New leader in the CTP Power Up Challenge

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ctpsb power up challenge3_pl 4.jpg

I hope you are enjoying the price dip of the CTP token to increase your stake! We have 6 more days to go in this challenge and today we have a new leader!

So far 30'455 CTP tokens have been powered up in this challenge! There are 55 participants taking part in this edition!

The ranking of today (16.2.2021 at 21h00 CET)


*The prize money of 100 CTPSB tokens is distributed proportionally to the amount of CTP tokens staked. The bigger your part in the general power up, the bigger your prize money. These amounts will change until the end of the challenge.

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:


Looks like my place has declined a bit, but I don't mind. Just slowly staking what I get and grow it over time.

It's a win-win for everyone involved as they all get something from the prize pool.

I believe it's a nice additional motivation to do what we would be doing anyways :-)

Yes it is. I feel like it's just additional rewards to what I was already doing. Thanks for starting up this challenge.

I made it to 28 place I'm happy 😁

That's quite an achievement. Continue to stake and who knows where you will finish on the ranking :-)

I will

Finally broke that top 20 spot. 🚀

There is still a lot possible, people are very close but the battle is going to be fierce 😉

Anyone else having issues claiming ctp? I click the claim button and nada. Takes forever most days. Ive cleared my cache, tried a different browser and still the same. It just sort of spins and eventually the claim goes through.

If I'm not wrong for the CTP token it is set as an automatic claim once a day. You don't have to do anything, you will get the tokens once a day into hive-engine. Therefore manual claims are not possible I believe.

cool thank you

Still the tables can turn, 6 more days to go.
Thanks for the update achim (@achim03)
I am sure it will cross 35000. or touch 40000. Someone is holding his/her cards till the last moment. :-)

Nice 3rd position so far but everything is still possible :-)

Congrats everyone ✨

If I had participated, I would be around #50 with the number of my stake (Shame on me 😅, of course not enough)

You could still take part 😉. Everybody gets part of the pie.

Im on the board baby let’s goooo!

Go, go, go ! Let's stake some more 😄

I have work to do it seems 😃

It's always a good feeling to climb into the ranking 😉

Nice, we have 50+ participants and I see nice numbers in CTP staking.

We are breaking all the records of the 1st edition :-)

Hey, I started with zero, but appear as 50... Shouldnt I be on #51 spot? What Im missing?

For the challenge what matters is the increase of stake between the moment you entered the challenge with the screenshot and now. On your screenshot you had 50 CTP staked and when I checked today you still had 50 CTP. I hope this makes it clear. Otherwise don't hesitate to ask :-)


Uh, not clear sorry, haha. I had zero CTPs, saw the challenge, bought 50 and staked... so from zero to 50... Sorry if Im being dumb haha

Woo hoo! This is awesome! Everyone is doing great on here :) I just powered up 500 more CTP tokens to keep more skin in the game.

Best of luck to everyone! :) Have a great day, my friend :) 💚

I just powered up 500 more CTP tokens to keep more skin in the game.

With 500 more CTP staked, you are getting close to top ten :-). I wish you a very nice day as well!

Woo hoo!! So excited! :) Everyone is doing amazing :) 💚

Wow awesome! Hopefully I can retain this lead but I'm sure there are some whales out there who can easily smash me outta first, but happy with this for now :)

You made quite the entry in this challenge! Congratulation on the first place. As you say, some may hold their cards till the last moment :-)

Well done everyone some serious stacking going on!

It seems like the contestants have increased the staking rate quite a lot :-)

Told you it will be over 50 participants... :)

Good luck everyone!

I didn't exect that there would be so many and it seems still more people starting to take part :-)

The CTP challenge is really cool! How do I participate?

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ENTRY 56: @coyotelation starts with 1792 CTP staked

I took the amount you had yesterday before powering up. So you have already 38 CTP staked in the contest. Great to have you on board!

Thank you very much!

I read about the Challenge after I powering up hahaha ... Thank you for considering my 38 CTP.

Good luck to everyone and we will stack more CTP!

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Man people are really going hard in this challenge! I'm happy with what I have performed so far ^^

Man people are really going hard in this challenge!

We have quite a big field of participants here :-)

My name is not listed hooh I should power up my ctp

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You need to enroll if you want to take part. Simply write a comment here with a screenshot of your actual CTP stake. This will be your starting point in the contest.

And it looks like @cryptoeater pulling past @russellstockley into the lead down the back stretch with @imfarhad a distant third followed by @ph1102.ctp, @saachi, and @robwillmann. Will anyone be able to put on a burst of speed around the far turn to contend for the trophy?

Congrats ,you were upvoted from this account because you were in Top 25 engagers yesterday on CTPTalk .
You made a total of 5 comments and talked to 2 different authors .
For more details about this project please read here - link to announcement post
You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

Man it sounds like commenting a car race lol :-). Let's see who crosses the finishline first!

I was thinking horserace, but you got the point. 😁

I will fight until the last minute! :)

What would it take to participate in this contest?

It's very simple, just post a comment under this post with a screenshot of your actual CTP stake. This will be your starting point in the contest.

Screen Shot 20210218 at 10.23.43 PM.png

The "King" would like to participate. THanks,

ENTRY 58: @kingneptune starts with 1228 CTP tokens staked

Thanks for joining!

Thank you for inviting "The King"

Screen Shot 20210218 at 10.23.43 PM.png

The "King" would like to participate. THanks,

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I just stakes 161.116 CTP Tokens, Hope i am not late :


ENTRY 59: @rupinder starts with 70 CTP tokens staked

I took the start level just before you staked the 161 tokens. Like that you have them already in the challenge :-)

I had intentions to sell my coins but I decided to continue supporting this community, in my country the economic situation is bad and the dollar is the best currency. He who does not risk does not win: D

I totally understand that people need to put food on the table and especially in countries where the economy is not doing well, the best solution seems to cash out and get dollars for daily needs. What is great however with crypto is that it allows you to put some money aside, to let it grow by itself and maybe later on it will allow people to have a consequent income from this platform. Taking a risk sometimes can pay off big in the future!