

Keep on doing a great job!

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I will prepare myself for it

That sounds great. With the price of ctp these days, you will have quite a big advantage thanks to curation rewards ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!

I guess I better stop staking CTP for awhile and let it build up for the next contest. Thanks for the heads up, Achim. I have been staking all of it since the last contest because I am trying to get it to 50K staked CTP. That's a pretty amazing return on the Hive delegations.

I would be very happy to see you taking part in the contest again :-). Well the return on delegations has been pushed quite a lot by the CTP prices !

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Just entered today, Achim! Have a great evening! 😀

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Will accumulate as much as possible to participate in contest....

Cool! Happy to have you taking part !

Do the CTPSB token holders get the dividends as well?

The token holders participate the the evolution of the token value. The account grows thanks to curation and author rewards and it translates in a constantly growing token price. Dividens are paid to the delegators of the project. Every hive power delegation will get dividends once per week in the form of ctp tokens.

the delegation to receive earnings in CTP, should I do in token hive?

If you want to get weekly dividens, you can delegate Hive Power to @ctpsb

yesterday I delegated about 50 hive to you, as soon as I have more I will send you hive power again

That's great, thanks a lot. We pay out the dividends normally on sunday or monday.

Oh nice... so I'll refrain from powering up more until you are ready to launch the challenge ;-)

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Would be great to have you on board for the challenge!

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interesting project @ctpsb
I just bought 21 cptsb on Hive Engine
I have a question: If I delegate for example 100 HP how many CTP will I receive approximately?

Great that you bought some ctpsb tokens! The CTP's that are paid to the delegators represent 50% of the hive-engine curation rewards that the account has generated during the last week.

So far it was always between 2 and 5 CTP per 100HP delegated (for 1 week). The return on Hive lies between 15 and 24% APR. Feel free to ask if things are not clear.

Hey @ctpsb, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @ctpsb, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.