Are you ready for CTPSB NFT's?

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The ones that know me for some longer time, know that I like to do things the complicated way ;-). So I have something new for you, something to spice up the CTP Power Up Challenge!

Introducing the CTPSB Pot

I have created an account that is called @ctpsb.ctp. This account has already about 480 CTP tokens staked and is upvoting content of the CTP community. This account already generates some small curation rewards.

Introducing the CTPSB NFT's

I have created CTPSB NFT's on the WAX blockchain. The winners of the challenge will recieve these NFT's. The first 5 in the ranking will get a GOLD NFT and the ones from 6 to 15 will get a SILVER NFT.

I will also distribute regularly some NFT's during this challenge for certain tasks on the post. Some of these NFT's will be for free, some will be auctioned and even some sold.

There is a total of 25 GOLD NFT and 50 SILVER NFT in circulation.

Whenever one of these NFT's is sold, the proceeds will go into the CTPSB Pot. Like that this pot will grow and it will curate your posts and generate more curation rewards.

Win a part of the pot

If you manage to collect 5 GOLD NFT's or 10 SILVER NFT's you can exchange them for 10% of the CTPSB Pot.

So you can either try to collect these NFT's to get a part of the pot, or you can try to sell or buy them on

Once you have the sufficient amount of NFT's you can send all of them to my account on wax: hmzao.wam
I will then power down 10% of the pot and once the power down is finished, you will get the CTP tokens to your hive account.

How to take part?

In order to take part you need to link your Hive account with your WAX account. To do that, simply leave a comment here with your wax username.

Among all the people who leave their username I will make a lottery to distribute one silver and one gold card.

Do I need to have a wax account to take part?

Yes, you need a wax account otherwise I can't send you the NFT's. It's very easy to create an account. Here you have a very detailed tutorial how to create an account and how to buy/sell your first NFT. If you have no wax, you might want to have a look at this tutorial how you can get some WAX for free by playing the alien worlds game.

I want only to take part in the CTP Power Up Challenge and not get a wax wallet. Is that possible?

Yes, no problem with that. If you don't link your hive address with your wax account, I won't send you NFT's but of course you can take part in the CTP Power Up Challenge all the same.

Why NFT's on WAX and not on Hive?

The main reason is that I could create these NFT's totally for free and there is an integrated fully automated market place that everybody can use. On Hive this is not possible yet.

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Count me in for this sweet complicated NFT lottery/challenge... lol... My WAX: awxbc.wam

Good luck! Cheers!

Nice to have you on board mate ;-)

Lol! Would feel like we've earned those NFTs after understanding this 😆

Good luck!

Thanks! This is actually a really cool idea!

Cool to have you on board :-)

That is awesome! And the NFT's look cool :)
And if it's a good way to get CTP later on, even better!

My WAX is 3kjbi.wam

Good luck everyone!

Great to have you on board!

This is an interesting twist to the competition. Count me in: x.bbi.wam

Added you to the draw! Thanks for taking part!

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My entrance


ENTRY 31: @celi130 starts with 1550 CTP staked

Thanks for taking part!

CTP on WAX 😍 We are everywhere 😎

Count me in dear ^^
WAX wallet: kwvqy.wam

It seems we are going everywhere here ;-). Thanks for taking part!

how to earn free ctp ?

To earn free ctp, just comment, write posts and you will get some free CTP after 7 days ;-)

i see no site for ctp as like leo has ..then how to get that ? tell me details

the site is and it works a bit like LEO.

thanks you then

I just created a Wax account earlier today but this is head exploding haha! You mentioned about connecting to your Hive account - how can you do that in wax?

My wax name is f24ro.wam (I think)!

I did find it really easy to create an account there, so might as well try it out and get used to how it works with this :)

Thanks for taking part. It's pretty easy to get an account on wax and most actions are free like on hive.

You mentioned about connecting to your Hive account

I'm actually doing that the very old fashioned way :-). I created a spreadsheet where I list the people on hive with their according Wax username.

Yes I found the account set up really easy which is always a good sign!

Haha, I see, sometimes the manual way is the only way! I know how you like spreadsheets as much as me too - when we did the @yourtop3 contest, it was heaven... well, at least for me (but I'm sure we could have automated a lot of it)!

Don't tell me... I love spreadsheets and in general, I'm quite interested to automate stuff but I also realized that it's a strech from being interested to actually making it happen :-)

Hahaha! Yes exactly, ideas are all well and good but sometimes, the automation can take even longer to just set up... then if there's a bug... yikes! However, if you can get it working, it's a thing of beauty and I've spent many hours admiring the spreadsheets I've built... jeez, what a saddo 🤣

Ah, so it is kind of like a 50/50 drawing. That is pretty awesome. I really like this idea. I hope I can get my hands on one or more of those NFTs. I really do like my NFTs!

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Thanks for stopping by! Just make sure that you write your WAX username as a comment so that I can link it to your hive account (it's just a spreadsheet) so that I can send you the NFT if you win ;-).

Oh crap, thanks! Sorry I am scatter-brained.


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Thanks, I have added you ;-)

I probably won't have a good chance of winning but who knows if I get lucky

WAX address: p1nay.wam

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Thanks a lot for taking part. The first step to actually have a chance to win, is to participate ;-)

My wax account is v3xbo.wam

Thanks a lot for taking part!

bro how I make an account on wax?

Check out this tutorial. It's very easy.

is power up challenge on and how to partake in it

The challenge has started already. Just post a comment with a screenshot of your present CTP stake.

add me to challenge @ctpsb


ENTRY 30: @aiovo starts with 897 CTP staked

Great to have you in the challenge!


I added you. Thanks!

I have created a WAX account for Alien Worlds 3 days ago. It's so good that I have seen your article here!
I haven't been that active in the CTP community, BUT I tag CTP in 90% of my posts I am wishing Good Luck to all the participants!

Here is mine: d4hbk.wam

I have just followed your curation trail starting now also.

Nice to have you on board!

I'm glad I decided to do this!

Yay Achim! You really know how to spice things up, don't you! If the wallet address is the same as the username this is mine: qclbu.wam. I think I did it right. I used my gmail to sign up.

Perfect, thanks for taking part!

Good Morning, Achim! You're welcome and Thank you! Enjoy your Friday! 😀

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